Cubicle 57 Blog Gets Me Every Time

Get ready for the first ever blog featured on this blog. It comes from a girl named Beckie, and you can find her at Cubicle57.

Now, I’ve always known that I have funny friends, but when you don’t see them or talk to them everyday, sometimes that side of their personality falls by the wayside. Then, you remember that you get to read their blog and memories trickle back to surface.

Today Beckie writes of her trip to the Apple store, or, as she calls it, “Apple Haven.”

Now, Beckie’s been looking to purchase a new laptop for a while, and for some reasons, it hasn’t happened quite yet. She says it best on her blog:

But without fail every time I had to pull the trigger I balked and bolted out the double doors like a nineteen year old at the altar.

Read the full story, and about all her other NYC adventures, on Cubicle57

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