Tributes Get Me Every Time

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As many of you might know, I teach dance at a consortium of local colleges, called Colleges of The Fenway. While I took this past semester off, I still was able to attend the show. It was quite the treat because it’s actually the first time I’ve watched the show from the audience—I’m typically backstage calling the shots and keeping everyone (mostly) in line.

The first video here is from one of my fellow teachers, and my friend, Kristen. Her group danced this lovely piece, titled “Angels” in memory of our little girl. (Yes, I cried through the whole thing.) It was a beautiful tribute.

But it didn’t stop there…

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A group of dancers from previous semesters (and who I look forward to seeing again in January) put together this jazz/tap mix for me. They took a bunch of steps we’ve done over the past 4 years and put them into this one piece. It was amazing awesome and truly moving. (Yes, I cried AND laughed through the whole thing.)

Thank you to my amazing dancers (and bloggers and coworkers and friends and family) for supporting me during the good times and bad.

Friday Links Get Me Every Time

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I’ve been researching all types of diet fads recently (not for weight loss but overall feeling better) and this documentary (trailer above) on all the added sugar in our food caught my eye.

No matter what aspect of you or your life you’re looking to improve, here is the secret to getting feedback you can actually use.

These toasted ravioli look like an easy and tasty appetizer for an Italian dinner party.

I love birthdays. And countdowns. Bam. This is both.

I’ve recently been participating in a “100 day writing challege,” more on that soon, and this daily writing prompt site and ebook of 365 daily prompts seems like it might be two good sources to go to any time I feel “stuck” with writing.

Here’s hoping your weekend is fabulous. We’ll be celebrating love at a friend’s wedding and doing some stuff around the house. Go out and do something fun, will you?

The Friday Five Get Me Every Time

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You guys. We made it. Again. TGIF, friends. Have an amazing weekend wherever it takes you!

1 | The above video, brought to my attention by my bff, Maria.
2 | Satin Hands by Mary Kay to get me through the winter.
3 | Every food blog and their brother has a Super Bowl menu roundup. But this taco one is my favorite.
4 | Get started on a huge diy valentine now, so it’s done in time for the big day.
5 | Some business card inspiration sorted by color.

BONUS, #6 | One of my favorites is back to blogging, Beckie! And me posting it here makes her accountable to all of us. Blog on, Beckie. We’re happy to have you back.

A Little Party Gets Me Every Time

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You were hoping this post would be about a party I threw. Or a party I went to. Weren’t you? Well folks, you should know by now that everyday life is not nearly that exciting. What is exciting is this little jazz number we did over at Colleges of The Fenway Dance Project.

If you did know everyday life is not that exciting, but you didn’t know that I teach a few dance classes, I do. Two to be exact. Tap & jazz. These were my lovely students from the fall semester. They make it possible & worth it. They are fantastic.

The video of their tap performance didn’t turn out great, but you can hear that they’re tapping together. (win!)