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Around Here Gets Me Every Time

AroundHere33_13AroundHere33_1AroundHere33_14AroundHere33_12not believing it’s already March 3rd.

looking forward to turning the clocks ahead this coming weekend.

wishing we got spring break as adults.

finding reasons to pull out bright spring-colored clothes.

enjoying time with family (Feb family portrait, above.)

packing up shop orders.

trying to find a new book to get lost in. (suggestions welcome.)

itching to get some spring craft projects done.

keeping my feet warm with one sweet kitty.

loving leaving the city behind on the weekend (even though I wouldn’t change being there every week.)

planning a short weekend away.

keeping busy at work.

going screen-free before bed.

devouring homemade hummus.

That’s the first weekend of March around here. Expect a quiet week though, as I have a feeling it’ll be a busy one between work and the shop. But, if you’re missing me, I’ll be over at DKS.

Around Here Gets Me Every Time

224AroundHere1224AroundHere2If I tell you this weekend was nothing special, I’d be lying. Because, let’s face it, the weather was beautiful here in the Boston area. We’re talking warm enough to take a long walk outside without risking frostbite. Talk about a major win.

We celebrated by doing the ordinary weekend things—cooking, cleaning, sleeping in. Plus, buying a new microwave since ours bit the dust when I reheated toasted some leftover quinoa in there on Friday. But get this. We found a Visa gift card we didn’t remember having + used Sears loyalty points and walked away without dropping a dime on that new microwave. I’ve never had a better appliance buying experience.

I’m thinking that’s just the start to an excellent week. Let’s do this thing.

The Friday Five Get Me Every Time

Louise_FridayOh, Louise. I know. We’ve neglected the blog all week long. And there’s so much snow outside. And how are those Olympians hurling themselves down a mile-long ice luge at 80mph on a thin board?? At least it’s Friday. And a three-day weekend. Hang in there, kitty.

1 | Maybe one of these spicy meatball grilled cheese sandwiches would make Louise perk up. (or maybe just me?)
2 | Remember these canvases? Well, I started a new Pinterest board of abstract ideas to paint. Let me know if you have any more inspiration for me.
3 | If I start crocheting this oh-so-perfect stripy cowl now, I think I can have it finished by next winter.
4 | My high school cheer buddy shared a recipe for Buffalo Chicken Cornbread and I can’t wait to try it.
5 | Stop diminishing your creative work and what you do. There’s no reason to be sorry.

PS | shameless plug for the other blog with a week’s worth of posts for you to catch up on.


Around Here Gets Me Every Time


You guys. This week will get me every time. So, just a little heads up that I’m only going to pop in once or twice this week. I’m working on little things (etsy orders).  I’m working on big things (I’ll tell you soon, promise!) And in between I’ve got a easy peasy DIY gift for a youngin’ plus an already rad-looking list in the works for Friday.

Around Here Gets Me Every Time

AroundHere11314_2AroundHere11314_1AroundHere11314_3AroundHere11314_4Our weekend was pretty low key. I got to enjoy a girls’ day complete with a meal in the North End. Cantina Italiana is perfect for lunch and has gluten-free pasta to boot. We got a light dusting of snow on Friday, which of course inspires some “yoga” by the fireplace. And the need to make that chili. Yes, I took a photo of the recipe so I wouldn’t forget to look it up. What of it? And yes, it was in a Ladies’ Home Journal. So, double what of it?

Oh, and the last pic. Is it really just bath time? Or do you think this may be Louise’s way of subtly giving me the hand/paw?


Around Here Gets Me Every Time


Welcome back, folks. Another week in the books. We were lucky to get an extra three-day weekend lumped in with the holidays so our schedules are all out of whack. Nonetheless, we had a productive weekend. We managed to play in shovel all the snow. Get our Christmas decoration put away (Happy Epiphany, y’all!) Finish up a little decor project, details soon. Get in some playtime with Louise. And yesterday, I spent all day in the kitchen. By choice, of course. I managed to cook up 8 freezer meals (which will probably make 14-16 meals for the two of us), 2 weeks worth of muffins, a big salad, half a week’s worth of lunches and dinner last night. A long but productive day. On to the next one.

The Ultimate Crafturday Gets Me Every Time


What exactly is an ultimate crafturday? It’s a Saturday featuring a craft show, as I mentioned Friday, with yours truly. The set-up looked like the above, with some slight merch changes throughout the day. This was my first ever craft show and I think it went pretty well. The layout of the entire show was a little screwy, and I didn’t get quite the amount of traffic I had hoped for. But, it was a great learning experience. Here are some more shots from the show.CraftShow_BizCards CraftShow_WallPlaque CraftShow_Setup CraftShow__PlaceCard CraftShow__Ornaments

All the unsold merchandise and more will be in my Etsy shop soon. Just in time for a little holiday shopping.


A Holiday Gets Me Every Time

Hello? Is anybody still here? Well, after a few days of radio silence over here, we’re back! Mr. Gets Me Every Time and I took a fall vacation and I can’t wait to tellshow you the details.

We visited London, Ireland and Northern Ireland during a nine-day trip. It was relaxing, rejuvenating and such a blessing. While we didn’t cross everything off our list, we did see a great deal. Photos coming soon, I promise!

Pizza Night Gets Me Every Time

Sure, pizza night could suffice with just one pizza. But, pizza night turned out to be a great excuse opportunity to use up some leftovers that were starting to tread the thin line between edible and, well, not so much. So I made three small pizzas—Buffalo Chicken, BBQ Pork & Veggie. (Yes, before we go any further, I cook pizzas on cookie sheets lined with foil. Hey, it works for those of us without a pizza stone nor the room to store a pizza stone.)

A Buffalo chicken pizza ranks at the top of the list for me and the Mr., so obviously it got to be the biggest pizza of the three. All three pizzas were made with a refrigerated, store-bought pizza crust. AND pre-shredded mozzarella cheese. We are all about cutting corners on a Friday night. Here’s how each of the three pizzas played out.

Buffalo Chicken: Leftover Buffalo chicken (baked earlier in the week), Frank’s, blue cheese crumbles & mozzarella cheese

BBQ Pork: Shredded BBQ Pork (slow-cooked earlier in the week), BBQ sauce, corn, onion & mozzarella cheese

Veggie: Sliced onion, green and red bell pepper (not used in the weekly salad we make), marinara and mozzarella


A Trip To SOWA Gets Me Every Time

This past weekend, Labor Day Sunday, I took another trip to Boston’s South End to check out some more of the goodness that is SOWA. My friend, Jill, and I had been planning an outing for some time and we picked the perfect Sunday to go.

We started by checking out some local artisans including Fiber & Water. Their designs were great their product value unbeatable—one print, with matte and frame for $35, or 2 for $60. Love it. They do custom orders too, so be sure to check out their burlap prints.

We spotted one of our coworkers showing off his fantastic prints at Upside Down Grin and after a quick chat we were back to hunting down some girlie things, like great jewels from Camla. Her designs were light, natural and ethereal. Definitely everyday wears.

Then, we spotted these great wool-felted bags from Sarah Kingsley Designs. In a way, they were a bit nostalgic of the woven purses I carried in middle and high school. But, the bright colors and bold combinations brought me right back to 2012.

Finally, we headed indoors where Jill and I both snagged some vintage goods at delicious prices. (more on that soon, promise) and speaking of delicious, a trip to SOWA, just wouldn’t be complete without swinging through the fresh, local food stands. This may have been my last trip of the season (a busy fall coming up), so I’m thrilled we made a point to go. There’s always new sellers to check out, so it’s a great way to start any Sunday in Boston.