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The Great Craft Up Gets Me Every Time

Along with my urge to purge this winter season comes the need, and desire, to work with what I got. To use what we have. To try not to buy anything we won’t consume or use for our own health and well-being. The place I know I need to start with—craft supplies. Which is why I’m imposing The Great Craft Up of 2013.


The Great Craft Up is my effort to use up those craft supplies that I have laying around the house. In drawers, in bins, in the desk, in boxes. It’s a roll of washi tape here and half a skein of yarn there. Forgotten projects, lost projects, or just projects that didn’t go quite as planned. Aside from spending a $20 craft store gift card I received as a present I will not purchase any more “for fun” craft supplies in 2013 unless, and only at which time, all “for fun” craft supplies have been depleted.


Now, why do I say “for fun?” Well, as you guys are well aware, one of my little side gigs requires me to keep paint, brushes, glue and a few other supplies stocked for customers. So, if I run out of neon pink paint, I’m going to have to buy more. Get it? Good. There are a few things I have on order that will come in before the end of the month that I’ll add to the “for fun” stash, but they will help me use the other supplies, if that makes sense.


Are you guilty of purchasing craft supplies for a project and then never starting, never finishing or just plain forgetting? It’s OK! That’s my problem too. You can come clean. You too can join me in my Great Craft Up. I’ll be sharing my progress here and on Instagram & Twitter using the hashtag #CraftUp2013. I’d love to see your craftiness in action too!

Magazine Piles Get Me Every Time

Remember when I said October was for organization? Well, I was serious about it. And today’s one of those days.

It’s time for a moment of truth here. I love magazines. I love subscribing to them, buying them, reading them and, worst of all, saving them.

Now, I’ve tried magazine files and the like, but nothing has worked. So now, I offer up to you, how to organize your magazines—or how to save your magazines without really saving them.

First, right when you get them, read them! As you do, dog-ear the articles you are interested in. Step away from the magazine and in a few days, look back and see if you want to save those pages. If you do, carefully rip them out.


After ripping out the pages, simply scan them as PDF pages, saving them to a folder on your computer.


Finally, take the individual pages and sort them into categories. For me it’s mainly recipes, fitness routines and home tips. Each category gets a master PDF that you can add pages to regularly. I prefer to store mine “in the cloud” using DropBox or iCloud. Then, they’re always accessible from my phone, tablet or laptop.

Do you have a magazine organization system? Does this sound like too much work to save magazine clippings? Are you just pinning all the way? Let me know!

A Place To Rest Our Heads Gets Me Every Time

You guys. I made a headboard. And not just any headboard. An upholstered, tufted headboard. In a sunny marigold color. Made it. With my own two hands, twenty some teeth and endless frustrations. Plus one staple gun, some help from a friend and lots of encouragement. Here’s the full frontal. (headboard guys, get your heads out of the bedroom.)

If you think back to when I revealed that DIY lyric art, the Mr. and I didn’t have a headboard. So I did the ol’ scouring of Pinterest and came up with this tufted gem. Which, as it turns out, was a little easier dreamt than done. If I were to do it over, here’s what I would do differently than the DIY.

1. Not use pegboard, it’s hard to staple into. And a little heavy. Maybe a piece of foam core, or a big canvas covered with foam could have achieved the same effect.
2. Gotten the heaviest of heavy duty staple guns rather than try to get by with the crafting staple gun. I ended up having so many issues with getting the staples in that I actually tied the thread together on opposing rows to create the tuft. Yeah. That happened.
3. Not made my own buttons. Sure, they look nice, but… They would look nice if they were a complimentary color too, perhaps. This step takes patience, especially if you’re using a heavyweight fabric.
4. Paid closer attention to the draping of the fabric. It was hard to get it to lay flat and I could have done a better job.

Overall, it was a fun project and I’m proud of it. Might not tuft next time, but I have a feeling there’s more crafty goodness in the near future.

Cilantro Pesto Steak Tacos Get Me Every Time

So, I know summer is *officially* over, but I still haven’t made it through all 20 tacos. So, let’s keep the goodness going right through the fall. Lego!

Today’s Taco Tuesday is brought to you by the grocery store that only sells cilantro in extra large bunches that we can never seem to finish before they go bad. I mean, a little goes a long way. So, when life hands you a huge bunch of cilantro, make some cilantro pesto. (I know, right?)

And, again thanks to the big bunch of cilantro, I then decided I needed to make something more with it. Cilantro, guacamole, tacos. That’s the thought process right there folks. When it’s time for tacos, I also look to the web for inspiration. But then I just do my own thing. I’m a rebel. That’s just how I roll.

Shell: Store-bought corn tortillas
Filling: Flank Steak seasoned with salt, pepper, cumin & garlic
Toppings: Cilantro Pesto, cotijo cheese, semi-homemade salsa & guacamole

Modifications: For that cilantro pesto, the recipe calls for toasted sesame oil, but that’s not an item stocked in my pantry regularly. So, I tossed in a few sesame seeds and called it a day. And since I wasn’t following any other recipe, there’s nothing else to mention.

Results: Last time I made steak tacos, they were a huge hit. These are guaranteed to be the same for your home. I promise. Kick up the heat with the salsa or guacamole. (Or grab the hot sauce and go to town. That’s really the easiest way to spice up dinner, don’t you think?)

Making A Statement Gets Me Every Time

It’s project time. And today, I’ve got something to say. Well actually, Arthur Freed has some words for us, but more on that in a moment. First, shall we discuss this inspiration?

The great canvas above was actually painted with shoe polish—you know, the kind with the sponge tip? Check out all the details from Alisa, if you’re as inspired as I was.

Now, onto what happened when I picked up a 4×2 foot canvas. But first, a look at the wall space that was looking for some love.


See what I mean? I was never quite sure what to do, so some fabric wrapped canvas boards were filling in. Until now. Until I saw Alisa’s awesome canvas. I had to make my own. Immediately I knew I wanted a more scripted look to my canvas, so I grabbed a few paintbrushes and started writing.


The words are the lyrics of “All I Do is Dream of You” by Arthur Freed. It’s a song you might recognize from Singin’ In The Rain. But, plenty of other great musicians have covered it too.


LikeDean Martin, Perry Como and Michael Buble. And since Mr. GMET and I actually danced to his rendition of the song at our wedding, it’s even closer to my heart.


I knew I wanted the script to look pretty natural, so I used a thin brush with very little paint on it for a first pass. I didn’t worry about it being perfect. I just wanted it to look like I, myself, no offense Mr. Freed, had just scrawled out these poetic phrases.


After the first round of paint dried, I went back with a heavier coat of paint on a larger brush to get closer to the shoe polish look of my inspiration. Then, I did it once more.


And the best part is, if I decide I hate it in a week, I can paint over it and try something else. But right now, all I can think is that if you give a girl some large scale type art, she’ll ask for a headboard to go with it. And just wait till you see what I have in store.

A Statement Piece Gets Me Every Time

| inspiration via |

My friends know me well. Very well. Well enough to forward this DIY link to me. They probably even know me well enough to figure I would have all the supplies I need for this: sunglasses case, mini animal toy, paint, glitter, mod podge, glue, paint brush. Check, check, check, check, check and check. A no-brainer craft project… with one tiny tweak.

Here’s the thing. I’m probably not going to any derbies or polo matches soon. So, when else would I carry a glittery clutch? Nighttime is the right time. And if it’s evening, I can think of no one but this little night owl to accompany me out on the town. (Well, other than Mr. Gets Me Every Time of course. But, I didn’t think he wanted to be painted silver and superglued to anything.)

If you’ve been around the blog a while, you know that (because of the shop) I pretty much had an unlimited choice of animals to top my newest accessory with. And don’t think I didn’t experiment with some other guys. Have a look.

I was digging the preppy look of some of the red puppy, but in the end, the owl just really won me over. I mean, who doesn’t love a great hooter accessory?

I’ve got my eyes on some other inspired crafty DIY projects. Stay tuned.

Christmas in July Gets Me Every Time

Have you ever celebrated “Christmas in July?” I remember it being a silly thing we did when we were kids, but it was never a real holiday in our home. Regardless, I’ve been pinning things I might want to make or get or receive next Christmas. Well, actually, dear readers, I must confess I’ve already started shoppingbecause of thanks to discount sites like One King’s Lane & Fab.com.

Are you ready for Christmas yet? Or should I just pump the brakes until we get through summer?

1 MAKE this DIY vintage-style marquee (but with holiday jargon) | 2 RECEIVE this epiphanie! backpack/messenger camera bag | 3 GIFT this West Elm headboard to my bedroom | 4 GIFT this Target Dress in every color (to my niece) | 5/6 GIFT & RECEIVE ebooks, like What Alice Forgot (per friend recco on GoodReads) & The Chaperone (per Amazon algorithm recco)

DI-WHY Gets Me Every Time

OK. I’m going to start off saying that I love DIY just as much as the next craft-loving lady. But, I am starting to feel like things are getting out of control in the blogosphere. So, without any ado, I’m dusting off and climbing onto my soapbox.

I made those notebooks up there. Well, I DIY-ed them, according to anyone’s standards. They were covered with logos of the companies that gave them to me for free. I just doctored them up with washi & paper tape. But I’m not giving you a tutorial on them. D-I-WHY would I? It’s simple, people. Unroll the tape, stick it on, snip the ends ta-da!

I’ve come across quite a few D-I-WHY projects across the web recently and while I won’t link to them, I am going to unashamedly call them out. Some of the projects you will never get a tutorial on from this blog include:

  • Dip-dyed marshmallows
  • Painted Rocks
  • Putting hooks on a wall
  • Putting a collection of (buttons, shells, change) in a jar
  • Skewering marshmallows, candy, etc
  • Abstract Art
  • Putting colored tape on a notebook, chair, desk, frame, etc (see above)
  • Adding glitter to everyday objects
  • Printing Instagram photos

Remember, I love DIY. I just don’t want another blog post on how to print a printable or how to cut out strips of paper and make a paper chain. Let’s push ourselves. Let’s make something new. Let’s make something to be talked about. Or let’s get offline altogether and make some memories.

Am I the only one? What’s got you screaming DI-WHY? these days?

House Plants + House Cats Get Me Every Time

So, this weekend I decided to do some greening of our tiny apartment and jump on the succulent train. I bought a few succulents from Home Depot and planted them in various vases I had lying around. Some look like they’re going to hold up better than others, but we’ll see. They’re pretty tough little guys, right?

While I was there, I also decided to pick up a greener, more traditional houseplant. I’m not sure what it is exactly, but it’s supposedly going to grow to about 18 inches. Not bad.

Now, I know you’ve probably spotted lots of great terrariums around the web. And if you have, you’ll notice that sometimes they add a little something extra to the plants, soil, rocks, etc. etc. And I had to follow suit!

I had this tiny cat leftover from a new product in my store, and I thought it was the perfect addition. Turns out I’m not the only one who things so. See what I mean?

Louise inspects everything we bring into the apartment and the plants were no exception. She’s not too interested in them, which is good. Just sniffing around. What have you been planting lately?


Guest Books Get Me Every Time

Who knew that the wedding projects continue after the big day? I sure didn’t. But, I’m not letting that ignorance stop me. At our May 2011 wedding we used these simple gray tags as part of our guestbook. The guests simply wrote on a tag and hung it on a pegboard. The tags were seen throughout most of our wedding stationary. Take a look:

You can see that we used these tags on our save the dates, our invites and at the wedding itself as escort cards featuring customized buttons. They were also on our favors–sweet gifts of candy for the end of the night.

But, I’m getting off track here.

So, we have all these tags that our guests wrote on still sitting in a box—7 months after our wedding. What to do? Before the wedding we thought we’d reuse the pegboard. But. No. It was all warped by the time it went from reception to cab to hotel to car to home.

Lucky for us, we’ve got 6 white frames lying around. A perfect place to begin. Now, how do we lay them out? That’s where I’m hoping you guys can help. Read more