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Snow Back Home Gets Me Every Time


I’m not the biggest hero when it comes to snow. I’m not the biggest baby either though. I actually ENJOY shoveling it (great workout, for the win!) And I love a snowy photo walk around the neighborhood.


So, this week, the unthinkable happened. It snowed in Alabama—where I spent nine of my most formative years. (Yes, believe it or not, I once had a southern accent. There’s video to prove it.) In the nine years I lived there, we only ever got a dusting of snow. Never enough to cancel school, as they did this week. Never enough to shut down roads, as they did this week. Never enough to make it worth it.

If we’re Facebook friends, you know I proclaimed to all my southern buddies last night that they would make it through this wintry weather. But I just want to affirm to them, my gals and guys and y’alls… You WILL make it. Soon, it will be spring. Maybe even next week. Yes, really.

Until then, be safe. Bundle up. Light your oft-neglected fireplaces. And when you wish it were still “sweater weather” in four weeks. You know where to find me. And yes, we have a couch.

**note, the pictures AREN’T from Sweet Home Alabama. They’re just a taste of what my southern folks are missing out on.**

**UPDATE** YES. I do know it was bad. And I’m not making light of it. I KNOW the South isn’t prepared to handle the snow and ice they received. I KNOW because I lived there. And I know people were stranded and it’s not fun. It’s happened up north too. Here’s hoping officials everywhere will learn lessons from this, regardless of what their normal weather patterns are.

A Little Game Gets Me Every Time


As promised. Here it is. A super simple DIY I gifted to my niece for Christmas. It’s a family memory game, with pictures of our family. I printed two sets of 12 3×3 inch photos then used a paper cutter, cardstock, some non-spray adhesive and colorful tape to make it all come together.


I can remember spending hours playing memory games when I was kid, so I figured this was the perfect game to personalize as a Christmas gift.


I also remember games like memory or Guess Who? being so rewarding, especially if (when) I beat my big brother or my mom.


It’s only now, with nieces and nephews, that they must have been letting me win. Amiright? Well, except for my older brother. I’m sure I beat him fair and square.

This was a fun and quick project. Aside from printing the photos, I think it only took about 1.5 episodes of The Big Bang Theory. So, not bad at all.



A Travel Book Gets Me Every Time

Travel Book | Gets Me Every Time

I remember my first camera. It was neon pink. One of those rectangular ones with a simple trigger button and a level on the bottom that you pushed to advance the film on the spool. I got it for Christmas and I took more non-pictures than I actually took photos. Mostly blurry. Mostly out-of-focus close-ups of peoples’ faces and my dolls. But I loved that camera and my photos. And I’m sure I went through more film than my parents could have ever imagined.


One of the best parts about getting film cameras was waiting to see what developed, don’t you think? I mean, there are few surprises in life. And that was definitely a fascinating one for me when I was a kid. Now, you’ve seen the bulk of our photos from Rome. And I saw them on the plane ride home. But there’s still a little magic in holding them in prints, or books, don’t you think?


I wanted to create something similar to my Instabook, so I went with the same 8×8 style from Shutterfly. Once the book arrived, I grabbed our travel journal and a Zig pen and got to recalling all the details.


On the back of my childhood prints, I’d write who was in the photo. Or what year it was. I think this is just an evolution of this. Spelling out how our days went. And making sure to mention how we managed to get around and find our way.


Some pages get a lot of description. Some get little or none at all.


And while I could elaborate on any one picture for a while, I tried to keep it top level enough that it’s easy enough to flip through and get the full story.


I think our trip to Rome was one for the books. And I think this was the perfect way to commemorate our vacation.


*Ps. I was not paid or perked by Shutterfly. I just really love the size and quality of their photo books.

Around Here Gets Me Every Time

AroundHere11314_2AroundHere11314_1AroundHere11314_3AroundHere11314_4Our weekend was pretty low key. I got to enjoy a girls’ day complete with a meal in the North End. Cantina Italiana is perfect for lunch and has gluten-free pasta to boot. We got a light dusting of snow on Friday, which of course inspires some “yoga” by the fireplace. And the need to make that chili. Yes, I took a photo of the recipe so I wouldn’t forget to look it up. What of it? And yes, it was in a Ladies’ Home Journal. So, double what of it?

Oh, and the last pic. Is it really just bath time? Or do you think this may be Louise’s way of subtly giving me the hand/paw?


Around Here Gets Me Every Time


Welcome back, folks. Another week in the books. We were lucky to get an extra three-day weekend lumped in with the holidays so our schedules are all out of whack. Nonetheless, we had a productive weekend. We managed to play in shovel all the snow. Get our Christmas decoration put away (Happy Epiphany, y’all!) Finish up a little decor project, details soon. Get in some playtime with Louise. And yesterday, I spent all day in the kitchen. By choice, of course. I managed to cook up 8 freezer meals (which will probably make 14-16 meals for the two of us), 2 weeks worth of muffins, a big salad, half a week’s worth of lunches and dinner last night. A long but productive day. On to the next one.

2013 Gets Me Every Time


Goodbye 2013. You were good to us. You gave us lots of snow.

You gave us a chance to get together & remember a wonderful man.


You gave me a clearer vision.


You gave us burgers. (And a grill to cook them on.)


You gave us tiny DIY upgrades.


And huge DIY upgrades.


You gave us a bigger world view.

HomeTour_GMET_1And an even bigger reason to hurry home.

Now on to just as great adventures in all sizes. Come at me, 2014.


A Holiday Party Gets Me Every Time


There’s a big story here. It’s about this swell lady, Elizabeth, pictured above. She makes gorgeous necklaces. Also pictured above. And those necklaces need a little lookbook. So Elizabeth threw a party. And this is it.


So, a few bloggers got together to set the scene for a festive afternoon. And what’s a party without a hashtag? It was decided that it’d be #ECSHoliday. And the party was on.


There were lots of photos.


Lots of flowers.


And lots of fabulous necklaces. Which we all grabbed to get the party going.


And then we each grabbed a drink. The Blogger Bellini. Perfectly poured by Kate.


And we drank them under the prettiest garland. Expertly strung by Janee.




Elizabeth makes these great bangles too. I was half tempted to run away with this lettered one. But Fenway, the belle of the ball, probably could have caught up with me.



The necklaces were the stars of the party, but the food came in a close second.


Alaina made a delicious rosemary, bacon and white bean dip. I brought a tasty spinach and artichoke dip.


Kate share these super brie and jam pinwheel bites.


Ana brought a delightful Brazilian dish, brigadeiro. Tasting is believing.




I’ll be sharing my recipe, as seen here, next week.


Amanda brought her amazing sense of humor and this beautiful caprese salad.



And Alex whipped up these tasty peppermint whoopie pies. (As tasty as they are cute.)


The baubles were the stars though. So, don’t forget to check them out.


(Special thanks to our hosts Elizabeth & Fenway! It was wonderful sipping and socializing in your lovely home!)


Giving Thanks Gets Me Every Time

We have so much to be thankful for today and everyday. More than can be expressed in words. Here’s hoping your holiday (or just another Thursday) was wonderful. And here’s a few snapshots from ours.

AroundHere_Thanksgiving8 AroundHere_Thanksgiving5 AroundHere_Thanksgiving3 AroundHere_Thanksgiving1 AroundHere_Thanksgiving4 AroundHere_Thanksgiving6 AroundHere_Thanksgiving7

From the top: our dining room starting to feel like a dining room | a beautiful centerpiece | place card holders (in the shop soon!) | gluten-free chocolate chip cookies | our chain of thankfulness | the bird | carving together & some autumnal flowers

Going Gluten Free In Rome Gets Me Every Time


The first thing everyone asked me when I told them I was going to Rome was, “What are you going to eat?” Being gluten-free in a land of pasta, pizza and bread doesn’t sound like the dream vacation, but actually, it isn’t a problem at all. Eating gluten-free in Rome is easy. Here’s how I managed. Note, before I left, I printed out this Italian gluten-free card and showed it everywhere we went, just to ensure I was all set.

When we landed, we went straight to our (gluten-free) B&B (more on that in a minute) and got a recommendation for a nearby place to grab lunch—I needed that pizza (above). We headed to La Mimosa down the street where our waiter actually ordered for us. Gluten-free pizza for me, pasta for Mr. GMET.


For a minute though, back to our B&B—My Guest Roma. WiFi, clean rooms and a gluten-free continental breakfast to boot. The gluten-free breakfast was extra, but a regular breakfast was included. Our host, Stefano, provided us with a list of gluten-free restaurants across the city as well.

But, since we filled up on breakfast most days, we rarely ate a full meal until dinner. Our second day, for instance, before our trip to Ostia Antica, we stopped at a local shop and bought some picnic provisions—plenty to hold us over until dinner.

And was the wait for dinner ever worth it. We went to Franco’s, which was near our hotel. From the moment we walked in until we left, they treated us like family. It started with the olives.


It continued when we ordered a caprese salad.


And with the Mr’s pasta—and the bowl full of cheese they brought to the table with it.


And my risotto scampi.


We ate it all. Every last bite. And then. Dessert.

Rome_Risotto1Tartufo. Gelato. Whatever you want to call it. We were so full we had to split one order.


When they brought dessert over they also included a whole bottle of limoncello and two chilled glasses. After an entire bottle of wine, we were up for no more than a few sips. RomeDinner3The next night we went to this great place, Ristorante Boccondivino, on the end of a winding street in between the Pantheon and the Trevi Fountain. (That was our marathon day.)
We both ordered pasta. And they were both delicious. The Mr. tried mine and said so. Obviously I didn’t have his, but I trust his pasta expertise.Rome_GFPasta2

Can you tell whose is whose? If you can’t why should I?


After dinner we wandered around the corner and found this gelato place, Grom. We’re pretty sure it’s a chain, but we’re even more sure that they are gluten-free to the max.


Our gelato may look similar, but mine was scooped from a container underneath the other. And with a separate spoon. That is kept in a separate container. My bowl and spoon came from a separate container as well. And, it was delicious. Win-win-win.


The next day, we decided to eat dinner at the same place we ate lunch the first day. I had pasta, he had pizza. Both were great. Our waiter—the same man from Day 1—did try to order for us again, but we made sure we had some say in it all.


For our last day in Rome, we both went light on breakfast. Since we had an easy-going itinerary, we knew we had time for two meals. We stumbled back over to the area around St. Peter’s to eat at La Fiorentina. I had the pasta, above. Mr. GMET had the lasagna—and he raved about it. This was on the pricier side to sit in the restaurant, but when in Rome! If you’re in the neighborhood, they also have a small takeaway cafe with lower prices.


After a lot of walking, a quick stop for an Americano and some more walking, we checked out three restaurants in the Trastevere neighborhood before settling on Da i Sandri a Trastevere for dinner. The owner was very welcoming and we couldn’t resist their menu. For our last supper in Italy, we both went with the pizza. The gluten-free pizza came out on a green plate. And I got green-handled utensils. This was the sign that it was definitely gluten-free as the Mr’s came on a regular plate and he had regular utensils.


One of the things we couldn’t resist about Da i Sandri a Trastevere was their desserts… homemade daily and all gluten free. I couldn’t resist the soufflé.


We ordered some more wine while it baked and then Mr. GMET’s mousse was brought out at the same time.


So, the moral of the story, guys, is that it was super easy to eat gluten-free in Rome. The hardest part was waiting until the restaurants opened back up for dinner—they close between lunch and dinner, not reopening until 7 or 7:30.