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A Little Game Gets Me Every Time


As promised. Here it is. A super simple DIY I gifted to my niece for Christmas. It’s a family memory game, with pictures of our family. I printed two sets of 12 3×3 inch photos then used a paper cutter, cardstock, some non-spray adhesive and colorful tape to make it all come together.


I can remember spending hours playing memory games when I was kid, so I figured this was the perfect game to personalize as a Christmas gift.


I also remember games like memory or Guess Who? being so rewarding, especially if (when) I beat my big brother or my mom.


It’s only now, with nieces and nephews, that they must have been letting me win. Amiright? Well, except for my older brother. I’m sure I beat him fair and square.

This was a fun and quick project. Aside from printing the photos, I think it only took about 1.5 episodes of The Big Bang Theory. So, not bad at all.



A New Cabinet Gets Me Every Time

cabinet1Growing up my favorite color was purple. My clothes were purple. My nails were painted purple. Even the carpet in my bedroom was purple. (Yes, like I lived in a casino or something.) I could not get enough purple. Now, don’t get me wrong. I still like purple. But it was only my favorite color until green came into the picture. Probably somewhere around sixth grade. And I still love green. But now. Yellow is my color.

KitchenOriginal3Except, not on the kitchen walls, as seen here, prior to any of our painting. See that cabinet to the left of the sink. If you recall, we took it down.

KitchenRedo5And opened up that kitchen wall. But that cabinet. It was yearning for a second chance. And, much like me, wanted a chance to shine.

Cabinet_1pillowThe doors came off. This pillow from Target became the inspiration. And we hit the paint store for a pint of York Harbor Yellow by Benjamin Moore. Then, I got to work.

Cabinet_inprogressAnd I forgot to take many in-progress shots, so here’s the run down. Doors off. Cabinet cleaned. Prep work complete. (Same as we did for the kitchen.) I added these legs from Lowe’s. And this hardware to the doors. Drumroll please!


Yes. And Louise likes it.


And our games have a new home.


The color. The plant. The games.


cabinet_3You guys. My name is Kelly and I’m in love with the color yellow and this yellow cabinet.

A Secret Treasure Book Gets Me Every Time


I’ll admit it. I used to turn down the corners of book pages to mark my place in books. I highlighted books. I wrote in the margins. I made books my own. And I occasionally still do. When I actually have a tangible book rather than an e-book. But, if you’re a book purist, you might want to stop reading.


This simple crafty project involves very few supplies. A book. A notecard. An X-acto knife. The thing about the book… it needs to be one you’re willing to part with. Or, not part with altogether. Just part with the story it contains.


This book was a collection of stories. I found it second hand. Appropriately enough, the book leads with Treasure Island. I left that story whole. I flipped to David Copperfield and cut out the entire story around this notecard.


I  cut about 10 pages at a time, then just flipped and cut more and more.


I went about 150 pages through. I sliced through Copperfield and Call of the Wild. There’s one more story at the end of the book, too. I just couldn’t help but have this wolf peeking through the window.


I packed the book with tiny toy dogs and shipped this one off to my nephew as a Christmas gift.


Isn’t it the cutest? I almost wanted to keep this for myself. It’d be the perfect place to hide a stash—of money, gifts, hopes, dreams, wishes, love notes, etc. What would you hide inside your treasure book?

Stamping Cards Gets Me Every Time


The Great Craft Up 2013 continues! This year I’m trying to use up all the craft supplies I have before I buy any more. It’s the Great #CraftUp2013, and you’re invited!


I have seen stamps popping up more and more in my daily internet travels. From Pinterest to blogs to Twitter, they seem to be everywhere. At first I thought they were only for scrapbooking (not into it) but after having these three stamps in my shopping cart for a while, I decided they weren’t for scrapbooking at all. They’re for making cards.


Needless to say, I finally got the stamps. And they are a perfect way to keep #CraftUp2013 rolling. In the last ten years I have amassed more plain notecards than any one person should ever own. I don’t know why. It’s like I’m drawn to paper stores (and the card aisle at Target) like a moth to a flame. But the stamps… these stamps are going to help rid me of my paper obsession.


I think the “Happy Birthday to ______” is my favorite because it does allow you to go a little crazy in saying “Happy Birthday” to the same person over and over in so many ways. I went a little stamp crazy on that striped one. The “Because You’re ________” stamp also hold lots of promise. “Because You’re Loved.” “Because You’re The Best.” “Because You’re Graduating!” The list goes on and on. In fact, I’ve already used it on some “Thank You” notes.

StampedCards2I’m looking forward to getting some use out of “It’s Going To Be __________” in the next couple weeks. “It’s Going To Be Awesome” is my go to, but I think it could be “epic,” “beautiful” or, (wait for it) “legendary” could also work here.

Are you joining in #CraftUp2013? My friend Elizabeth (@SeagrassStudio) is climbing aboard. Let me know if you are too!


PS. My stamps were totally inspired by the fab Elise. Check out her stamp shop!

The Great Craft Up Gets Me Every Time

Along with my urge to purge this winter season comes the need, and desire, to work with what I got. To use what we have. To try not to buy anything we won’t consume or use for our own health and well-being. The place I know I need to start with—craft supplies. Which is why I’m imposing The Great Craft Up of 2013.


The Great Craft Up is my effort to use up those craft supplies that I have laying around the house. In drawers, in bins, in the desk, in boxes. It’s a roll of washi tape here and half a skein of yarn there. Forgotten projects, lost projects, or just projects that didn’t go quite as planned. Aside from spending a $20 craft store gift card I received as a present I will not purchase any more “for fun” craft supplies in 2013 unless, and only at which time, all “for fun” craft supplies have been depleted.


Now, why do I say “for fun?” Well, as you guys are well aware, one of my little side gigs requires me to keep paint, brushes, glue and a few other supplies stocked for customers. So, if I run out of neon pink paint, I’m going to have to buy more. Get it? Good. There are a few things I have on order that will come in before the end of the month that I’ll add to the “for fun” stash, but they will help me use the other supplies, if that makes sense.


Are you guilty of purchasing craft supplies for a project and then never starting, never finishing or just plain forgetting? It’s OK! That’s my problem too. You can come clean. You too can join me in my Great Craft Up. I’ll be sharing my progress here and on Instagram & Twitter using the hashtag #CraftUp2013. I’d love to see your craftiness in action too!

Another Year in the Books Gets Me Every Time


Signed, sealed, delivered. Perhaps to a mailbox at your home this holiday season? The Mr. and I were fortunate enough to have one incredible, fantastic year. And while some people measure their time in footsteps or milestones, we decided to remember 2012 with toasts.

See, I sorta missed the boat on traditional “Christmas Cards,” so we went with a New Year’s theme instead. Maybe a new tradition? Maybe not. We’ll see.

I simply made a photo grid of pictures we’ve taken (with phones and actual cameras) in Photoshop then laid the graphic and text on top of them. The photos are all from throughout the years at various locations in multiple locales, with different friends and family. I used VistaPrint.com to print these double-sided notes and I was quite pleased with how the quality and the quick turnaround.

As this first year of my blogging adventure comes to a close, I’d like to think I’ve done ok. I’ve got plans for next year for my little corner of the web, but I’m not going to mention them until they come to fruition. I know, the anticipation is killing you.


Resolutions aren’t my thing, but I’m a sucker for a good project. So, keep an eye out for more of those. Everyone have a safe and fun New Year’s Eve and I’ll be back with more in 2013! Happy New Year!card6

A Place To Rest Our Heads Gets Me Every Time

You guys. I made a headboard. And not just any headboard. An upholstered, tufted headboard. In a sunny marigold color. Made it. With my own two hands, twenty some teeth and endless frustrations. Plus one staple gun, some help from a friend and lots of encouragement. Here’s the full frontal. (headboard guys, get your heads out of the bedroom.)

If you think back to when I revealed that DIY lyric art, the Mr. and I didn’t have a headboard. So I did the ol’ scouring of Pinterest and came up with this tufted gem. Which, as it turns out, was a little easier dreamt than done. If I were to do it over, here’s what I would do differently than the DIY.

1. Not use pegboard, it’s hard to staple into. And a little heavy. Maybe a piece of foam core, or a big canvas covered with foam could have achieved the same effect.
2. Gotten the heaviest of heavy duty staple guns rather than try to get by with the crafting staple gun. I ended up having so many issues with getting the staples in that I actually tied the thread together on opposing rows to create the tuft. Yeah. That happened.
3. Not made my own buttons. Sure, they look nice, but… They would look nice if they were a complimentary color too, perhaps. This step takes patience, especially if you’re using a heavyweight fabric.
4. Paid closer attention to the draping of the fabric. It was hard to get it to lay flat and I could have done a better job.

Overall, it was a fun project and I’m proud of it. Might not tuft next time, but I have a feeling there’s more crafty goodness in the near future.

Easy Art Gets Me Every Time

As we saw last week, when you give a writer an art project, she’s bound to put words on it. And that’s exactly what happened again this week. This statement (If you’re not having fun, you’re not doing it right.) has become something like a mantra for me recently, so why not put it somewhere I can see it often.

I had an old canvas board sitting around and I grabbed the same vinyl letters I used on my minibook a while back. I also grabbed a couple paint brushes, paint and an x-acto knife.

I’ve seen projects on Pinterest where the whole piece was painted the same color, creating a cool monotone effect, but I wanted something more dramatic. So after the first coat of paint dried, I added another, in a nice, seafoamy, minty green.

I carefully peeled the letters off (with the x-acto blade) BEFORE the paint dried. I read that’s what you’re supposed to do when making patterns with painters’ tape, so I figured the same logic should work when applied here—and it did.

Do you think this is a good phrase to live by on the daily? Do you have one too? Let me know, or I’m sticking with “if you’re not having fun, you’re not doing it right.” Now, off to have fun.

Chorizo Tacos Get Me Every Time

I’ve been wanting to try my hand at chorizo tacos for a while and it seemed like the perfect fit for Taco #11. Plus, its super hot outside, and this was minimal cook time—chopping, stove, the whole thing—minimal. And, to top it all off, my mom (love her) sent me a taco roundup she saw over the weekend and this was one of the recipes. Divine, motherly, intervention I tell ya.

Now, I don’t know if it was the high hopes I had set for these guys, or the heat, or what, but I can’t lie. They’re not my favorite. I know, you’re probably thinking it’s because I didn’t put guacamole on them. And you may be right. Or, it could be that I used chicken chorizo rather than original chorizo. I mean, I’m no chorizo expert, but I’m guessing the sub didn’t do these bad boys justice.

Shell: Store brand corn tortillas
Filling: Chicken Chorizo
Toppings: Cilantro, cotijo cheese, diced onions & a squeeze of lime

Results: Like I said above, not my favorite. I tried to stay true to the recipe and that might have hurt me. I think with salsa and guacamole, these would be delicious, but that may be the guacamole talking. I also didn’t have a lot of onion left (oops) so, maybe they could have used a bit more.

Making A Statement Gets Me Every Time

It’s project time. And today, I’ve got something to say. Well actually, Arthur Freed has some words for us, but more on that in a moment. First, shall we discuss this inspiration?

The great canvas above was actually painted with shoe polish—you know, the kind with the sponge tip? Check out all the details from Alisa, if you’re as inspired as I was.

Now, onto what happened when I picked up a 4×2 foot canvas. But first, a look at the wall space that was looking for some love.


See what I mean? I was never quite sure what to do, so some fabric wrapped canvas boards were filling in. Until now. Until I saw Alisa’s awesome canvas. I had to make my own. Immediately I knew I wanted a more scripted look to my canvas, so I grabbed a few paintbrushes and started writing.


The words are the lyrics of “All I Do is Dream of You” by Arthur Freed. It’s a song you might recognize from Singin’ In The Rain. But, plenty of other great musicians have covered it too.


LikeDean Martin, Perry Como and Michael Buble. And since Mr. GMET and I actually danced to his rendition of the song at our wedding, it’s even closer to my heart.


I knew I wanted the script to look pretty natural, so I used a thin brush with very little paint on it for a first pass. I didn’t worry about it being perfect. I just wanted it to look like I, myself, no offense Mr. Freed, had just scrawled out these poetic phrases.


After the first round of paint dried, I went back with a heavier coat of paint on a larger brush to get closer to the shoe polish look of my inspiration. Then, I did it once more.


And the best part is, if I decide I hate it in a week, I can paint over it and try something else. But right now, all I can think is that if you give a girl some large scale type art, she’ll ask for a headboard to go with it. And just wait till you see what I have in store.