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Rocking The Boat Gets Me Every Time

As I may have mentioned before, I work at an incredible ad agency here in Boston. And sometimes, we get kinda crazy busy. That leaves me writing 8+ hours a day and not too much time to write here for you, dear readers. Other times, we get kinda crazy in general. And that’s just what we did a few weeks ago in Boston Harbor on The Spirit of Boston.

So, while we work hard Mondays through Fridays (and sometimes through the weekend), we also party hard a few times a year. Namely for our summer party and holiday get-together, but also on random Thursdays, Fridays, snow days and pretty much any other day in between.

It’s not all Mad Men-esque, but I know some of my friends and family think it might be. But, as evidenced from these few photos, it’s clearly more Mad Woman than Mad Men, right? Speaking of photos, a huge shout-out goes to Nick Minieri for these and other great shots. He’s a DJ, designer, blogger, photographer and all around great guy.

And that’s our fair city during a summer sunset. Quite lovely, indeed. Keep up your 9-5 grind and I’ll do the same. Until next time, Boston.


A Beach Day Gets Me Every Time

On Sunday, the Mr. and I were lucky enough to spend a day soaking up some sun and fun with our family. We lounged on the beach, dug in the sand with our nephews and hunted for crabs when the tide went out. All while managing to only get a little sunburnt–no small task for our Irish-blooded selves. Here’s our take on the beautiful coast of Mattapoisett.

Summer is speeding right on by. How have you been enjoying the dog days?

Family Genes Get Me Every Time

You guys. If you don’t know it yet. I’m going to spill the beans. I love to dance. My mom loves to dance. My grandparents, they loved to dance. And this one here, Mr. Gene Kelly. Well, it runs in the family folks.

And tonight. YES. TONIGHT. I get to see Singin’ In The Rain on the big screen. In a movie theater. For real.

What? You want to come. Then go on. See if it’s playing in a theater near you. Do it. Now. Leave my blog. Yes. I’m saying it.

Put on your dancin’ shoes, America! It’s time to get your tap on.

• • • •

Shout out to The Boston Globe for running a piece (above) on Uncle Gene on Sunday.

Boston folks: If you can’t make it to the show tonight, there’s another chance to catch Mr. Kelly larger than life tomorrow (Friday.) An American in Paris will be screening at the Boston Harbor Hotel for their Summer In the City Series (PDF).

Date Night Gets Me Every Time

This weekend the Mr. and I treated ourselves to a date night. While deciding what to do, we realized there was something we’d never done together—miniature golf. (Or “putt-putt” as we called it in the South.) After doing some research we decided to head to Middleton, MA and try our luck at Golf Country. You’ll understand why we chose this particular location momentarily.

After grabbing dinner at a nearby restaurant, we took to the greens. I was green, Mr. GMET was red. And it was game on!

There are two courses (18 holes each) at Golf Country and we chose to play the Millpond course. You can choose to play both at a discounted rate though, so you know.

It’s a lovely course that’s been updated regularly. But we weren’t there for the scenery. It was all about trying to make par.

From this shot, you probably think that we did. But we didn’t make par. We both went over. But considering this was our first game of miniature golf in at least five years, we were pretty proud of our efforts.

I won’t spill who won. Guess in the comments if you wish. I’ll tell you that par was 42. Final score was 50 to 57. Who do you think won? Oh, who cares. Let’s get to the rest of the reasons why we chose Middleton.

Hello Richardson’s. So what if there was a faint smell of manure as we played mini-golf. The golf course (and batting cages and driving range) is next to a real live dairy. A dairy where they make the most delicious ice cream in the most wondrous flavors. I had coffee with jimmies.

The Mr. had mint chocolate chip with jimmies. But those aren’t the only reasons we chose Middleton. (I know it just keeps getting better, right?)

FIREWORKS! I mean, we wanted to celebrate the 4th of July all week. Who doesn’t love independence? Who doesn’t love fireworks? Who doesn’t love ice cream? Yes, it was that good that I’m still talking about it. And I only eat ice cream like once a month, people.

The display put on by the town of Middleton was fantastic. Now, it was no 4th with the Pops on the Charles River. But that’s not what we signed up for. We were there for the mini-golf, the ice cream and a competitive romantic date night that got us out of the city.

J Hill Designs Get Me Every Time

| all product photos via jhill design |

He didn’t see it coming. No. Not the anniversary. Not that I would get him a gift. He never saw it coming that I’d buy something—anything—glorifying Boston sports teams for us. For our home. But I did.

When I laid eyes on these four Boston sports team prints from J Hill Designs, I knew I had to buy them for someone. And when I realized I had a paper anniversary coming up, I knew I had to get them for Mr. Gets Me Every Time. So I did. And right away. Like I had them sitting under my desk at work for a few weeks, right away.

The result? Mr. Gets Me Every Time loves them. And you know what? So do I! I love the colors, the patterns, the overall design sensibility. Who cares if I’m not the biggest fan of all these teams ? It just means I’ll have to get something to balance it out! (I’m good to go with the Red Sox and the Celtics. It’s just that I’m a Steelers & Penguins fan, not a Patriots nor Bruines fan at all. Maybe a Terrible Towel will look nice framed and hanging near these guys?)

If you’re not a Boston sports fan either, J Hill Designs has tons of other great illustrations of “places she’s never been” like these landmark prints. DC, San Francisco, New York… surely there’s a landmark or city for you too. You also can get personalized state prints which would make PERFECT anniversary gifts!

Last one, promise. Let Jennifer (follow her on Twitter too) design your wedding invitation suite. Her prints are gorgeous and come in so many colors. She’s got great things happening like full-service design and design/print options. Just check it out and get inspired.


PS. Jennifer will be at the Coolidge Corner Arts Festival this weekend, so if you’re in the Brookline area stop by and say hello!

The Inn At Bay Pointe Gets Me Every Time

Since we had a long weekend to celebrate our anniversary, we celebrated twice. The first dinner celebration was over the weekend, venturing out of our normal comfort zone of restaurants to The Inn At Bay Pointe in Quincy, MA. We chose The Inn because we had a Phantom Gourmet gift card and we wanted to take it somewhere we knew we’d never trek to otherwise. It had mixed reviews (3 stars) on Yelp, but we still decided it was worth the adventure.

The Inn at Bay Pointe is set back off the main road, down a narrow road and into a gravel parking lot. But once you find it, you’re greeted by a lot, and marina, full of majestic boats. (It was getting dark, but they looked majestic to me.) Inside, the decor is a little outdated, but there were these great portraits of the entire Adams family. (No, not that Addams family.)

We started with the calamari which was cooked with peppers that added a just the right amount of spice. It was fresh, hot and arrived at our table fast. Oh. Speaking of our table. Amy waited on us. And she was great. Great recommendations. Always had a full glass of water. And even though we were one of her last tables of the night, she didn’t hurry us at all.

For dinner I had the jumbo shrimp on rice. The shrimp definitely delivered on their name of jumbo and they were seasoned and sauteed to perfection. But, after the calamari and the shrimp, I didn’t get to much of the rice.

Mr. Gets Me Every Time had the chicken parm, which was big enough to split. This huge plate of chicken was accompanied by a good portion of penne. So much that the Mr. had enough left over for a nice lunch the following day. But, that didn’t stop him from ordering dessert.

He had his eye on a piece of the chocolate layer cake. And it was so good. I could only manage a few bites, but the cake was moist and the frosting was decadent. The perfect way to end the meal.

SoWa Open Market Gets Me Every Time


Hello dear friends, readers and internet wanderers. I hope you had a fabulously fabulous long weekend. The weather here in the Boston area couldn’t have been more beautiful and we took full advantage of it in our own way.

While we’re not huge “beach people” we do love spending time in the city–especially when it empties out on holiday weekends. So, we headed to SoWA Open Markets. Check the illustration above to get the idea–think food trucks, crafts, vintage, locally made treats, etc.

I took home a bottle of Alex’s Ugly Sauce. Delicious. Alex himself let us sample the hot sauce and I just had to take some home. There was original and dragon, both featuring vinegar, beets, honey, and spices. I opted for original. Alex was recounting the story of how he got started making “Ugly Sauce” and his tale went a little something like this: I worked on the sauce for years, then, when I got it right, I quite my job and hired my sister-in-law. Follow Alex on Twitter, I’m sure he’ll let you in on the details.

Alright, enough words. I’ll let the photos tell the rest of the story. Like this husband and wife art duo, whose name I somehow missed, so if you know it, tell me!! UPDATE! From Jen herself, “The husband and wife art duo is Jen and Brian Gubicza.” And you can find her store here and his store here

There’s also a SoWa Vintage market that open inside the building and is full of great finds. Jewelry, clothes, records, furniture and, what do you know, a miniature cat collection.

Also, we happened into the SoWa Artists’ Guild building to use the facilities and some of the artists were there doing what they do best, making art. If you happen to step in and go to the third floor, check down the hall for John Gonnella. Just tell him I send you when you lay your eyes on his lovely paintings.

A Busy Weekend Gets Me Every Time

It was such the busy weekend that I didn’t get around to posting until this afternoon. We got some last minute tickets to the Red Sox-Orioles game at Fenway on Friday night. It wasn’t the best game, but it was filled with lots of free baseball. We finally left the ballpark when the 13-inning game around midnight. (Sunday’s game was 17 innings! And the outfielders were pitching!)

Saturday I worked on some new stuff for my Etsy shop, but didn’t quite get around to fulfilling the promise of adding any new items, yet. (Check later this week!)

Boston Nature Center Spring Swing Logo

Saturday night Mr. Gets Me Every Time and I headed to a fundraiser at (and for the) Boston Nature Center. There was a four-piece band, a silent auction and great passed appetizers. There’s also an online auction happening for the next week or so. Check it out, lots of great items and all proceeds benefit local Boston youth and the BNC’s summer programs.

This weekend I also did some shopping at Home Goods, where I spotted those delicious Bleu Cheese Stuffed Olives at a great price ($2.99 for an average size jar.) And, while walking the other morning I spotted these “helicopters” fallen from a neighbor’s tree. When I was little my cousins, brother and I used peel back the center and put them on our noses. They were always covering the front stoop of our grandparents’ home.

Lastly, I didn’t tell y’all, but I recently won an iPad. (Yes, I know. *won* It’s a true story yet even I can hardly believe it.) Well, in honor of Caturday, I drew this little kitty picture while I was toying around with the Paper 53 app. Isn’t (s)he precious?

Do you have an iPad or iPhone? What are your favorite apps? I’m always on the hunt for the best ones to download. Just let me know.


Pod Gets Me Every Time

Pod in Brookline Village

This weekend, I stopped into Pod in Brookline Village (right outside of Boston) to do a little browsing. The shop is full of great things and I always love to shop locally when I can. Now, I wasn’t in the market for any specific, so I kept my wallet tightly guarded in my purse. If I hadn’t I may have walked away with the entire bowl of these Octopus tags (above).

And if I wasn’t leaving with a school of octopi in my pocket, surely I would have felt the need to have these linen towels for the kitchen. Yes, one in every color will be necessary.

But wait, there’s more. If I’m grabbing all those linen towels, I’ll need something to wash, and dry, of course. These hobnail glasses will work perfectly, don’t you think? I’m not sure if they’re made from recycled glass, but they certainly look like they may be. So, what’s not to love?

And, if you give a mouse new linen towels for the kitchen, she’s going to ask for new linen napkins. It’s basic science we can all get behind.

Like what you see? Well, there’s even more goodness to be had. From kitchenwares to luxury bath items and gifts for baby or new textiles for your bedroom, it’s all there and then some. You can drop into Pod Tuesday-Sunday in Brookline Village. Or, shop online any time you please. Me, I’ll take one of everything.