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Slow Sunday Links Get Me Every Time

Happy Sunday, y’all. What are you doing with your extra hour today? How about some links? Let’s do this.

this tee (above), and every other t-shirt on that site

23 cheap and fun things to do for when payday seems too far away

the other day I wrote about a little about Kahlil Gibran now here’s some more because self-righteousness is absurd

how writing and dancing are similar said best by family

and AMC is showing all three Jurassic Park movies this week so set your DVR

Top 5 Dream Jobs Get Me Every Time

The other night, I shared a photo of an old college notebook. It was an “idea book” for a class that we got graded on… not on the quality of the ideas necessarily, but on the quantity of ideas. But this post isn’t about showing off my ability to get an “A” on filling a notebook with ideas.

One thing I found in the notebook was a list, “Top 5 Dream Jobs.” This must have been a notebook from a when I was going through my John Cusack phase, watching High Fidelity in chunks in between classes and studying and partying. If you’re not familiar with the story, there are myriads of “Top 5” lists covered, the most pivotal one being “Top 5 Dream Jobs.”

Now, it’s probably not a coincidence that I just happened to finish reading the book of the same name last week. I’d been thinking about my current Top 5 Dream Jobs because of reading the book and then I got go into my past and see my former Top 5 Dream Jobs. The former top 5 looked like this:

  1. Creative Director
  2. Dance Studio Owner
  3. Typographer
  4. Screen Writer
  5. Broadway Star

Let’s skip straight to the second half of this list. Typographer? Broadway Star? I think they are definitely off the list now, some 8 years later. And screen writer, not so much. But some type of writer will always be in the Top 5 list.

So I guess that’s it. I seem to be living some version of one the Top 5 Dream Jobs I had in college.

I’ve been thinking about my new Top 5 Dream Jobs List, but I’m happy to know that I’m living out some part of my dreams. In making my new list, I think I might include some fun, never-gonna-happen-type-of-job like archeologist (Indiana Jones style),

Now it’s your turn. Top 5 Dream Jobs. There, in the comments. Do it.

October Gets Me Every Time

Morning Coffee & writingsthis is october. currently…

:: eating freezer meals

:: digging out sweaters

:: realizing i’m out of touch with what’s in (fashion-wise)

:: reading short-stories

:: missing my dancers

:: making the bed daily

:: getting into football season

:: writing just about every day

:: shredding, storing & scanning the right way

:: waiting to be a blood donor (just a few more days)

:: considering a toyidermy pop-up shop for the holidays

:: spending too much time watching reality TV

:: enjoying the seasonal change in my CSA

:: dancing around the house

:: loving fall’s rainy days

:: drinking hot tea like it’s my job (which, it is right now, kinda) and,

:: feeling all the feelings.

Slow Sunday Links Get Me Every Time

I’ve been doing lots of writing over the past week. Lots of writing about things that have happened. Things I’m thinking. Things I’m feeling. Where this blog is going. Where I’m going. Some will be easier to share than others. But for today. As we finally descend into a chilly fall here in Boston, just some links. enjoy.

How to save fresh herbs because I can never use all the herbs

Knowing the before & after sides of the internet with thanks to Beckie

Best of the best background downloads because pretty things

How to up your tea game which I’m totally down for this winter

This piece on infant loss & bereavement because statistics are people, not numbers 

Secrets of adulthood and I am ALL about #6 this fall

Talking To A Pregnant Lady Gets Me Every Time

I work in a big office. With lots of people. Great people. From all different backgrounds. At all different stages of life. Over the past 6 months or so, many of my social conversations at work have been about baby McAuley. And the things I’ve heard have been sweet, surprising and sometimes confusing. So, ladies & gents, here’s my primer on things you should and shouldn’t say to a pregnant woman. Opinions are all my own.

BabyShowersGMET2Keep Talking:
– When are you due? I know you’re going to keep asking until you don’t see me anymore. So just keep asking. It’s fine.
– Do you know what you’re having? (Well, yes a baby.) Guess boy or girl if you wish… Or not. Either way.
– You look so good. Thank you. Let’s leave it at that.
– How are you feeling? I’m glad you care, but I’m probably going to lie to you. Honestly, I feel fat and tired. But I am happy to tell you I’m doing great.
– Are you having any cravings? Some women do. Some don’t. Don’t be disgusted or disappointed.

Shut Your Face:
– Oh, you’re still here. Yes, I’m going to work until I can’t anymore. Deal with it.
– Every time I see you, you get bigger. Well, kids, that’s how it works.
– Was it planned?/Were you trying? It’s none of your business and really, why do you care?
– You really popped! Again, that’s how it works.
– You look like you’re about to pop! A balloon pops. Zits pop. What I’m about to do might be a little more involved.
– Can I touch your belly? Wait, can I touch yours?
– You look so big. Never.
– You look so small. It might seem like a compliment, but really, no one who has just gained 20 pounds or so in six months feels “small.” Besides, every body and baby is different.

Fellow moms or moms-to-be, did I leave anything out?

Slow Sunday Links Get Me Every Time

A really slow Sunday here as I’m just now getting around to sharing my links from the week. In reality. It’s anything but slow. We’ve installed a car seat, picked up our CSA and now, football. But, for halftime…

Get your snack on, speaking of football.

Reminder of what to do around the house as our minds are a little preoccupied these days. 

Uncle Gene dancing with himself brings the biggest smile to my face.

A nice reminder for my blogger friends because it’s just blogging after all. 

My friend Molly featured some Toyidermy on her blog and I’ve got a few place card holder sets left. If you’re so inclined, hit me up.


Eight Years Get Me Every Time

Skyline_BostonGMETHappy Labor Day, guys!

Here’s hoping you had a great long weekend. Today, I’m celebrating our (last) day off (as two) and along with it, eight years in (greater) Boston. Eight great, wonderful, amazing, long, short, life-changing years.

Instead of recapping my 8 years here, I thought I’d give you guys my eight reasons to love (greater) Boston. Some are quite obvious. Others, maybe it’s just me.

FreedomTrail_BostonGMET1. History: it’s everywhere. A trip down the Freedom Trail teaches you about a lot of it, but it’s all over greater Boston.

Mass_BostonGMET2. Seasons: After growing up in a place where we basically had two seasons, warm and hot, I’m in love with all of Mother Nature’s glory and the seasonal wardrobe that goes along with it.

Sports_BostonGMET3. Sports: I might not cheer for all the Boston/New England teams (You can’t take the Pittsburgh out of the girl.) but I love that we have access to professional sporting events year round. And I love the way this city gets behind a (winning) team.

Holidays_BostonGMET4. Shopping: From every major retailer to small shops like Pod and SOWA, you can really find everything you need.

MBTA_BostonGMET5. Transportation: If you live here you know we all have a love/hate relationship with the MBTA. But, live in a city where public transportation isn’t so great and you’ll appreciate even more.

6. The Burbs: I just made the jump last year, but I already/so far love living outside of the city yet so close to it at the same time.
Boats_BostonGMET7. Water, water everywhere: the above photo was taken on my lunch break. Because most places in the city you can go for a short walk and see some body of water, be in the river, the harbor, the channel, etc. Love it.

8. Eating Up: I haven’t written about every single place I’ve ever eaten (that’s a blog in itself) but you know from the all the food Instagrams and posts like Cutty’s and Jimmy’s Bar that I’m not one to turn down a good meal. And there are plenty of those to be had in the Boston area.

There are so many great reasons to love Boston and New England and I can’t wait to spend (at least) the next eight years getting to experience all of it.

Lazy Sunday Links Get Me Every Time

Succulents - Get Me Every TimeI’ve been saving these links for you guys for quite some time. I know, I’m sure you’ve been waiting. Apologies if you’ve seen them already or they’re old news.

Common cooking conversions because how much is a handful? 

How to make your own pet pop art you know I totally want to make Louise pop. 

How to make Iced Coffee better tis the season, after all. 

A simple(-ish) succulent hanging garden just lovely.

10 creative Instagram accounts to follow even though I love your selfies.

No-churn vanilla ice cream because Martha. and last weekend of “summer.” 

How to take/edit better iPhone photos who carries their real camera these days? 

A glitter resin countertop in the dining room because you so fancy, we already know.

A ninja turtle party because my nephews are obsessed. 

How to be a grown-ass woman as I think I should probably start thinking about that any day now. 

Sausage cheddar muffins will freeze nicely, I think. 


All the Podcasts Get Me Every Time

Morning Walk Daisies | Gets Me Every Time

Remember a few weeks ago when I was trying to figure out how to keep up with all the reading I want to be doing? Well, now you know all the reading includes throwing in a baby book or two, which makes it even more difficult to get to the “just for fun” reading.

Enter Podcasts. 

One of the things I’ve been trying to do the past few months is get in a daily walk. For a while walking and listening to music was fine. But a couple weeks in, I was getting bored with the same songs, same route, same, same, same.

And then I remember someone telling me they listened to the Jess Lively podcast while at the gym. So, I thought I’d give it a chance. And I liked it.

I liked it so much I had caught up on all the episodes and needed something else to listen to.

Well, this spiraled into a iTunes search, a web search and a lot of downloading podcasts to my phone.

Here’s what’s in my current playlist:

The Lively Show
Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me! (NPR)
The Solopreneur Hour
Elise Gets Crafty
After the Jump (Grace Bonney, DesignSponge)
Your Kick-Ass Life
The Accidental Creative

Oh, and the best part… these are all free. And there are hundreds and hundreds more where they came from.

Are you on the podcast bandwagon? What should I be listening to?

What’s Cooking In May Gets Me Every Time

CraftHouse52For this installment of Friday links, I’m giving you all the links that I’ve been saving to cook this May. I haven’t gotten around to all of them, but they are saved and they will happen. (fingers crossed!)

For breakfast:
Gluten-free Chocolate Cake Mix Donuts. Yes. The mix comes from a box and out comes delicious donuts. I KNOW.

CraftHouse53For starters:
Let’s make this perfect guacamole. And this black bean dip. And then let’s let the chips decide the winner.

AroundHere1613fFor friends:
If you’re coming over we can have sandwiches, like spicy pulled chicken sliders with bacon queso guacamole. OR we can have some soup, like an easy spicy chicken tortilla soup.

For a new side:
Some other time, we’ll have something like chicken or burgers and I’ll whip up this quinoa with tomato, basil and mozzarella.

All for me:
If you are coming over, don’t expect to have this thick crust gluten-free pizza. Because if I’m making that, I’m making it all for myself.

aroundhere12But for dessert:
Every good day (meal?) ends with dessert. So, let’s try these gluten-free sopapillas (not pictured) and we’ll dip them in warm chocolate.

AroundHere_Thanksgiving3OK. So, who’s ready for a dinner party? I know I am. You bring the drinks and the fun and I’ll supply the food.