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What’s Cooking In May Gets Me Every Time

CraftHouse52For this installment of Friday links, I’m giving you all the links that I’ve been saving to cook this May. I haven’t gotten around to all of them, but they are saved and they will happen. (fingers crossed!)

For breakfast:
Gluten-free Chocolate Cake Mix Donuts. Yes. The mix comes from a box and out comes delicious donuts. I KNOW.

CraftHouse53For starters:
Let’s make this perfect guacamole. And this black bean dip. And then let’s let the chips decide the winner.

AroundHere1613fFor friends:
If you’re coming over we can have sandwiches, like spicy pulled chicken sliders with bacon queso guacamole. OR we can have some soup, like an easy spicy chicken tortilla soup.

For a new side:
Some other time, we’ll have something like chicken or burgers and I’ll whip up this quinoa with tomato, basil and mozzarella.

All for me:
If you are coming over, don’t expect to have this thick crust gluten-free pizza. Because if I’m making that, I’m making it all for myself.

aroundhere12But for dessert:
Every good day (meal?) ends with dessert. So, let’s try these gluten-free sopapillas (not pictured) and we’ll dip them in warm chocolate.

AroundHere_Thanksgiving3OK. So, who’s ready for a dinner party? I know I am. You bring the drinks and the fun and I’ll supply the food.

Hoarding Links Gets Me Every Time

image via DesignSponge

I know. I’ve been offline for a while now. And my posts are few and far between. Truth is, the above statement is super important in my life right now. We just had some painting done (more on that soon) so now comes the fun part of curtains and painting and pictures and more. Here’s what has caught my eye in the last few weeks:

1 | A 1950s home makeover that’s serving as inspiration.

2 | This white pizza grilled cheese.

3 | I’m anticipating an upcoming crafty weekend and I already want to throw another craft party.

4 | This ombre wooden bead garland seems like an easy, albeit tedious, fun project. Maybe for the aforementioned craft party?

5 | Easter is gone, but I still wanted to share this grown-up Easter basket. Would make a great gift for a dear friend.

6 | Garlic and chicken and cheese and pasta. What’s not to like about this lasagna bake?

7 | Lastly, the ultimate guide to naming. Naming what? Whatever brilliant idea you’ve come up with this time.

Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick Gets Me Every Time

Remember how Louise got Perk’d? Well, a few days later yours truly came home to another package. And this time, it was for me. (Sorry, Louise.)

Rimmel1So, since I love all things colorful. And my skin and lips need all the moisture they can get right now (thanks for nothing, old man winter) this Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick arrived just in time. Now, I know I don’t share many opinions about skincare or makeup or outfits of the day or anything of the sort. And while I’ve never given it a second thought, I think I figured out why.


This lady is no good at the selfie. No good at showing off the latest hairstyle or trend (as if I even know what they are) and these photos just prove it. I puckered up and applied the new lipstick and it smoothly glided on.

Rimmel2For a night out in New York (more on that soon, promise!), this statement lip was just what I needed. And at the end of a blustery night my lips still felt nice and hydrated. No chapstick needed. While the color isn’t my go-to everyday nude, I’ll loved the way it applied and stayed on. I’ll be checking out other colors in the line-up and save this one for our next date night.

I received this product from Influenster, but all thoughts are my own. I was under no obligation to review the product, just wanted to let you guys know about a great new lipstick.

Weekend Links Get Me Every Time


This is one of my favorite corners in our house. Actually, it might currently be my favorite corner in our house. No it is. Done deal. It gets great afternoon light, perfect for a cup of hot tea on a rainy day, which, unfortunately, I hear we’ll be having this weekend. So, why not make the perfect cup of your favorite (tea or something stronger) and enjoy some weekend reading:

1 | The aggressive work ethic of highly creative people.

2 | Skinny spinach lasagna. yum.

3  | Easy Southwest Mac & Cheese, made with Greek yogurt.

4 | This DIY magnetic organization board would be perfect for so many things. (meal planning, groceries, projects, etc.)

5 | Designing your dream job. Another nice link for the creative folk.

The Friday Four Get Me Every Time

via: crushabledotcom.tumblr.com

I’m so eager to start the weekend that I’m only giving you four links to get through. TGIF in the biggest way, y’all.

1 | A quiz to see which half of your brain you use more. (I’m 53% left. What are you?)

2 | I love any idea that helps solve a gigantic problem. Like micro-housing & homelessness.

3 | Seth Rogan made a personal plea against Alzheimer’s. It’s sad it takes a celebrity to get the government to listen, but, hey, whatever it takes.

4 | Today, let’s all stop talking ourselves out of things. Motivation to try something new this weekend, perhaps?

The Friday Five Get Me Every Time


One of these things is not like the other. I mean, if you haven’t heard, there’s been a lot of snow in these parts the last couple weeks. I have to pull out the green cutting board to get any sign of spring in my life. Now usually, I leave you guys with five links from the week that I’ve been totally digging. This week, it’s more of the same but I’m giving you five of my favorite “Pins” from this week.

1 | How to make easy pleated panel curtains.
2 | I’m on a pasta kick so, how about this lasagna skillet?
3 | These matchbox birthday cards are adorable.
4 | My girl, Beckie, pinned this easy homemade salsa.
5 | And my inversion queen, Mash, shared this burning squats yoga flow.

Go ahead and Pin your hearts out all weekend long. (But you know, still get off the couch and go outside, because it’s supposed to get into the 50s, Boston!)

The Friday Five Get Me Every Time

Louise_FridayOh, Louise. I know. We’ve neglected the blog all week long. And there’s so much snow outside. And how are those Olympians hurling themselves down a mile-long ice luge at 80mph on a thin board?? At least it’s Friday. And a three-day weekend. Hang in there, kitty.

1 | Maybe one of these spicy meatball grilled cheese sandwiches would make Louise perk up. (or maybe just me?)
2 | Remember these canvases? Well, I started a new Pinterest board of abstract ideas to paint. Let me know if you have any more inspiration for me.
3 | If I start crocheting this oh-so-perfect stripy cowl now, I think I can have it finished by next winter.
4 | My high school cheer buddy shared a recipe for Buffalo Chicken Cornbread and I can’t wait to try it.
5 | Stop diminishing your creative work and what you do. There’s no reason to be sorry.

PS | shameless plug for the other blog with a week’s worth of posts for you to catch up on.


The Friday Five Get Me Every Time

[tentblogger-vimeo 67069182]

You guys. We made it. Again. TGIF, friends. Have an amazing weekend wherever it takes you!

1 | The above video, brought to my attention by my bff, Maria.
2 | Satin Hands by Mary Kay to get me through the winter.
3 | Every food blog and their brother has a Super Bowl menu roundup. But this taco one is my favorite.
4 | Get started on a huge diy valentine now, so it’s done in time for the big day.
5 | Some business card inspiration sorted by color.

BONUS, #6 | One of my favorites is back to blogging, Beckie! And me posting it here makes her accountable to all of us. Blog on, Beckie. We’re happy to have you back.

The Friday Five Get Me Every Time


Oh, what’s that winter? More snow? No worries. We got this.

1 | The weekend should include a balsamic pork roast with chili roasted potatoes and the perfect roasted veggies.
2 | In honor of yesterday National Handwriting Day, check out Kal Barteski’s script. And maybe sign up for her class?
3 | I’m crushing on all things “tribal” printed. Like this phone case.
4 | Loving these personalized mugs. Perfect for Valentine’s Day, yeah?
5 | And how about some winter cleaning with a “throw out 100 things challenge“?

Here’s hoping your weekend is filled with love and joy and happiness!

The Friday Five Get Me Every Time


Another Friday. Another list of five for you, dear friends & internet followers. Someone pinned up this quote in my office and I could help but love it.

1 | This blog of real life emojis.

2 | These paleo oreo-style cookies from Gluten-Free On A Shoestring. (Yay! Gluten free!)

3 | This Kitty Cat Valentine Cookie Jar from Target to put them in.

4 | Speaking of love, this on-stage proposal from a Peter Pan performance.

5 | And, 22 “Hard to Kill” houseplants via Decor8.

Get your 3-day weekend on, folks!