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Focus Friday Gets Me Every Time


It’s not April quite yet, but it’s time to make some new “One Little Word” goals to start out the month fresh on Monday. Spring is finally here. I guess the geese, the robins and the crocuses read my post earlier this week.

1 | Reading More, again | I had started to read on the train during my morning commute in the winter, but lately I’ve been zoning out. Here’s to more reading, again. Leave book suggestions in the comments, please!

2 | Actionable Planning | Sometimes I plan to do something (i.e. finish a craft project) but I don’t plan how or when it’s going to happen. There needs to be more of that.

3 | Dancing | My students have their performance in April and so do my mom’s students. I can’t wait to take in all the dancing this month holds. Note, I’m also open to more sporadic dancing anytime, just ask.

4 | Embracing the Season | I’m ready to jump head first into spring. I just want to make sure I’m the best me I can be when it gets here.

5 | Creating Balance | This comes in all things. Salad during the week, nachos on the weekend. Work & “play” and finding the difference between the two. Balance is forever shifting.


And, let’s not forget about March:

1 | Slowing Down | I did slow down a little bit, but not enough. I mean, can you ever slow down enough?

2 | Thoroughness | Huge fail. I did not get to finish any of projects I have started.

3 | Patience | I think I became a little more patient. It’s just a matter of counting to 10 when annoyances start to creep in. Still, it’s something to think about and work on always.

4 | Me | This was my way of saying I was going to eat better and go to the gym more in March. Hmmm, not so much, but there’s always April.

5 | Time Management | I’ve definitely gotten a better hold on this. I simply tell myself I have a certain amount of time to do something then switch off the TV, wash out my paintbrushes, stop hitting snooze when that time is up.

The B List Gets Me Every Time


My last name used to start with a “B,” so I’ve always been quite partial to the letter. Here are some things I’m loving from one of my favorite letters.

1. Business Card Holder Origami

2. Bag (yes, it’s a “diaper” bag but who cares, it’s cute!) as seen on Etsy

3. Batman Print (free shipping through 1/27) on Society 6

4. Bagel recipe (because I’ve been craving them since going gluten-free)

5. Boston (you’re my home!)

6. Bedding from West Elm

Happy Friday, friends! Do you adore any of my B picks? Or did I skip over your fave?


The Letter A Gets Me Every Time


Todays’s post is brought to you by the letter A. So, with a new year, I wanted to collect some of my favorite things and share them with you now and again. I thought, what better way to do so than work my way through the alphabet.

Every other week or so, I’ll explore the next letter, which will take us all the way to December. Some things are thing of right now, like that delicious armoire up there. Other items are all-time favorites, like the also delicious avocados.

Here’s “the A list:”

1 Accordion Calendar from Paper Source

2 Alabama Cutting Board as seen on Etsy (They have other states too!)

3 Amazing Armoire from West Elm

4 America Necklace, also from Etsy

5 Avocados!

6 Anthropologie’s Arrivals.

Do you have any all-time A faves? Anything I should add to my own A list?

A Shutterfly Insta-Book Gets Me Every Time

You guys know I’ve got a thing for Instagram. Well, I’ve. Mentioned it before anyhow. The other thing I have a thing for is printing photos instead of keeping them locked up on my phone, my computer or a myriad of social networking sites. So, here it is, my Shutterfly “instabook.”

I took some inspiration here from this blog post and took the liberty of scribbling all over the pages. At least most of the pages. Here, take a look…

It was very easy to connect my Shutterfly account to my Instagram account and upload all my photos into the book. Plus, Shutterfly is always running a sale. For instance, I just popped over there and right now, you can save 20% on photo books with the code BOOK20.

ps, I wasn’t paid for thing post or anything. I did however receive this photo book free because I have “klout.” You can sign up for Klout and get free perks too.

Catober Gets Me Every Time


• taking more pictures…

• more pictures of something other than tacos.

• being more open with you guys, dear readers.

• seeing new places.

• keeping in touch with friends.

• using the crockpot.

• & organization.

(And Louise thinks it’s also a month for more gratuitous cat photos, but really, I think we have enough of those. Louise is resolving to be nicer this October. Those are our goals. What about you?)

Easy Art Gets Me Every Time

As we saw last week, when you give a writer an art project, she’s bound to put words on it. And that’s exactly what happened again this week. This statement (If you’re not having fun, you’re not doing it right.) has become something like a mantra for me recently, so why not put it somewhere I can see it often.

I had an old canvas board sitting around and I grabbed the same vinyl letters I used on my minibook a while back. I also grabbed a couple paint brushes, paint and an x-acto knife.

I’ve seen projects on Pinterest where the whole piece was painted the same color, creating a cool monotone effect, but I wanted something more dramatic. So after the first coat of paint dried, I added another, in a nice, seafoamy, minty green.

I carefully peeled the letters off (with the x-acto blade) BEFORE the paint dried. I read that’s what you’re supposed to do when making patterns with painters’ tape, so I figured the same logic should work when applied here—and it did.

Do you think this is a good phrase to live by on the daily? Do you have one too? Let me know, or I’m sticking with “if you’re not having fun, you’re not doing it right.” Now, off to have fun.

Walls That Dance Get Me Every Time

| tap dancing class in the gymnasium |

If you’ve been following along, you know that I love dancing. It’s in my blood. What’s more, I love tap dancing. Also, in my blood. And while I love all dancing photography, illustration and the like, sometimes it’d be nice to see some more tap-inspired art.

Since I’ve shared The Ballerina Project with you, I decided to scour the internet for some tap imagery, like the photo above. It was taken by Jack Delano and it’s for sale over on Fine Art America now. Below, some more tap images to fill your walls.

| tap dancing bear |

| tap shoes |

| Girls Tap-Dancing Troupe |


| Tip Tap Dancer |

I think all of these tap prints are great ways to make your walls dance. And while a HUGE part of tap dancing is the sounds created, I still think the visual side of tap dancing is just as beautiful as any other style of dance. Don’t you agree?

A Statement Piece Gets Me Every Time

| inspiration via |

My friends know me well. Very well. Well enough to forward this DIY link to me. They probably even know me well enough to figure I would have all the supplies I need for this: sunglasses case, mini animal toy, paint, glitter, mod podge, glue, paint brush. Check, check, check, check, check and check. A no-brainer craft project… with one tiny tweak.

Here’s the thing. I’m probably not going to any derbies or polo matches soon. So, when else would I carry a glittery clutch? Nighttime is the right time. And if it’s evening, I can think of no one but this little night owl to accompany me out on the town. (Well, other than Mr. Gets Me Every Time of course. But, I didn’t think he wanted to be painted silver and superglued to anything.)

If you’ve been around the blog a while, you know that (because of the shop) I pretty much had an unlimited choice of animals to top my newest accessory with. And don’t think I didn’t experiment with some other guys. Have a look.

I was digging the preppy look of some of the red puppy, but in the end, the owl just really won me over. I mean, who doesn’t love a great hooter accessory?

I’ve got my eyes on some other inspired crafty DIY projects. Stay tuned.

Christmas in July Gets Me Every Time

Have you ever celebrated “Christmas in July?” I remember it being a silly thing we did when we were kids, but it was never a real holiday in our home. Regardless, I’ve been pinning things I might want to make or get or receive next Christmas. Well, actually, dear readers, I must confess I’ve already started shoppingbecause of thanks to discount sites like One King’s Lane & Fab.com.

Are you ready for Christmas yet? Or should I just pump the brakes until we get through summer?

1 MAKE this DIY vintage-style marquee (but with holiday jargon) | 2 RECEIVE this epiphanie! backpack/messenger camera bag | 3 GIFT this West Elm headboard to my bedroom | 4 GIFT this Target Dress in every color (to my niece) | 5/6 GIFT & RECEIVE ebooks, like What Alice Forgot (per friend recco on GoodReads) & The Chaperone (per Amazon algorithm recco)

Independence Gets Me Every Time

Just a short post to say Happy 4th y’all. Hope your day has been filled with nothing but fun and your evening is filled with the same + fireworks! And let’s not forget the true meaning of today—freedom. God bless America, and everyone who keeps it’s freedoms, liberties and citizens safe.

I am digging this quote from good ol’ Coco, aren’t you? It’s just screaming independence to me.

“The most courageous act still is to think for yourself. Aloud.” Quote by Coco. Graphic by yours truly.