Customization Gets Me Every Time


So, part of the reason I’ve been MIA is because of a big order I received through my Etsy shop. Since finishing that 500-piece order, I’ve begun to stock the shop with ready to customize business card holders. Basically, these guys are all ready to go. You just pick a color and order. Any time you see the colored border, like on the horse above, it means you can choose the color.


There are a few horses, plus some more unusual creatures. Like, for instance, this friendly squirrel, shown in metallic copper.


Or this otter, shown in metallic light gold. He’d look great in any color though, right?


Or this blue bunny—like the ice cream. So, if you choose the color shown, your animal will ship right away. But, you can customize as you please, of course. There is also one lion left! And don’t forget about that raccoon, below. Plus, more animals to come. Pigs, hippos, bulls and more. Stay tuned.


PS! You still have a little bit of time left (US friends) to order for Christmas. Check out the shop for full details!

Christmas in July Gets Me Every Time

Have you ever celebrated “Christmas in July?” I remember it being a silly thing we did when we were kids, but it was never a real holiday in our home. Regardless, I’ve been pinning things I might want to make or get or receive next Christmas. Well, actually, dear readers, I must confess I’ve already started shoppingbecause of thanks to discount sites like One King’s Lane & Fab.com.

Are you ready for Christmas yet? Or should I just pump the brakes until we get through summer?

1 MAKE this DIY vintage-style marquee (but with holiday jargon) | 2 RECEIVE this epiphanie! backpack/messenger camera bag | 3 GIFT this West Elm headboard to my bedroom | 4 GIFT this Target Dress in every color (to my niece) | 5/6 GIFT & RECEIVE ebooks, like What Alice Forgot (per friend recco on GoodReads) & The Chaperone (per Amazon algorithm recco)

Mother’s Day Gets Me Every Time


The happiest of days to all the moms out there! Here’s just a sneak peek of the gifts made for my mom and the Mr.’s too. If the weather is as great where you are as it is here, enjoy it! We’re having a little cookout and making phone calls to my long distance mom & grandma. How are you celebrating the special ladies in your life?

Valentines Get Me Every Time

The countdown is on. Valentine’s Day is three weeks from today. Now, before you go asking anyone to Be Yours, get your hearts in a row and all that jazz. Obviously there are tons of resources for great gifts, thoughtful cards and party favors if you’re going all out. One of my personal faves in The Paper Source. It’s right down the street from my place and of course, I can always order online if I can’t make it there during store hours.

| via |

Since they’ve got SO much great stuff, I decided to put together a little roundup of my top picks.

I can’t get enough of these cards. the Octopus is my #1 this year, but I wouldn’t mind if that Cutie Pie card showed up in my mailbox either. The party straws are great for anytime, but especially Valentine’s Day. The DIY treat bags remind me of candy bags from grade school. And those letterpress notes seem like a nice gesture to leave for your special someone any day of the year—you don’t need a special day to share the love!

More Valentines goodness to come. smooches!

Christmas Break Gets Me Every Time

OK, OK. So, maybe it isn’t a true “Christmas Break” but being able to work from home for a few days is definitely a plus. (Getting the laundry finished while you work is an amazing feeling!)

We celebrated our first (husband + wife) Christmas this year. It was spent with his family which meant no traveling. Fine by me! We relaxed, had great food with great company and took care of a friend’s cat too.

Here are the highlights:

| Clockwise from top left: 1. Our tree with lights & felt garland from here. 2. Brown paper packages tied up with string. 3. Reindeer jammies on our nephews. 4. A cookie for Santa & apple for Rudolph. |

We traveled to see my family for Thanksgiving, so we’ll probably just switch off next year. It was a fantastic weekend and a testament to how blessed we truly are.


Holiday Cheer Gets Me Every Time

I’m loving our Christmas Cards we printed at home this year. We’re a little late getting these in the mail, so let’s just call them our “Holiday Cards” or better yet, “New Year’s Cards.” Yeah, that works. Besides, who said you had to send a card for any particular reason?

This is just a sneak peak as some of you may be getting on in your mailbox super soon.

source via Pinterest

She & Him Gets Me Every Time

YES. The time has already come to break out the holiday cheer. So long as it’s She & Him’s latest, A Very She & Him Christmas. I heard it first on Spotify last week and have been trying to justify listening to it nonstop since. Now that we’ve had our first snowfall of the season and Halloween has come and gone, I think it’s time.

Now,get that tiny tree out of your desk drawer and put on a jolly face. She & Him is dashing into town to steal your hearts and put you in the holiday mood a little early this year.

and one more thing.
If you haven’t listened to She & Him Volume One and Volume Two, I suggest you get on that, right away.