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French Macarons Get Me Every Time

Do you ever look for signs of things to come? Say for instance, spring? I think it’s fair to say we all do. My favorite sign of spring for years has been one that comes before trees bud and crocuses come up. It happens usually before all the snow melts and before the winter boots have been put away. It’s the squawk that makes you turn your head to the sky. Geese. That familiar “V” appears in the sky and you know that we’re inching ever closer to spring as the annual migration begins.


I can say, I think we’ve almost made it, you guys. Not only are the geese getting rowdy, but here in Boston, more and more food trucks are coming out of hibernation. And this year, already, I can tell my favorite truck, a new one at that, is Cameo Macaron.

Macaron3I ordered two dozen of these guys and Cameo Macaron founder Kinesha Goldson personally delivered them for National Macaron Day. I gotta say, those colorful tasty little cookies cannot be beat. And since they’re naturally gluten free, I’m going to tell you to go get your own, buyer’s keepers.

Good news, guys. Cameo Macaron is now operating a weekly schedule. Starting today, you’ll be able to spot that pink truck around town. Check the schedule or follow on Twitter to find out where and when. And don’t forget to follow Cameo’s Instagram for some eye candy that will leave you chasing this pink truck across Boston.



Going Gluten Free Gets Me Every Time

JimmysChickenParmIf you’ve been reading along carefully the last few weeks, you probably caught this little nugget of information in my Taco Superlatives post. Or maybe you not-so-subtly learned it from this Pinterest board. But, in case you missed it, the news is out—I’ve gone gluten-free. Not because it’s a new year and I’m going all crazy healthy on you. Nope. It’s because of some tummy troubles that started last fall that I battled with no relief until giving up the glute. I’ll spare you the details of the whole ordeal, but it wasn’t comfortable, I’ll tell you that much.


After some blood work and a few doctor’s visits, I said “goodbye” to gluten and haven’t really looked back since. I just started feeling SO much better. It’s been tough adapting to some of the new tastes that go along with a gluten-free existence, but it’s been good. Plus, there are so many options to replace some of my favorite foods like mac & cheese, chocolate chip cookies and chicken parm.


For Christmas, I received a gluten-free cookbook and I cannot wait to try out some of the more complicated recipes. Our kitchen may be small, more on that soon, but our appetites are anything but. Stay tuned for all the gluten-free goodness to come.

*If you’re interested in going gluten-free for health and/or weight-loss reasons, please seek the advice of a nutritionist/dietician/doctor. I am none of these and cannot offer nutritional advice for you. My doctor and I figured out what will work for me, I encourage you to do the same! *

Chicken Parm Meatballs Get Me Every Time


Even though I haven’t been keeping you up-to-date on the ol’ blog, I have been keeping up with the Pinterest sphere as much as I can. Which is why, I bring you this very important post, telling you about a delicious spin on a classic Italian favorite–chicken parmigiana, or chicken parm as we call it. Check out these Chicken Parm Meatballs.


It’s like an inside out version of chicken parm made with ground chicken and oozing mozzarella. In Martha’s version, she deep-fries her meatballs. I baked mine and was quite happy with how they turned out. On top of a pile of spagetti, this was an easy spin on a comfort food I love.


From pin to pan, there you have it–Chicken Parm Meatballs. I made mine gluten-free using Aleia’s Gluten Free Bread Crumbs. Of course, you can use regular bread crumbs and fry as you wish.