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The Color Run Gets Me Every Time

It was the best of times, it was the messiest of times. And it was also the most colorful of times. Pictured above is the gear my friends and I needed this past weekend as we hit up The Color Run, also known as the happiest 5K on the planet.

We arrived dressed in white and sleepy to get an early start to the race. It paid off, because we were in the second wave of runners to leave the starting line. And then, the color begins. While we don’t have any mid-race pics, here’s one as the team neared the finish line.

We got some color, that’s for sure. But we weren’t quite colorful enough. So, instead of waiting for the “Finish Line Festival” we took matters colors into our own hands.

Color flew and we couldn’t be happier. Our team, The Color Oneders, started together and finished together.

And colored together.

While there were some hiccups to this event, the race itself was a lot of fun. We’re pretty sure the course wasn’t a true 5k, but we didn’t mind. When 11,000 people are able to sign up for an event, there’s bound to be a few mishaps, a lot of lines and not enough water cups ready at the finish. But, why focus on the negative? Plenty of people have done so here. (Apparently, New England Day 2 went much, much better, in terms of organization!)

As you can see, that didn’t bother us too much. Thanks Color Run for hosting the event and being open to feedback about how to make it better (loop the race course, cap the sign-up, have more buses if needed) for years to come here in New England. Until next year, keep it colorful!

PS. Thanks Hailey for The Color Run gear photo! And thanks Maggie, Hailey & Megan for the fun run!

A Statement Piece Gets Me Every Time

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My friends know me well. Very well. Well enough to forward this DIY link to me. They probably even know me well enough to figure I would have all the supplies I need for this: sunglasses case, mini animal toy, paint, glitter, mod podge, glue, paint brush. Check, check, check, check, check and check. A no-brainer craft project… with one tiny tweak.

Here’s the thing. I’m probably not going to any derbies or polo matches soon. So, when else would I carry a glittery clutch? Nighttime is the right time. And if it’s evening, I can think of no one but this little night owl to accompany me out on the town. (Well, other than Mr. Gets Me Every Time of course. But, I didn’t think he wanted to be painted silver and superglued to anything.)

If you’ve been around the blog a while, you know that (because of the shop) I pretty much had an unlimited choice of animals to top my newest accessory with. And don’t think I didn’t experiment with some other guys. Have a look.

I was digging the preppy look of some of the red puppy, but in the end, the owl just really won me over. I mean, who doesn’t love a great hooter accessory?

I’ve got my eyes on some other inspired crafty DIY projects. Stay tuned.

A Beach Day Gets Me Every Time

On Sunday, the Mr. and I were lucky enough to spend a day soaking up some sun and fun with our family. We lounged on the beach, dug in the sand with our nephews and hunted for crabs when the tide went out. All while managing to only get a little sunburnt–no small task for our Irish-blooded selves. Here’s our take on the beautiful coast of Mattapoisett.

Summer is speeding right on by. How have you been enjoying the dog days?

Texan Vows Get Me Every Time

The primary reason Mr. GMET & I ventured to Texas this past weekend was to celebrate the wedding of my fabulous college-friend, Carolyn. We’ve shared so much over the past 10 years and I was honored to be a part of her big day. She made a beautiful bride, of course, and we had terrific fun celebrating all weekend. Congratulations Carolyn & Drew!

The weekend kicked off with the rehearsal dinner featuring BBQ (when in Rome, right?) and sweet cupcakes. All the flowers and decor were of the DIY variety, including the lush bouquets. And as part of the wedding party, I must say we were all fierce, but those groomsman where the ones who were so money.

While the wedding party got started with BBQ, we started toasting our bride one night early at Mi Tierra, a 24-7 authentic Mexican restaurant decked out in holiday decoration year-round. The bright, shiny atmosphere matched that of our group, a combination of bridal party and house party.

We celebrated by hoisting traditional margaritas toward those shiny stars and celebrating Carolyn’s last few nights of Miss-dom. Everything from the food to the drinks (to the shots) were delicious and were only improved by the company and the entertainment.

That’s right. Walking musicians. Mariachi, I suppose? They were quite insistent from the moment we sat down until after we already paid $6 for a song the moment we left that they should serenade our table. After shooing them a few times we finally had them play a requested “wedding song.” And play they did.

Congrats again, Carolyn & Drew! And thanks for hosting such a lovely weekend.

A Texan Adventure Gets Me Every Time

This past weekend, Mr. Gets Me Every Time and I traveled to the great state of Texas. We were in San Antonio for the wedding of one of my dear friends, but that didn’t stop us from doing some sight-seeing of our own. (More on that wedding spectacular soon!)

Our hotel was right on the popular River Walk so it was easy to get to many great spots including The Alamo. There’s a ton of hype around this popular tourist destination, but we still enjoyed learning more about the history of Texas. We’d love to visit more of the nearby missions if we ever when we get the chance to go back.

You can’t go to Texas (or, let’s be honest, anywhere) without trying some of the local food, and so we ate. Heck, we ate, drank and were very merry. This table-side guacamole was a welcome appetizer at Boudro’s Texas Bistro on the River Walk. So, if you ever get the chance, do yourself a favor and order the guac, then watch as it’s mixed to perfection as you sip your Texas-style Bloody Mary.

Our trip to San Antonio was short and action-packed. (It was also hot.) But we loved it so. I’m thinking on our next great Texas outing, we’ll choose to go in the fall, or early Spring, or maybe winter. But for now, I’ll just say thank you Texas, for the excellent adventure.

P.S. I’m working on a memory frame for our trip. No worries, you’ll be among the first to see it!

The Great Wide Open Gets Me Every Time

| all photos courtesy The Great Wide Open |

 So, it’s like this. You see some of the same people, day in, day out, and you hardly know anything about them. Then there’s this moment when you realize your common link. That’s what happened a couple weeks ago for my coworker, Emily, and I when we both arrived at the Boston Bloggers June event.

Now, enough about our little moment. Let me tell you about Emily’s blog, The Great Wide Open. I’ll break it down for you. Emily used to be a writer but isn’t anymore and she’s searching for her life’s next passion (I think we can all relate to this.) In order to find it, Emily has opened herself up to a wealth of possibilities and is documenting them every step of the way.

Most recently, she tried her hand at bee keeping (above). She has an extended love affair happening with upholstery. She’s even concocted a home brew and bottled her own beer. Perhaps one of the most impressive is this death-defying trapeze act. (Click through to see how she got along!)

But get this, Emily is also open to suggestions. Some of the past suggestions that she’s getting leads and following through on include fly-fishing and being a pedicab driver. Rumor has it there may be some collaboration with yours truly soon too.

Go over and check out The Great Wide Open and all Emily’s adventures. If I were embarking on such a project, I think I would start with something like sailing or painting. What about you? What would you fearlessly dice head first into? What should Emily try next?

A Toyidermy Update Gets Me Every Time

As I posted earlier today, I gave two of my very close friends quirky little gifts for their birthday. And now, a gift from them to me to you–pictures of Toyidermy hanging in their homes!

Here’s the red lion posing as a hook and sporting a pair of goggles.

And here’s the yellow lion making himself at home amongst some primo wood paneling.

Thanks Patrick and John Jacob for sharing the pics of the Toyidermy!

Toyidermy Gets Me Every Time

Yes. Toyidermy. Yes. I’m making up words. It’s Wednesday. And it’s ok.

Remember when I mentioned that the front halves of my mom’s new wine stoppers would have a life of their own? Well, introducing, Toyidermy. Two of my closest friends have April birthdays and I knew they would love these little Toyidermy plaques as much as I did. (HBD Patrick & John Jacob!)

The idea for these guys came from a post that Lauren Elise did, but the link to that post (Deer Plaques DIY) seems to have gone missing. You can catch a photo of the inspiration in her Instagram roundup though.

To make these guys I decapitated my animal toys and gave them a couple coats of paint. I also painted a few wood plaques I picked up at Michael’s, each for under a buck. The toy animals were from Target and I believe they were a buck each. (Birthday boys, put away your calculators, it’s the thought that counts.)

After a few coats of paint I grabbed the hot glue gun and, as neatly as possible, added a ring of hot glue to my cut line. Then, these guys got to sit and dry.

Next, they each got a coat of clear gloss spray paint, to add a little shine, you know. At this point, I thought about adding some embellishments to the front, but I quite liked the bold, simple look of them as they were.

So, after another good day or so of setting, I hammered a picture hanger in the back and that’s about it. The most time-consuming part of this project was letting the paint dry!

I know these two gifts have found perfect homes with my friends. Hopefully, you find these guys as quirky and cute as my friends and I do!

A Thoughtful Gift Gets Me Every Time

Recently my friend, Louise (not to be confused with my cat Louise), went on a “spring break” trip to Barbados. She brought back a great tan, some great stories and some great gifts made by local artisans. I was the oh-so-lucky recipient of this hand-blown glass dish. It’s the perfect size for rings, earrings or change.

I’ve got my dish sitting in the kitchen, so I can put my rings in a safe place while cleaning, washing dishes or doing any intense cooking. I love when friends bring back gifts from exotic locations. Thanks Louise!

Epicenter Gets Me Every Time

This is a long overdue post about Epicenter located in Green River, Utah. Where is Green River, Utah you ask? Well, lucky for you, I’ve got an illustration.

This illustration and all the hand-drawn & hand-written goodness comes to me direct from the fine folks at Epicenter. Just this week I received a beautiful piece of snail mail from them and I just had to share it and all the info I could drum up about the great work they are doing in our country. The informational mailer was produced on newsprint and folded into the cutest square piece. (I really can’t get enough of the printed goods.) I’ve receive many beautiful pieces from Epicenter in the past. (Psst… they’ve got graphic design skills that are up for your grabs folks!)

Now, the reason I know so much about the Epicenter is because one of my dearest lifelong friends, Maria, started the organization with a group of her college friends. I’m lucky enough to receive printed materials from the pioneers of Epicenter quite often—holiday cards, pamphlets, postcards and the like. More on that in a moment. First, a word about Epicenter from the Epicenter themselves:

EPICENTER serves as an affordable housing and small business resource center for Green River, Utah, by acting as a Habitat for Humanity Satellite Office, USDA Rural Development Resource Center, Business Expansion and Retention Resource Center,Utah Department of Workforce Services Information Center, Cottonwoods on the Green Apartments Management Office, & creative design studio.

Now, maybe that doesn’t seem like a huge deal to you, but did you see that drawing up there? The FIRST EVER Habitat for Humanity House in Green River. They did that! Let me add some context. The average annual household income in Green River is less than $30,000. Now, the cost of living may be lower than where you live, but this number still leaves about 15% of the town’s small population under the poverty line. Epicenter is making a difference.

If you want to help my friends make a difference in our country, and possibly get some of this great mail like I do, there are a few ways you can get involved. One, as the above shows, is by making the trip to Green River yourself. If you want to be on the Frontier, go to designonthedottedline.com to learn more. Or, if you can’t do that, at least educate yourself about a part of our country you may not know about. And, if you feel so inclined, make a donation, or pick up some Rural gear from Epicenter’s ETSY:

| source |

(PS. Thanks, Maria, for all you do for your community! I’m grateful to have passionate friends like you making a difference in our country.)