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Family Genes Get Me Every Time

You guys. If you don’t know it yet. I’m going to spill the beans. I love to dance. My mom loves to dance. My grandparents, they loved to dance. And this one here, Mr. Gene Kelly. Well, it runs in the family folks.

And tonight. YES. TONIGHT. I get to see Singin’ In The Rain on the big screen. In a movie theater. For real.

What? You want to come. Then go on. See if it’s playing in a theater near you. Do it. Now. Leave my blog. Yes. I’m saying it.

Put on your dancin’ shoes, America! It’s time to get your tap on.

• • • •

Shout out to The Boston Globe for running a piece (above) on Uncle Gene on Sunday.

Boston folks: If you can’t make it to the show tonight, there’s another chance to catch Mr. Kelly larger than life tomorrow (Friday.) An American in Paris will be screening at the Boston Harbor Hotel for their Summer In the City Series (PDF).

Texan Vows Get Me Every Time

The primary reason Mr. GMET & I ventured to Texas this past weekend was to celebrate the wedding of my fabulous college-friend, Carolyn. We’ve shared so much over the past 10 years and I was honored to be a part of her big day. She made a beautiful bride, of course, and we had terrific fun celebrating all weekend. Congratulations Carolyn & Drew!

The weekend kicked off with the rehearsal dinner featuring BBQ (when in Rome, right?) and sweet cupcakes. All the flowers and decor were of the DIY variety, including the lush bouquets. And as part of the wedding party, I must say we were all fierce, but those groomsman where the ones who were so money.

While the wedding party got started with BBQ, we started toasting our bride one night early at Mi Tierra, a 24-7 authentic Mexican restaurant decked out in holiday decoration year-round. The bright, shiny atmosphere matched that of our group, a combination of bridal party and house party.

We celebrated by hoisting traditional margaritas toward those shiny stars and celebrating Carolyn’s last few nights of Miss-dom. Everything from the food to the drinks (to the shots) were delicious and were only improved by the company and the entertainment.

That’s right. Walking musicians. Mariachi, I suppose? They were quite insistent from the moment we sat down until after we already paid $6 for a song the moment we left that they should serenade our table. After shooing them a few times we finally had them play a requested “wedding song.” And play they did.

Congrats again, Carolyn & Drew! And thanks for hosting such a lovely weekend.

Mother’s Day Gets Me Every Time


The happiest of days to all the moms out there! Here’s just a sneak peek of the gifts made for my mom and the Mr.’s too. If the weather is as great where you are as it is here, enjoy it! We’re having a little cookout and making phone calls to my long distance mom & grandma. How are you celebrating the special ladies in your life?

A First Birthday Gets Me Every Time

Last weekend, during our trip to the DC area, we got the chance to celebrate my niece’s first birthday. So, even though her birthday is today (Happy Birthday Audrey!) I wanted to share the cute party my sis-in-law put together. Note the cute pink poms hanging out above.

There was lots of yummy food including a giant cupcake (Baby Audrey was NOT a fan) and deliciously-styled finger foods for us adults.

The owls were peeking through on the tablecloth and in those cute owl toppers and banner (below) from Etsy. I just couldn’t resist snapping all the details including the pretty pink bows on my niece’s presents and the one in her hair.

Lastly, her birthday banner and a cute shot of our birthday girl. The banner is from the same shop. And Baby Audrey loved the camera all weekend. She especially loved pointing at it.

Happy Birthday, Birthday Girl!

A Quick Trip Gets Me Every Time

Last weekend we headed to the Baltimore area for a quick visit with my older brother and his family. It was great to see them and the weather was pretty nice for us. We got in a trip to the park and hopped the train to DC too.

We took my oldest nephew to the National Air and Space Museum on Saturday. He like the planes and especially liked looking in the cockpit, seen above. He wasn’t necessarily crazy about the space part of the museum. But, we’re thinking he just didn’t get that people went to the moon and in those planes and crazy suits. Maybe when he’s a little older.

Since the weather was pretty nice we walked around DC before hopping back on the train. There was also a mini-birthday celebration, but I’m saving that until Monday. It’s super cute and complete with lots of owls. Do come back and check it out. Until then, have a fabulous weekend!