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A Little Game Gets Me Every Time


As promised. Here it is. A super simple DIY I gifted to my niece for Christmas. It’s a family memory game, with pictures of our family. I printed two sets of 12 3×3 inch photos then used a paper cutter, cardstock, some non-spray adhesive and colorful tape to make it all come together.


I can remember spending hours playing memory games when I was kid, so I figured this was the perfect game to personalize as a Christmas gift.


I also remember games like memory or Guess Who? being so rewarding, especially if (when) I beat my big brother or my mom.


It’s only now, with nieces and nephews, that they must have been letting me win. Amiright? Well, except for my older brother. I’m sure I beat him fair and square.

This was a fun and quick project. Aside from printing the photos, I think it only took about 1.5 episodes of The Big Bang Theory. So, not bad at all.



Giving Thanks Gets Me Every Time

We have so much to be thankful for today and everyday. More than can be expressed in words. Here’s hoping your holiday (or just another Thursday) was wonderful. And here’s a few snapshots from ours.

AroundHere_Thanksgiving8 AroundHere_Thanksgiving5 AroundHere_Thanksgiving3 AroundHere_Thanksgiving1 AroundHere_Thanksgiving4 AroundHere_Thanksgiving6 AroundHere_Thanksgiving7

From the top: our dining room starting to feel like a dining room | a beautiful centerpiece | place card holders (in the shop soon!) | gluten-free chocolate chip cookies | our chain of thankfulness | the bird | carving together & some autumnal flowers

Winter Cleaning Gets Me Every Time

Before I was married. Before I lived with David. When it was just me and the cat. Not that long ago, my mother and I made a rule for ourselves. For every piece of clothing we brought home, we had to get rid of one equal piece. Bring home a sweater, donate one. Find 4 new shirts, turn 4 old shirts into dust rags. You get it.

It was an easy enough rule to implement, especially since shopping trips only happened when I was with my mom and usually in a big way. But in the last year or so, things have started to pile up. A shirt here. A new package of socks there. A dresser drawer that now hardly closes due to the number of yoga pants stuffed in there.


So, I’m imposing a winter purge. But this time, it’s not just limited to the closet and bureau. Kitchen, we’re coming for you. “Office,” watch out. And that pile of magazines I’ve been “saving” because they have great recipes in them… there’s another home out there for you.

I plan to share what we’re purging. It’ll be like Spring Cleaning came a little early this year. Do you have a set time of year for a good purge? Or do you store it all away until a big event or move? Please, do share. And to my things and yours, parting is such sweet sorrow.

A Holiday Gets Me Every Time

Hello? Is anybody still here? Well, after a few days of radio silence over here, we’re back! Mr. Gets Me Every Time and I took a fall vacation and I can’t wait to tellshow you the details.

We visited London, Ireland and Northern Ireland during a nine-day trip. It was relaxing, rejuvenating and such a blessing. While we didn’t cross everything off our list, we did see a great deal. Photos coming soon, I promise!

A Shutterfly Insta-Book Gets Me Every Time

You guys know I’ve got a thing for Instagram. Well, I’ve. Mentioned it before anyhow. The other thing I have a thing for is printing photos instead of keeping them locked up on my phone, my computer or a myriad of social networking sites. So, here it is, my Shutterfly “instabook.”

I took some inspiration here from this blog post and took the liberty of scribbling all over the pages. At least most of the pages. Here, take a look…

It was very easy to connect my Shutterfly account to my Instagram account and upload all my photos into the book. Plus, Shutterfly is always running a sale. For instance, I just popped over there and right now, you can save 20% on photo books with the code BOOK20.

ps, I wasn’t paid for thing post or anything. I did however receive this photo book free because I have “klout.” You can sign up for Klout and get free perks too.

A Family Map Gets Me Every Time

As I mentioned yesterday, my nephew Liam was celebrating his birthday. So, to wish Liam a happy Birthday formally the way across the country, what better way than to send him the country?

I started by grabbing this free map from Mr. Printables and printing it on legal sized paper.
Then, I made the pages into stickers using a Xyron machine. And that made it easy to stick the map pieces onto a leftover piece of foam core I found in my office.

Then, I cut out the pieces to make a simple U.S. puzzle. Not 50 pieces, but enough to keep a four year old busy for a few minutes.

I also wanted to make a few flags that the kids could use to mark where there family lived. Toothpicks were perfect for this. I made small holes with a pushpin so the landmarks are easily found.

And of course, I needed a container for the toothpick flags and you can see that an old Altoids tin did the trick.

Lastly a simple brown box was the perfect carrying case for all the pieces. I added some decoration and I hope to see some color added to this box very soon.
I think homemade gifts can’t be beat. I’ve got a few others in mind, stay tuned.

Family Birthdays Get Me Every Time

| all photos via |

Isn’t it funny that out of 365 days, two of my family members’ birthdays just happen to fall on the same day? It’s true. And actually, this isn’t the only case of such coincidence.

Today, August 23, would have been the 100th birthday of the better-known relative, Uncle Gene.

More importantly though, it’s the fourth birthday of my eldest nephew, Liam. Perhaps he’ll grow up to be movies like his birthday buddy. Or maybe not. All that’s important is that he’s happy and that today, he eats a honkin’ slice of cake. (plus some for me, since we live on separate coasts)

Happy Birthday Liam, Uncle Gene and all the other August 23rd birthday people.

The other coincidence is my brother and a different nephew (from the Mr.’s side of the fam) who were both born on Thanksgiving day, twenty-some years apart.

The birthday celebration continues tomorrow. Come back to see what Liam will be unwrapping later today!

High School Gets Me Every Time

CW FROM TOP LEFT prom | cougarette camp | back-to-school | seniors | Northview/Dothan 2001

Or is it “High School Got Me Every Time”? Either way, high school happened. And this weekend, my friends and classmates are reuniting in Dothan, Alabama to remember and celebrate the whole thing. Since it’s quite the expensive hike, I can’t be there to join in the fun. So, I’ve packed up a little time capsule to remember what was happening during our senior year. (First, above, my mom had a t-shirt quilt made with all my high school shirts, but that’s  is just a sampling.)

1. George W. Bush was muttering incoherent phrases during his first term.
2. Nickelback, Ashanti & Nelly topped the charts.

| sr. year varsity cheer |

3. Our football team continued a most impressive 39-game losing streak. (Go Cougars!)
4. Lindsay Lohan & Shia LaBeouf were nobodies over on the Disney Channel.
5. Flying the friendly skies changed forever. (I was in the common area when I heard, where were you?)
6. Jennifer Anniston and Brad Pitt were still married.
7. Auburn defeated Alabama at the Iron Bowl.
8. The Power Team ripped some phonebooks in the fancy convocation center.
9. The Real World was in Chicago.
10. LiveJournal, AIM and AOL were all the rage. (a/s/l??)

 | this one is from Jr. year, but that’s me, there in the cougar costume! |

From our own bank of memories though, one of the most fond things I can think of is our dear So Fresh, So Clean Crew. And so, in tribute to them, I leave you with this. I hope the band plays it this weekend. Travel safe & have fun guys. Go Cougars!

[tentblogger-youtube aU3Rk-Z9boM]

And, just because I love ya, be sure to check out some of our other classmates’ blogs:
Celeste (Gainous) | Christen (Ridley)

If you have a blog, and I left you off, let me know and I’ll be sure to add it to the list.

A Beach Day Gets Me Every Time

On Sunday, the Mr. and I were lucky enough to spend a day soaking up some sun and fun with our family. We lounged on the beach, dug in the sand with our nephews and hunted for crabs when the tide went out. All while managing to only get a little sunburnt–no small task for our Irish-blooded selves. Here’s our take on the beautiful coast of Mattapoisett.

Summer is speeding right on by. How have you been enjoying the dog days?