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‘And We’re Back’ Gets Me Every Time

Toyidermy's New Shop

We packed, we moved, we unpacked are still unpacking. But, one of my first order of business was digging out my “Toyidermy” supplies and getting my Etsy shop relaunched. Now that I have a space—that’s not the kitchen table—to work on, I’m so excited to start sending out orders again. For those of you that saw my previous work space, you know what a huge improvement this is.

I’ve been drafting up some new product ideas and some holiday fun too. (there’s a sneak peek of one in the photo above!) Plus, I was just accepted to my first ever craft fair, here in the Boston area right around Thanksgiving. I’m excited, nervous and anxious all at the same time. Fellow crafters—let me know if you have any pointers!



A Tall Order Gets Me Every Time


Remember a few months ago when things went radio silent with no warning or mention? And then this site went down altogether and I didn’t even know it until my mom told me (thanks, Mom)? Well, this is part one of the story of the reason why.


In early October I was contacted by a PR rep from Benefit Cosmetics about making some custom business card holders. Initially, it was 250-300 in quantity. Then that number jumped to 500… Of the same animal.


Let’s be honest, all I was thinking was, “where am I going to find 500 pigs?!” But, eventually, after a few samples sent and lots of emails exchanged, we settled on a mix of 7 animals and I got to work scouring my usual sources for the supplies.


I got my order in the same night we finalized the deal. Fast forward seven days later… No shipping notice. No tracking number. No delivery. Uh-oh… Order could not be fulfilled. What?! Commence freak out. I had just lost seven days of production time.


I could go into more horror stories of how the next order came in and the animals were too small. The next one the animals were too big. And the next was also cancelled by the company. Panic mode overload.


About 8 days before my shipping deadline, I finally got all my supplies (animals) in. And it was time to start some serious production. Production everywhere. There wasn’t a flat surface in our apartment that wasn’t covered with animals.


OK, who am I kidding? I really just split this into three posts so I could show you tons of gratuitous toy photos. Come back later this week to see these guys get a nice coat of paint.

Super-Sizing Gets Me Every Time


When I last updated you on the shop, I mentioned a huge Toyidermy project. Well, that project had me searching high and low for the perfect toy animals. And that searching left me with some unique finds—like these larger than life animal “statues.” Ranging anywhere from 6 to 12 inches in both height and length, they’re huge. And I think they’re going to be a huge hit too. Check them out in the shop.

I’ve also finally got tons of new animal business card holders in the shop—hippos, coyotes, gorillas, bears and more, like animal wine stoppers. They’re ready to be customized in your favorite color. Or they’re perfect little birthday gifts for bosses, coworkers, siblings or any animal lover.

To celebrate this full shop of goods, I want to give my blog readers a little something extra. All January long, get 10% off any order. I know, I know, it’s not much. But a small Etsy shop can’t give away the (animal) farm. Simply use code GMET10JAN when you check out.

Customization Gets Me Every Time


So, part of the reason I’ve been MIA is because of a big order I received through my Etsy shop. Since finishing that 500-piece order, I’ve begun to stock the shop with ready to customize business card holders. Basically, these guys are all ready to go. You just pick a color and order. Any time you see the colored border, like on the horse above, it means you can choose the color.


There are a few horses, plus some more unusual creatures. Like, for instance, this friendly squirrel, shown in metallic copper.


Or this otter, shown in metallic light gold. He’d look great in any color though, right?


Or this blue bunny—like the ice cream. So, if you choose the color shown, your animal will ship right away. But, you can customize as you please, of course. There is also one lion left! And don’t forget about that raccoon, below. Plus, more animals to come. Pigs, hippos, bulls and more. Stay tuned.


PS! You still have a little bit of time left (US friends) to order for Christmas. Check out the shop for full details!

Getting Political Gets Me Every Time

20121024-005640.jpgElephant | Donkey

 Toyidermy doesn’t like to take sides, but sometimes, it’s just more fun. So this election season, no matter which way you lean, you can silently display your political feelings on your desks with the election collection.

20121024-005631.jpgElephant | ZebraDonkey

It’s a limited number run of a few patriotic business card holders, now available in the shop. If you’re interested, get yours soon because there really only are a few. (I made them, I know.) And, of course, no matter what your animal attraction here is, please remember to make an informed vote in two weeks!
And if you’d rather not get all political, there’s loads of other new business card holders in the shop, like this T-Rex. Tell your friends!

The Wide World of Crafting Gets Me Every Time

Not too long ago I shared the story of my coworker/friend/fellow blogger, Emily of The Great Wide Open. Well, recently, Emily stopped by the official Toyidermy workshop (aka, my apartment) to see if crafting might be her next great passion in life. Above you can see she is hard at work. But, no worries. It wasn’t all business. Now, stop reading my blog and go see what she has to say on her blog.

Thanks for stopping by, Emily!

Around Here Gets Me Every Time


Hello faithful readers. My apologies for the lack of a regular posts here lately. The Mr. and I are working on some big plans (no, not that plan, mom) so I’ve been keeping myself busy. Other than that we’re just welcoming back football season (and crockpot season), taking the cat (Louise) to her “back-to-school” check-up, and I’ve been fulfilling lots of custom orders for Toyidermy.

I’ve also been thinking about entering a craft show this winter. Do you think I could do it? Have you ever sold anything you’ve made? 

Until next time, stay busy and happy!





A Trip To SOWA Gets Me Every Time

This past weekend, Labor Day Sunday, I took another trip to Boston’s South End to check out some more of the goodness that is SOWA. My friend, Jill, and I had been planning an outing for some time and we picked the perfect Sunday to go.

We started by checking out some local artisans including Fiber & Water. Their designs were great their product value unbeatable—one print, with matte and frame for $35, or 2 for $60. Love it. They do custom orders too, so be sure to check out their burlap prints.

We spotted one of our coworkers showing off his fantastic prints at Upside Down Grin and after a quick chat we were back to hunting down some girlie things, like great jewels from Camla. Her designs were light, natural and ethereal. Definitely everyday wears.

Then, we spotted these great wool-felted bags from Sarah Kingsley Designs. In a way, they were a bit nostalgic of the woven purses I carried in middle and high school. But, the bright colors and bold combinations brought me right back to 2012.

Finally, we headed indoors where Jill and I both snagged some vintage goods at delicious prices. (more on that soon, promise) and speaking of delicious, a trip to SOWA, just wouldn’t be complete without swinging through the fresh, local food stands. This may have been my last trip of the season (a busy fall coming up), so I’m thrilled we made a point to go. There’s always new sellers to check out, so it’s a great way to start any Sunday in Boston.

Football Gets Me Every Time

I don’t know about you guys, but here at Gets Me Every Time, we are huge football fans. And, while we all have our teams of choice, as I’m sure you and yours do, we all agree this is the best season of the year. I mean, the weather turns cooler and we get football. It’s quite the deal.

And so, to celebrate this season’s kickoff (that’s NFL, all you college fans,) the shop now has some extra football flair. There’s more teams and colors (both college and professional) in the works, so request your favorite now.