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Dancing Details Get Me Every Time

I know I told you guys that my mom’s studio had a recital last weekend and yours truly was there to capture all the action. (and wrangle small children into their lines quietly, duh.) I’ve never missed one of mom’s recitals and I’m not about to start doing so now. Each and every year, the same details seem to mesmerize me. The skirts, the taps, the ringlets. Shall we?

This was the Kelly School of Dance‘s 16th recital held in Alabama. I know there are more to follow there and elsewhere, perhaps. I could go on and on, but I’ll let the photos speak for themselves! (Great job to all the dancers and their teachers!)

Tightrope Tapping Gets Me Every Time

As I mentioned last week, I may come from a long line of dancers, but I am definitely not a ballerina. I am, however, quite the tapper. And, as a matter of fact, I teach tap here in Boston. The video above is of the ladies I teach at Colleges of the Fenway Dance Project. This is the sixth semester I have taught these talented dancers and I couldn’t be more pleased. They just get better and better every semester.

(Psst! My mom has a dance studio and her recital is tomorrow! Let’s wish her luck and to all the dancers, break a leg!)

And, since this isn’t a dance blog, by any means, I thought I’d add a little DIY here. If you watch the video, you’ll notice the dancers are rocking some sweet white bow ties. And yes, they were crafted, by yours truly, out of duct tape! If you’re ready for the DIY, let’s go!

{click picture for full DIY}


A Little Duck Tape Gets Me Every Time

Time for a super simple DIY for duck tape bow ties! I made these for my group of tappers, seen here dancing. Tons of pictures to share, so let’s get to it. Grab your supplies! These are a great, inexpensive way to jazz up a costume or they would also be great for a party of little chickens.

You will need duck tape, in any color, I used white; scissors; and a safety pin. Optional supplies include permanent markers, glitter, rhinestones, and any other sort of embellishments your heart neck desires.

Step 1! Roll out a large piece of duck tape (about 8 – 12 inches, depending on the size of the person who will be wearing said bow tie) and double it back on itself.

Then, press it against itself, trying your best to line up the edges. It’s okay if it’s not perfect, you can trim off any excess on the sides later. Cut your tape off the roll and set aside.

Next, cut a small piece of duck tape. We’ll wrap this around the middle of our first piece to cinch the middle. Set this aside momentarily and go back to the big doubled over piece of tape.

Now, pinch the middle of your folded over piece of tape, making sure that the “pleats” you create are just about even on both side and are laying the same way.

While pinching the middle, take the smaller piece of tape you cut and wrap it around the middle, securing it in the back. Once you do, it should start to look a little like the picture above.

And now for a little trim. I like to round the edges of these bow ties just a little bit. Makes them seem more finished. (From the stage or for that party.) This is when I trim off any excess overlap on the edges too.

Now, flip your bow tie over, open your safety pin, and carefully thread the cap end underneath your cinching piece of tape. Doing this will make it easier to pin to a shirt. At this step, you could also thread a piece of elastic or ribbon, for a pin-free version. Or, you could make hair bows out of these and thread the back piece of a barrette through the middle piece of tape. You can stop right here and be good to go. OR, get our those embellishments now.

Maybe add some blue stripes?

Or color some red polka dots.

Or some zigging and zagging black chevron. It’s up to use. Use these at a party and let the kids all decorate their own. ‘Cause nothing says “party” like a fancy bow tie.

The Ballerina Project Gets Me Every Time

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Some of you know, and some don’t, that I come from a long line of dancers and dance teachers. A knowledge and love of dance is, has always been and will forever be part of my life. Knowing that, it shouldn’t be hard to figure why The Ballerina Project gets me every time.

While I may not be a professional ballerina myself—more on that soon—I can’t help but be mesmerized by this photo series. Taken in some of my favorite places (New York, Boston, Hawaii), they are absolutely breathtaking.

I could literally post all of the photos here, they’re gorgeous, but then, what would you have to see for yourself? Check out The Ballerina Project, then visit them on Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter to stay up-to-date with all their travels and the latest photos.

And remember, anything is possible from fifth position! (a lil ballet humor, don’t mind if I do.)