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“Curiosity Killed The Cat” Gets Me Every Time

“Curiosity killed the cat” is a phrase that almost got too close to home recently. See, Louise the Cat had a little visitor on the porch. (Check out the video for the details.) But thankfully the glass door was shut and it all ended in just some growling and hissing.

So, again, words being my thing, it got me thinking about that what the phrase “curiosity killed the cat” exactly means. Or more, where did it come from and when did it come into popularity. The internet hunt was on!

According to official internet source Wikipedia, it was first penned as “care will kill a cat” in a play from 1598, Every Man in his Humour, by Ben Jonson. From there, Shakespeare used a similar phrase in Much Ado, “What, courage man! what though care killed a cat, thou hast mettle enough in thee to kill care.”

And this early iteration of “curiosity killed the cat” was finally documented in the Brewer’s dictionary of Fable and Phrase in 1898:

Care killed the Cat.
It is said that “a cat has nine lives,” yet care would wear them all out.

But when did the modern phrase get brought into our lives? Well, no one can be quite sure, but according to written history, it seems as though it was first recorded in 1873 by James Allan Mair in A handbook of proverbs: English, Scottish, Irish, American, Shakesperean, and scriptural; and family mottoesOn page 34, the letter “I” after the phrase “Curiousity killed the cat. I.” implies that the phrase came from Ireland.

No matter where the phrase came from, to me it means to keep your curiosity under control, lest it get you in more trouble than you can handle. However, a little curiosity is a good thing, and as one retort to this popular phrase says, knowing might just make the cat, or you, OK…

Curiosity killed the cat, satisfaction brought him back.

Science Diet Gets Louise Every Time

I signed up for package delivery notifications about a year ago. Basically, when those big brown trucks are moving your boxes across the world, you get updates on where your package is and when i’ll be delivered. Imagine my surprise when I got an unexpected notice that a 13-lb package was coming my way. And it was going to be delivered a day early too. What could it be?

The anticipation was killing me so I ripped into the box as soon as I got home. Paper streamers in red, white and blue came tumbling out and I realized that this package was hardly for me. It was for Louise, from the nice folks at Science Diet.
Louise was going gluten-free, just like her mama. Doesn’t she look excited? Yeah, I know. Well, the good news is there was more to it than that. While the box did include a bag of grain free dry food and some treats too, Louise was most excited about the box, the paper and, of course the included  laser pointer. She didn’t even know what to do with herself.
But, just look at her. That’s not a face that turns down food. The food is a hit with Louise and I feel good about giving her a healthier option. Winning all around.

I was given this free product because I am a Klout Influencer. I am under no obligation to receive the sample or talk about this company. I get no additional benefits for talking about the product or company. All opinions are my own.


Here & There Gets Me Every Time

Let’s start with the “there.” Last weekend, I was in Pittsburgh, PA for a dance teacher convention. What’s that you ask? Basically it’s three days of learning dances, warmups and teaching techniques for all ages. And during the time not spent dancing, you’re pretty much eating or sleeping or talking about dancing.

Eating things like this steak salad topped with fries—they only make them like this in “the ‘Burgh.”

And sipping cocktails and mocktails all while having a few hours to catch up with my mother. We only see each other a few times a year so we try to use dance as an excuse to get together if we can. (Mom is a dance teacher too, by the way.)

And this was a most convenient meeting place because we actually never left the airport really. The hotel where the conference was held was connected to the airport. So you could see, and wave to, all the planes coming and going.

When we get to the “here,” I must start with this plant. Is it time for a bigger pot? Interwebs help, I’m not quite sure what I’m doing from this point on.

New duds coming to the shop soon, just in time for football season. But for now, you just get a sneak peek and a chance to win some toyidermy over on Cubicle57.

Of course I can’t do an around here roundup without a picture of Louise and a little project preview. More on that next week, friends.

House Plants + House Cats Get Me Every Time

So, this weekend I decided to do some greening of our tiny apartment and jump on the succulent train. I bought a few succulents from Home Depot and planted them in various vases I had lying around. Some look like they’re going to hold up better than others, but we’ll see. They’re pretty tough little guys, right?

While I was there, I also decided to pick up a greener, more traditional houseplant. I’m not sure what it is exactly, but it’s supposedly going to grow to about 18 inches. Not bad.

Now, I know you’ve probably spotted lots of great terrariums around the web. And if you have, you’ll notice that sometimes they add a little something extra to the plants, soil, rocks, etc. etc. And I had to follow suit!

I had this tiny cat leftover from a new product in my store, and I thought it was the perfect addition. Turns out I’m not the only one who things so. See what I mean?

Louise inspects everything we bring into the apartment and the plants were no exception. She’s not too interested in them, which is good. Just sniffing around. What have you been planting lately?


Happy Cat-Days Get Me Every Time

There she is. The birthday gal, Louise. Today is Louise’s fourth birthday! I know, I cannot believe it either. Four years ago my coworker was running late to work and none of us knew why. Turns out he found a wonderful litter of kittens in the alley behind his apartment. Lucky for me, he approved me as an adopter and Louise (the known as “Balloon” for her too-big-for-her-body-head) got to come home with me.

In her younger days Louise used to love jumping as high as the sky, but she’s matured and has settled down a bit. We love her all the same. I must she admit, she is a serious Momma’s girl. (Just like me, I suppose—love you mom!)

Just look at that face. She’s too cute to resist. My coworker gave two other kittens away, and kept two for his ever-expanding animal family (four cats, one dog, no problem.)

Here’s Muppet and Paco! now. I know, they’re smaller than Louise. What can I say, those boys and their metabolism. Also, do you see the striking resemblance between Paco! and Louise? Yep they’re twins! Happy Birthday guys!

Another Caturday Gets Me Every Time

Last week when the Mr. and I went to help out my mom with her recital, we also got to spend some QT with her cat, Melrose, pictured above. (Please don’t tell Louise, she may be jealous.) Well, the cute little thing just posed and posed while I clicked away, as evidenced above. She did try to make a sneaky getaway, but I caught her, pink-tongued.

She’s a very loving, affectionate cat who is spoiled with treats and has a sneeze like no other. (I think you can see this by some snot on her nose in the picture above.) She has allergies like you wouldn’t believe. Maybe she’s allergic to herself?

Caturday continued with the purchase of this very cute cat mug from Barnes & Noble—it’s got ears! I just love how when the coffee drips down the rim the mug looks like like a cat sweating. They’ve got a puppy mug too, for all the dog lovers out there.

Then, Caturday spilled over into this week when my old college pal, Liz (find her on Pinterest & Twitter) posted this great cat food label she made and then adhered to an old protein powder container. It was just the cutest thing so I insisted she send it to me too.

Want this label for yourself… err, your cat? It’s free to download. Download the PDF now. Thanks Liz! (After you download, simply print and cut on the white lines then wrap around your container of choice.)

#Caturday Gets Me Every Time

Enough about #crafturday until another day. It’s time for a little #caturday action, as inspired by Beckie over at Cubicle 57. (She had her very own #caturday last weekend.) And this past weekend, Louise and I had our own.

Look at those paws! How sweet is she?

Sometimes the click, click, click of the camera frightens Louise. To have your own #caturday any day of the week, visit Louise over at Purrspectives.

Louise Gets Me Every Time

Recently, I told you how our cat, Louise, got in on the birthday fun. Well, I thought she deserved a little more blog cred than just one tiny mention. So, since I’m not afraid of becoming the crazy blogging cat lady, here she is. Miss Louise. She gets me every, single, time.

I got Louise almost 3.5 years ago from my good friends Max & Jenn. They found 5 kittens in an alley behind their apartment and I was the lucky new mother to one Louise–then named “Balloon.”

Louise has been an integral part of lives since she came home with me one spring evening and I just wouldn’t have it any other way. I know some people simply are “cat people,” but, Mr. Gets Me Every Time and I sure are.

If you want to know even more about our little devil, follow regular Louise posts at Purrspectives.