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Greeting Cards Get Me Every Time

If you’re ready. I am. Now, I’m not talking about how sappy greeting cards get me every time. But, let’s be honest, they do. No. This greeting card project stems from those 6+ month old post-wedding to-dos I had mentioned in the past.

So, for our wedding, Mr. Gets Me Every Time and I were blessed enough to receive so many cards:

So I gathered up my supplies. The binder rings, from Staples and our cards plus a three-hole punch, a box knife & my glue gun, not pictured, and that teal box. It’s our card box from the wedding and a perfect base to the card book I made. It was just like this one from Paper-Source, only mine was teal.

Then, I lined up all my cards from smallest to biggest, height wise. I turned vertical-opening cards on their sides and added them to the pile. Then, they all got the punch. (Note, this was a great activity to do in front of a movie. My choice, Legally Blonde.) After that, while still watching Reese do her thing, I simply put the binder rings through the holes.

Next, I took to this box with a box knife. I cut the string off which left me with the sides of the box (the curved part the handle is on) and the front/back part, still connected. Then, I slit what is now the spine of my card book. I glued the pieces back together to the correct thickness, based on the number of cards we had. Then, I punched holes CAREFULLY in the back of the new book to put another three card rings  through, in order to connect the cards.

And that’s it. I left our “CARDS” sign attached to the front and our new book will live on our bookshelf next to our photo albums. Such a great way to keep them all together and be able to easily flip through them.

(Oh look, there’s that glue gun shot. Silly me.)

Valentines Get Me Every Time

The countdown is on. Valentine’s Day is three weeks from today. Now, before you go asking anyone to Be Yours, get your hearts in a row and all that jazz. Obviously there are tons of resources for great gifts, thoughtful cards and party favors if you’re going all out. One of my personal faves in The Paper Source. It’s right down the street from my place and of course, I can always order online if I can’t make it there during store hours.

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Since they’ve got SO much great stuff, I decided to put together a little roundup of my top picks.

I can’t get enough of these cards. the Octopus is my #1 this year, but I wouldn’t mind if that Cutie Pie card showed up in my mailbox either. The party straws are great for anytime, but especially Valentine’s Day. The DIY treat bags remind me of candy bags from grade school. And those letterpress notes seem like a nice gesture to leave for your special someone any day of the year—you don’t need a special day to share the love!

More Valentines goodness to come. smooches!