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Life Lately Gets Me Every Time


Well hey you guys. Look what I cooked up over the weekend. No, not another burger. A new look. What do you think? Let me know if anything looks wonky and I’ll get to fixing it. There will be some more tweaks in the coming days, so just hang with me while I get this new space all nice and comfy for ya.


A special welcome to any new faces that I met on Monday night at the Boston Bloggers meet-and-greet. I prefer to call this my “girls’ night out,” but there were actually a few fellas in the crowd at Scampo at the Liberty Hotel. Note to self, plan a special dinner here.



Emily (above) from The Great Wide Open and I are coworkers, so we went to the meet-up together. But get this, even though we work within 100 vertical yards of one another, we really only met because of our blogs. That’s the silly, crazy blogosphere for you. Be sure to check in on Emily’s blog this week… she sat down with Kenneth Jay Lane last week. I know, right?


One more item to check out. Kristyn Ulanday and Max Esposito are two BU grads who are making a name for themselves. And that name is Full Frame America. We hit up the premiere of their first documentary, The Druid City, over the weekend. It’s the story of T-town (Tuscaloosa, for all those non-Alabamians) rebuilding after a massive tornado moved through a couple years ago.


Since part of the film’s focus is about the Crimson Tide, Max & Kristyn commissioned me to make two crimson elephant business card holders for the event. They looked pretty snazzy amongst all their photos. If you want to check out the film and you’re in the Boston area, make arrangements to be at the Boston International Film Festival this April. The Druid City just got accepted.


And speaking of elephants, check out this prototype I’m making for the Etsy shop. What do you think? An elephant pencil holder. Pretty great, huh? Still working on the kinks, but I have a feeling these guys will fly off the shelves.