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Around Here Gets Me Every Time

aroundhere217_5I hope you had a lovely weekend of love, lovies! The Mr. and I celebrated with dinner in on Friday night, but lunch out on Saturday, complete with (gluten-free) chocolatey dessert. Other than that, not much to report. Getting the taxes d-o-n-e. Scheduling projects. Finishing other projects (above, can’t wait to share later this week!). Cleaning up piles of paper that seem to accumulate throughout the week. You know, the norm around these parts.

I  hear we’re getting more snow this week. And as you can tell, Louise is still not impressed. Seems she hasn’t moved much since Friday, huh? Oh, and one big shout out to Elissa over at StyleWire for such a great giveaway of Kind bars. I can’t wait to dig into these (over the next 3 months, of course.)

Oh, and shameless plus, lots of great new things in the shop, such as a couple cute ring dishes and some place card holders. Check out the thumbnails in the sidebar. –>

A Little Party Gets Me Every Time

[tentblogger-vimeo 84151920]

You were hoping this post would be about a party I threw. Or a party I went to. Weren’t you? Well folks, you should know by now that everyday life is not nearly that exciting. What is exciting is this little jazz number we did over at Colleges of The Fenway Dance Project.

If you did know everyday life is not that exciting, but you didn’t know that I teach a few dance classes, I do. Two to be exact. Tap & jazz. These were my lovely students from the fall semester. They make it possible & worth it. They are fantastic.

The video of their tap performance didn’t turn out great, but you can hear that they’re tapping together. (win!)

A Holiday Party Gets Me Every Time


There’s a big story here. It’s about this swell lady, Elizabeth, pictured above. She makes gorgeous necklaces. Also pictured above. And those necklaces need a little lookbook. So Elizabeth threw a party. And this is it.


So, a few bloggers got together to set the scene for a festive afternoon. And what’s a party without a hashtag? It was decided that it’d be #ECSHoliday. And the party was on.


There were lots of photos.


Lots of flowers.


And lots of fabulous necklaces. Which we all grabbed to get the party going.


And then we each grabbed a drink. The Blogger Bellini. Perfectly poured by Kate.


And we drank them under the prettiest garland. Expertly strung by Janee.




Elizabeth makes these great bangles too. I was half tempted to run away with this lettered one. But Fenway, the belle of the ball, probably could have caught up with me.



The necklaces were the stars of the party, but the food came in a close second.


Alaina made a delicious rosemary, bacon and white bean dip. I brought a tasty spinach and artichoke dip.


Kate share these super brie and jam pinwheel bites.


Ana brought a delightful Brazilian dish, brigadeiro. Tasting is believing.




I’ll be sharing my recipe, as seen here, next week.


Amanda brought her amazing sense of humor and this beautiful caprese salad.



And Alex whipped up these tasty peppermint whoopie pies. (As tasty as they are cute.)


The baubles were the stars though. So, don’t forget to check them out.


(Special thanks to our hosts Elizabeth & Fenway! It was wonderful sipping and socializing in your lovely home!)


A Craft Show Countdown Gets Me Every Time

2013-11-17 16.46.23

You guys, I’ve been counting down to the Dedham Junior Women’s Club Craft Show for a while now. And it’s finally here! As in, tomorrow. Saturday. So, right now, I am busy packing all these little guys up. But, if you’re not busy tomorrow and you’re in the area, or need a trip out to the ‘burbs. Swing by!

I’ll have business card holders, pencil holders, ornaments, place card holders, wine stoppers and more! The holidays are right around the corner after all. It’s from 9-3 at the Dedham Middle School.

Parting Gets Me Every Time


For just shy of three years, I called this tiny one bedroom apartment home. Two with Mr. GMET, all three with our #LouiseTheCat. Before this, I had lived in two other Brookline apartments, and I’m sad to no longer call it home. As a family, we had so many special moments in Brookline:

• went on our first date while I lived there.
• brought Louise home.
• were married at our church.
• first lived together.

Those are the big memories but there are countless others like walking home from Red Sox games (okay, we only did this once), watching the marathon fly down Beacon Street (thanks, Cate!), going to “our” breakfast spot every Sunday and begin regulars at some of our favorite restaurants.

Thanks for the memories, Brookline! You’re only a short drive away, so I’m sure we’ll be back soon.


Here & There Get Me Every Time


Well, have I been the worst blogger or what? So much has happened in the past few weeks and I’ve hardly filled you in on any of it. The first week of radio silence on the blog I was busy prepping for a show (more on that soon.) And then last week, there was so much happening in the news that I didn’t want to tear anyone’s attention (or myself) from it all.

So, to quickly recap… I’ve been making tons of custom Toyidermy orders. Enjoying the beautiful city of Boston as Spring finally makes it’s debut. Eating lots of yummy goodness from Matt Murphy’s (French Toast), our home (GF cheesecake bites) & Tatte (Nut tartes, above.) I also enjoyed the marathon from Brookline, including snapping this photo (below) of the mens’ winner. And lastly, working on some new projects to share in my Etsy shop too.


That’s it for now! A HUGE thank you to all of the friends and family who reached out to make sure we were okay last week. We were reeling with emotions from shocked to heartbroken to sad to anxious. But we were merely bystanders to all the events. Those that were seriously affected are the ones that need our concern. You can help by keeping them in your thoughts, donating to the One Fund, and by continuing to visit Boston and support our local economy. We are happy to call Boston home and we’d love to have you visit any time (just not all at once!)


Waiting For Spring Gets Me Every Time


You guys. I can’t even lie. I am over it. The snow. The puffer jacket. The boots. The everything. And it’s got me in a funk here, hence the sporadic posts. Don’t get me wrong—I love curling up under a blanket with a cup of hot tea on a cold winter’s night. But I’m ready for spring. I’m ready to get back out there and explore without starting to sweat while wearing 15 layers because you were cold but then you got warm from hopping on the T. You know the feeling? We’ve got places to go, people to see and new spring clothes to show off.


Spring. So close, yet so far. Almost, Louise. Almost.


Snow Days Get Me Every Time


So, faithful followers. It snowed. A lot. And then it snowed more. And the plows kept coming through. But my neighborhood still looked like this when I stepped outside as the last flurries fell on Saturday. Quaint, isn’t it? I could tell you all the scientific details about how much snow fell and wind speeds and all that, but, I’m not. Instead, just take a glimpse at my cute little neighborhood. All the snow. And David trying to figure out if/when we should dig the car out.snow snow3 snow4 snow7 snow6 snow8 snow9 snow10 snow11

*note, we have not dug the car out yet. don’t hate.


Charlestown at Night Gets Me Every Time

20130205-081246.jpgIf you live in Boston, or you’ve visited, you know that it’s a city of many neighborhoods. And though I’ve lived in the area for almost seven years, I fell like I have hardly glimpsed some neighborhoods—Charlestown is one of those. So the other night, David and I had dinner there and took a brisk, both cold and speedy, walk around “the town.” Some of the photos are a bit grainy, but I don’t even mind.

20130205-081252.jpgNow, if you’ve never been to Boston, the Freedom Trail is the red line of bricks that winds through the city all the way to Charlestown, giving you the opportunity to see the city and 16 historic sites along the way. It begins in Boston Common and ends here, at the Bunker Hill Monument.






charlestown6Perhaps my favorite part of our stroll was looking back on the city. When you’re in it every day, you forget what a beautiful skyline you are actually sitting in, working, being a part of it daily.


I’m excited to go back to Charlestown in the spring when it’s a little warmer. It also made me want to explore other neighborhoods. Who’s with me?

Dancin’ Days Gets Me Every Time

[tentblogger-vimeo 55371473]

You guys! I got so caught up with the holidays and work-work and Toyidermy, that I almost forgot to share these dance videos with you. Per usual, I was the tap instructor at Colleges of The Fenway Dance Project here in Boston this past semester. You can watch that tap video above. And yes, they are wearing wigs.

Plus, they added a jazz performance class and yours truly had the honor of choreographing twenty-some lovely ladies. Just watch for yourself below. It truly was a great semester. And having two Wednesday night classes gave me something to look forward to and a high to coast into the weekend with. A shout-out and thanks to all the students for their hard work and dedication to our beautiful art.

[tentblogger-vimeo 56470197]

PS. Thanks to my wonderful, amazing husband for “volunteering” to video these performances!