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The Great Wide Open Gets Me Every Time

| all photos courtesy The Great Wide Open |

 So, it’s like this. You see some of the same people, day in, day out, and you hardly know anything about them. Then there’s this moment when you realize your common link. That’s what happened a couple weeks ago for my coworker, Emily, and I when we both arrived at the Boston Bloggers June event.

Now, enough about our little moment. Let me tell you about Emily’s blog, The Great Wide Open. I’ll break it down for you. Emily used to be a writer but isn’t anymore and she’s searching for her life’s next passion (I think we can all relate to this.) In order to find it, Emily has opened herself up to a wealth of possibilities and is documenting them every step of the way.

Most recently, she tried her hand at bee keeping (above). She has an extended love affair happening with upholstery. She’s even concocted a home brew and bottled her own beer. Perhaps one of the most impressive is this death-defying trapeze act. (Click through to see how she got along!)

But get this, Emily is also open to suggestions. Some of the past suggestions that she’s getting leads and following through on include fly-fishing and being a pedicab driver. Rumor has it there may be some collaboration with yours truly soon too.

Go over and check out The Great Wide Open and all Emily’s adventures. If I were embarking on such a project, I think I would start with something like sailing or painting. What about you? What would you fearlessly dice head first into? What should Emily try next?

Definitions Gets Me Every Time

Boston Bloggers June Event @ Anthem Kitchen

I know, as a writer, words and definitions are supposed to be my thing, right? But just hear me out, and help me out, please.

Last week I went to a wonderful Blogger Meet & Greet Event at Anthem in Faneuil Hall. I met quite a few new bloggers and there are tons I didn’t meet that I hope to meet next time too! (Big thanks to Katy and Alison for hosting.) I even met one of my coworkers who blogs. There’s close to 500 of us in the office, so I’ve seen her, but didn’t know her, give me a break.

So, why do you care? Well, the first questions you’re asked at this type of event are:

What do you blog about? What’s your blog about? Bloggity-Blog wha?!

OK. So, maybe I made the last one up. But, here’s where I’m hoping you guys might chime in and help. I say I’m a personal blogger who write about all sorts of things—but that doesn’t do much in explaining what “Gets Me Every Time.”

So, let’s give Kelly’s blog a catchphrase. I’ll start with a few ideas, seeing as I’m the writer and all. Then, you guys add your own, or tell me which one you like. Or, maybe I don’t need one at all? Ready to help? OK!

– Daily Obsessions of Day-to-Day Life
– Diary of a DIY Dancer
– DIY, Dancing, Dishes & The Day-to-Day from Boston
– Dancing My Way Through Delicious, Crafty Goodness

Now, it’s your turn… there, in the comments. (pretty please?)

Four Day Weeks Get Me Every Time

*In the cookie of life, friends are the chocolate chips*

Another week come and gone. Four day weeks are always a treat because it’s like Friday comes one day early. As we in the Boston area prep for another six days of rain, we’ll be cheering on the Celtics tonight as they try to rally against the Heat. (Go Celts!)

Some links for the weekend:

I always love this blog (and this family is so cute), and today’s outfit post was so lovely.

As the above quote mentions, friends are important, just ask Beckie.

The cookie in the above actually is as big as the plate. It’s from our wedding. We ate it Tuesday night, as we celebrate our anniversary. It was actually tasty too!

This weekend will be full of crafty goodness for the shop. Check it out. What are your weekend plans?

Epicenter Gets Me Every Time

This is a long overdue post about Epicenter located in Green River, Utah. Where is Green River, Utah you ask? Well, lucky for you, I’ve got an illustration.

This illustration and all the hand-drawn & hand-written goodness comes to me direct from the fine folks at Epicenter. Just this week I received a beautiful piece of snail mail from them and I just had to share it and all the info I could drum up about the great work they are doing in our country. The informational mailer was produced on newsprint and folded into the cutest square piece. (I really can’t get enough of the printed goods.) I’ve receive many beautiful pieces from Epicenter in the past. (Psst… they’ve got graphic design skills that are up for your grabs folks!)

Now, the reason I know so much about the Epicenter is because one of my dearest lifelong friends, Maria, started the organization with a group of her college friends. I’m lucky enough to receive printed materials from the pioneers of Epicenter quite often—holiday cards, pamphlets, postcards and the like. More on that in a moment. First, a word about Epicenter from the Epicenter themselves:

EPICENTER serves as an affordable housing and small business resource center for Green River, Utah, by acting as a Habitat for Humanity Satellite Office, USDA Rural Development Resource Center, Business Expansion and Retention Resource Center,Utah Department of Workforce Services Information Center, Cottonwoods on the Green Apartments Management Office, & creative design studio.

Now, maybe that doesn’t seem like a huge deal to you, but did you see that drawing up there? The FIRST EVER Habitat for Humanity House in Green River. They did that! Let me add some context. The average annual household income in Green River is less than $30,000. Now, the cost of living may be lower than where you live, but this number still leaves about 15% of the town’s small population under the poverty line. Epicenter is making a difference.

If you want to help my friends make a difference in our country, and possibly get some of this great mail like I do, there are a few ways you can get involved. One, as the above shows, is by making the trip to Green River yourself. If you want to be on the Frontier, go to designonthedottedline.com to learn more. Or, if you can’t do that, at least educate yourself about a part of our country you may not know about. And, if you feel so inclined, make a donation, or pick up some Rural gear from Epicenter’s ETSY:

| source |

(PS. Thanks, Maria, for all you do for your community! I’m grateful to have passionate friends like you making a difference in our country.)

RSS Gets Me Every Time

It’s finally arrived—the blogroll page of Gets Me Every Time. Now, you haven’t known this, but I’ve been working on it for almost as long as I’ve been blogging, that’s about 2 months for those of you who just joined us. Anyhow. Here’s why it took me so long:

1. At any given time, I have at least 100 unread items in my RSS feed. Some days, I manage to get it to about 85, but it never seems to go any lower. Granted, I always have something to read.

2. My RSS feed is not organized! So, I’ve been taking the time to split all my favorite blogs into categories. Some fall into two categories, so I put it where I see it fitting best. (Right now, there’s recipes/cooking, friends & boston bloggers.)

3. I’m still not finished, and I just kept stalling. But, I decided to put up this version for now. I couldn’t wait. And neither should you.

I’ll be posting more soon. Until then, enjoy the blogroll, folks.

Sugar & Spice Gets Me Every Time

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You guys know I love to feature my bloggin’ buddies, and “Sugar & Spice” is no exception to that. Celeste and I started cheering together in middle school and through the miracle of the Internet, I can still follow her—and the rest of my fellow cheerleaders. I actually never knew Celeste liked to cook until I came across her blog.

And not only can this girl cook, she’s got the photography skills too. That’s right. Great food. Great photos. Great blog. If you don’t believe me, all you need to go do is check out her blog. I suggest reading up on some Halloween Treats before next October. And don’t forget to try the Chicken Pot Pie.

Oh, and one for old time’s sake. GO-BIG-GOLD!

Settling West Gets Me Every Time

This blog love entry starts with a short story:

Once upon a time, two girls moved off to college and fate made them roommates. Years later, their friendship perseveres across many states & miles. The two share a common love of celebrations, finding beauty in the everyday and all things family. The End.

Freshman year I was blessed with a wonderful roommate (and a 3-bed suite to share with her). Brigette and I have remained friends and now share a bond across the internet. You can find Brigette blogging about all things Oklahoma on Settling West.

| source |

Follow my girl Brig and get the scoop on all great things local in Oklahoma — shopping, events, football & more. You can follow her home updates, see what she’s reading, almost taste what she’s cooking and see what she’s pining for.

Start with the dining room table post. It gets me every time.

Cubicle 57 Blog Gets Me Every Time

Get ready for the first ever blog featured on this blog. It comes from a girl named Beckie, and you can find her at Cubicle57.

Now, I’ve always known that I have funny friends, but when you don’t see them or talk to them everyday, sometimes that side of their personality falls by the wayside. Then, you remember that you get to read their blog and memories trickle back to surface.

Today Beckie writes of her trip to the Apple store, or, as she calls it, “Apple Haven.”

Now, Beckie’s been looking to purchase a new laptop for a while, and for some reasons, it hasn’t happened quite yet. She says it best on her blog:

But without fail every time I had to pull the trigger I balked and bolted out the double doors like a nineteen year old at the altar.

Read the full story, and about all her other NYC adventures, on Cubicle57