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A Cool Weekend Gets Me Every Time


The weekends just seem to be flying by as summer comes to an end. (yes, I said it.) And while I wish it could last forever, there was a coolness in the air that I cannot deny loving. Here’s what I loved and learned this weekend.

1. We went back to Jimmy’s in Brookline and it’s still delicious.
2. Not having to blast the AC all weekend is a great thing.
3. The Pittsburgh Pirates have their best chance in years.
4. Going to the movies really can free your mind.
5. Nachos, like the ones in this recipe, are a must, every. single. weekend.
6. There are so many weird chemicals in the things we use daily. (I’m working on switching to (mostly) natural products for all things makeup, hair and household cleaners. Let me know if you have suggestions.)
7. It’s actually really is ok to wash the laundry and not fold it right away. Really.
8. New wool rugs shed. A LOT.
9. My girl is at it again to keep the green alive.
10. As evidenced by the photo above, I have some work to do.

Alright week, bring it.

R & R Gets Me Every Time

Every once and a while, I feel like I just need a weekend off. This past weekend was one of those. Just some time to watch some baseball. (Go Sox, and Pirates. Yes, I can have two teams.) Catch up on the DVR’s holdings. Watch the close of the Olympics. Get my craft on, which included filling some custom orders and a bigger project, complete with a trip to Home Depot. So, without any further ado, here’s to another week!

Sweeping It Under The Rug Gets Me Every Time

No, I’m not talking about pushing things aside and forgetting them. Really, I’m not the type to do so. I’m talking about literally sweeping under the rug. The Mr. And I ordered a new rug last week and it came in record time. What do you think?

We hedged our bets and went with, despite reading some negative reviews—no one can please everyone. But, we are more than happy with our gorgeous 6×9 wool rug (that we got at 75% off) that’s currently shedding as much as the cat. It’s a dark charcoal gray with a cream trellis-like pattern. And, it’s, perfect.

Sorry folks, no before picture here, it was too much to bear. And sorry for the low-quality photos. The iPhone was in full effect, demonstrating how great a 2+ year-old iPhone is at taking photos.

The rest of the weekend included lying on the new rug, crafting, cooking, fro-yo, painting, olympics, sushi and the regular weekend chores.

The Color Run Gets Me Every Time

It was the best of times, it was the messiest of times. And it was also the most colorful of times. Pictured above is the gear my friends and I needed this past weekend as we hit up The Color Run, also known as the happiest 5K on the planet.

We arrived dressed in white and sleepy to get an early start to the race. It paid off, because we were in the second wave of runners to leave the starting line. And then, the color begins. While we don’t have any mid-race pics, here’s one as the team neared the finish line.

We got some color, that’s for sure. But we weren’t quite colorful enough. So, instead of waiting for the “Finish Line Festival” we took matters colors into our own hands.

Color flew and we couldn’t be happier. Our team, The Color Oneders, started together and finished together.

And colored together.

While there were some hiccups to this event, the race itself was a lot of fun. We’re pretty sure the course wasn’t a true 5k, but we didn’t mind. When 11,000 people are able to sign up for an event, there’s bound to be a few mishaps, a lot of lines and not enough water cups ready at the finish. But, why focus on the negative? Plenty of people have done so here. (Apparently, New England Day 2 went much, much better, in terms of organization!)

As you can see, that didn’t bother us too much. Thanks Color Run for hosting the event and being open to feedback about how to make it better (loop the race course, cap the sign-up, have more buses if needed) for years to come here in New England. Until next year, keep it colorful!

PS. Thanks Hailey for The Color Run gear photo! And thanks Maggie, Hailey & Megan for the fun run!

A Beach Day Gets Me Every Time

On Sunday, the Mr. and I were lucky enough to spend a day soaking up some sun and fun with our family. We lounged on the beach, dug in the sand with our nephews and hunted for crabs when the tide went out. All while managing to only get a little sunburnt–no small task for our Irish-blooded selves. Here’s our take on the beautiful coast of Mattapoisett.

Summer is speeding right on by. How have you been enjoying the dog days?

Texan Vows Get Me Every Time

The primary reason Mr. GMET & I ventured to Texas this past weekend was to celebrate the wedding of my fabulous college-friend, Carolyn. We’ve shared so much over the past 10 years and I was honored to be a part of her big day. She made a beautiful bride, of course, and we had terrific fun celebrating all weekend. Congratulations Carolyn & Drew!

The weekend kicked off with the rehearsal dinner featuring BBQ (when in Rome, right?) and sweet cupcakes. All the flowers and decor were of the DIY variety, including the lush bouquets. And as part of the wedding party, I must say we were all fierce, but those groomsman where the ones who were so money.

While the wedding party got started with BBQ, we started toasting our bride one night early at Mi Tierra, a 24-7 authentic Mexican restaurant decked out in holiday decoration year-round. The bright, shiny atmosphere matched that of our group, a combination of bridal party and house party.

We celebrated by hoisting traditional margaritas toward those shiny stars and celebrating Carolyn’s last few nights of Miss-dom. Everything from the food to the drinks (to the shots) were delicious and were only improved by the company and the entertainment.

That’s right. Walking musicians. Mariachi, I suppose? They were quite insistent from the moment we sat down until after we already paid $6 for a song the moment we left that they should serenade our table. After shooing them a few times we finally had them play a requested “wedding song.” And play they did.

Congrats again, Carolyn & Drew! And thanks for hosting such a lovely weekend.

A Texan Adventure Gets Me Every Time

This past weekend, Mr. Gets Me Every Time and I traveled to the great state of Texas. We were in San Antonio for the wedding of one of my dear friends, but that didn’t stop us from doing some sight-seeing of our own. (More on that wedding spectacular soon!)

Our hotel was right on the popular River Walk so it was easy to get to many great spots including The Alamo. There’s a ton of hype around this popular tourist destination, but we still enjoyed learning more about the history of Texas. We’d love to visit more of the nearby missions if we ever when we get the chance to go back.

You can’t go to Texas (or, let’s be honest, anywhere) without trying some of the local food, and so we ate. Heck, we ate, drank and were very merry. This table-side guacamole was a welcome appetizer at Boudro’s Texas Bistro on the River Walk. So, if you ever get the chance, do yourself a favor and order the guac, then watch as it’s mixed to perfection as you sip your Texas-style Bloody Mary.

Our trip to San Antonio was short and action-packed. (It was also hot.) But we loved it so. I’m thinking on our next great Texas outing, we’ll choose to go in the fall, or early Spring, or maybe winter. But for now, I’ll just say thank you Texas, for the excellent adventure.

P.S. I’m working on a memory frame for our trip. No worries, you’ll be among the first to see it!

Greenway Open Market Gets Me Every Time

This Saturday, we decided to venture into downtown Boston to the Greenway Open Market. After loving SoWa, we figured this would be the next best thing on a Saturday. It was a gray, chilly day down on the water but we didn’t let that bother us. It may have bothered some of the vendors though. The site boasts 60 local artisans, but I only counted about 20. Regardless, we enjoyed those present, and some were familiar from SoWa.

One thing I must mention people–vendors, put up a great big sign that says who you are! I might not be in the market now, but come the holidays, I want to remember you. Moving right along, Wood puzzle boxes from Tico Art. All other vendors unknown.

Since we were in the area, we decided to visit these guys at the aquarium. Aren’t they the cutest? The seals were extremely active so it was hard to snap a photo, these action shots will have to do.

House Plants + House Cats Get Me Every Time

So, this weekend I decided to do some greening of our tiny apartment and jump on the succulent train. I bought a few succulents from Home Depot and planted them in various vases I had lying around. Some look like they’re going to hold up better than others, but we’ll see. They’re pretty tough little guys, right?

While I was there, I also decided to pick up a greener, more traditional houseplant. I’m not sure what it is exactly, but it’s supposedly going to grow to about 18 inches. Not bad.

Now, I know you’ve probably spotted lots of great terrariums around the web. And if you have, you’ll notice that sometimes they add a little something extra to the plants, soil, rocks, etc. etc. And I had to follow suit!

I had this tiny cat leftover from a new product in my store, and I thought it was the perfect addition. Turns out I’m not the only one who things so. See what I mean?

Louise inspects everything we bring into the apartment and the plants were no exception. She’s not too interested in them, which is good. Just sniffing around. What have you been planting lately?


SoWa Open Market Gets Me Every Time


Hello dear friends, readers and internet wanderers. I hope you had a fabulously fabulous long weekend. The weather here in the Boston area couldn’t have been more beautiful and we took full advantage of it in our own way.

While we’re not huge “beach people” we do love spending time in the city–especially when it empties out on holiday weekends. So, we headed to SoWA Open Markets. Check the illustration above to get the idea–think food trucks, crafts, vintage, locally made treats, etc.

I took home a bottle of Alex’s Ugly Sauce. Delicious. Alex himself let us sample the hot sauce and I just had to take some home. There was original and dragon, both featuring vinegar, beets, honey, and spices. I opted for original. Alex was recounting the story of how he got started making “Ugly Sauce” and his tale went a little something like this: I worked on the sauce for years, then, when I got it right, I quite my job and hired my sister-in-law. Follow Alex on Twitter, I’m sure he’ll let you in on the details.

Alright, enough words. I’ll let the photos tell the rest of the story. Like this husband and wife art duo, whose name I somehow missed, so if you know it, tell me!! UPDATE! From Jen herself, “The husband and wife art duo is Jen and Brian Gubicza.” And you can find her store here and his store here

There’s also a SoWa Vintage market that open inside the building and is full of great finds. Jewelry, clothes, records, furniture and, what do you know, a miniature cat collection.

Also, we happened into the SoWa Artists’ Guild building to use the facilities and some of the artists were there doing what they do best, making art. If you happen to step in and go to the third floor, check down the hall for John Gonnella. Just tell him I send you when you lay your eyes on his lovely paintings.