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The Internet Gets Me Every Time | November 13th Edition


1 | Sometimes we need to be reminded to “just keep swimming”. And next summer we’ll get it with Finding Dory.

2 | If you need another reason to dance, listen to Missy Elliott’s latest, “WTF.”

3 | As we’re in the season of thanks, here’s 8 uncommon ways to show your gratitude.

4 | It’s also soup season and here are a few recipes I’ve been eating up recently: Quinoa Veggie Tuscan & White Bean & Chicken Tortilla

5 | Shameless plug time. I’ve been super busy at work, and one of the things I’ve been creating is a Toast to Sinatra’s 100th Birthday (he would’ve been 100 on 12/12/15). Check it out and share a toast on Instagram.

The Internet Gets Me Every Time | October 3rd Ed.

1| Now that we’re having cool fall-like weather here in New England I want to bake all the things like:
Oatmeal Cookie Baked Oatmeal
Sour Cream & Cheddar Drop Biscuits (to make into b-fast sandos)
Gluten-Free Chocolate Pound Cake and
Gluten-Free Soft Almond Cookies.

2 | Last night, I kicked off a season of baking with these flour-free almond butter brownies last night. Highly recommended and pictured above. (they’re not paleo, but they are delicious.)

3 | I love writing, but I’m not sure I love blogging. I’m looking into exploring something from this list.

4 | Speaking of writing, Nanowrimo (National Novel Writing Month) is coming up in November and although I don’t have time, I’m intrigued by the challenge of writing a novel in a month.

5 | Right now, I’m reading a book that I’m having a hard time getting into/through. But I’m determined to finish it and when I do, I want to check out some of these books.

The Ace Hotel Gets Me Every Time


So, there are close to what, 300 hotels in New York, or something like that. And this is just about one of them. The Ace Hotel at 29th and Broadway. While the hotel lobby is more like a club than a lobby (I think that’s a NY thing, right?), the rest of the hotel has a few charming quirks. Here’s a look.

The minibar was in that “rations” box underneath the TV. Pretty cool.


And while I would recommend getting an inward-facing room due to noise, at least the street side had a nice view, huh? If you’re going street side, I’d take earplugs. #protip

Throughout the hotel there were little mantras painted on the wall that would make you smile, like this one, in the bathroom.


NYwork2The retro office touches throughout the room were charming as well, don’t you think?


And I somehow even willed myself to the hotel gym. It was small, but, again, had it’s touches that brought a smile to my face. I think that sign on the left could be used in many households throughout the nation.
NYwork5So, why was I in New York? For work. We were filming some short online videos that launched just a couple weeks ago. Make sure to check them all out on Central Perch. But for now, here’s the latest, just launched today.

It’s worth noting that all opinions expressed here are my own, not that of my company, or my client, or the hotel or the puppet master. You know. Oh. I also went to New York to play too. Check out the full story over here.

Taking Care of Busy-ness Gets Me Every Time


| Loving these succulents. A gift for a friend. The most talented couple in NYC. Anarchy + Cats? A “warm” March day. |

Hello again. Sorry for my absence, you guys. Let’s call it an extended Spring Break, shall we? In all honesty it’s just been non-stop, wall-to-wall, go-go-go around here lately. I find it’s the only way I can get through this chilly March. Since it’s been so busy, I do have lots to catch you up on. Like not one, but two quick trips to New York. Some food things. Some fun things. You know, the usual happenings around these parts.

PS. I missed you guys and I’m so glad to be back.

Around Here Gets Me Every Time

AroundHere33_13AroundHere33_1AroundHere33_14AroundHere33_12not believing it’s already March 3rd.

looking forward to turning the clocks ahead this coming weekend.

wishing we got spring break as adults.

finding reasons to pull out bright spring-colored clothes.

enjoying time with family (Feb family portrait, above.)

packing up shop orders.

trying to find a new book to get lost in. (suggestions welcome.)

itching to get some spring craft projects done.

keeping my feet warm with one sweet kitty.

loving leaving the city behind on the weekend (even though I wouldn’t change being there every week.)

planning a short weekend away.

keeping busy at work.

going screen-free before bed.

devouring homemade hummus.

That’s the first weekend of March around here. Expect a quiet week though, as I have a feeling it’ll be a busy one between work and the shop. But, if you’re missing me, I’ll be over at DKS.

Around Here Gets Me Every Time

224AroundHere1224AroundHere2If I tell you this weekend was nothing special, I’d be lying. Because, let’s face it, the weather was beautiful here in the Boston area. We’re talking warm enough to take a long walk outside without risking frostbite. Talk about a major win.

We celebrated by doing the ordinary weekend things—cooking, cleaning, sleeping in. Plus, buying a new microwave since ours bit the dust when I reheated toasted some leftover quinoa in there on Friday. But get this. We found a Visa gift card we didn’t remember having + used Sears loyalty points and walked away without dropping a dime on that new microwave. I’ve never had a better appliance buying experience.

I’m thinking that’s just the start to an excellent week. Let’s do this thing.

Around Here Gets Me Every Time


AoundHere_2AroundHere_3AroundHere_4Lots of great things from the weekend. My company had our annual holiday/new year kickoff party and it was crazy. We had circus performers, a band and everyone was dressed to impress. It was so delightful to get all dolled up and the weather was “mild” to boot.

winestoppersI’ve also updated the Etsy shop with many ready-to-ship items. Just in time for Valentine’s Day. Order by this Friday and I’ll get it to you in time for the big day. (U.S. only.) Because nothing says “I love you” like a little bit of Toyidermy.

And lastly, and maybe most importantly, I’ve launched a new blog. YES… another blog. It’s not because I don’t love this blog, because I do. It’s because I want to focus my writing and some of my creative energies on something I’ve always loved—dance. The new blog,, will feature all things dance. I actually had a “soft launch” a couple weeks ago, so go ahead and check it out now.

What does that mean for this blog? Well, it means I’ll probably be posting less here. Once or twice a week. But, let’s be honest. Sometimes that’s the regular anyway. Just don’t worry. You can’t get rid of me that easily.

Here’s to a February filled with new adventures!


Around Here Gets Me Every Time


You guys. This week will get me every time. So, just a little heads up that I’m only going to pop in once or twice this week. I’m working on little things (etsy orders).  I’m working on big things (I’ll tell you soon, promise!) And in between I’ve got a easy peasy DIY gift for a youngin’ plus an already rad-looking list in the works for Friday.

Around Here Gets Me Every Time


Welcome back, folks. Another week in the books. We were lucky to get an extra three-day weekend lumped in with the holidays so our schedules are all out of whack. Nonetheless, we had a productive weekend. We managed to play in shovel all the snow. Get our Christmas decoration put away (Happy Epiphany, y’all!) Finish up a little decor project, details soon. Get in some playtime with Louise. And yesterday, I spent all day in the kitchen. By choice, of course. I managed to cook up 8 freezer meals (which will probably make 14-16 meals for the two of us), 2 weeks worth of muffins, a big salad, half a week’s worth of lunches and dinner last night. A long but productive day. On to the next one.

A Trip To SOWA Gets Me Every Time

This past weekend, Labor Day Sunday, I took another trip to Boston’s South End to check out some more of the goodness that is SOWA. My friend, Jill, and I had been planning an outing for some time and we picked the perfect Sunday to go.

We started by checking out some local artisans including Fiber & Water. Their designs were great their product value unbeatable—one print, with matte and frame for $35, or 2 for $60. Love it. They do custom orders too, so be sure to check out their burlap prints.

We spotted one of our coworkers showing off his fantastic prints at Upside Down Grin and after a quick chat we were back to hunting down some girlie things, like great jewels from Camla. Her designs were light, natural and ethereal. Definitely everyday wears.

Then, we spotted these great wool-felted bags from Sarah Kingsley Designs. In a way, they were a bit nostalgic of the woven purses I carried in middle and high school. But, the bright colors and bold combinations brought me right back to 2012.

Finally, we headed indoors where Jill and I both snagged some vintage goods at delicious prices. (more on that soon, promise) and speaking of delicious, a trip to SOWA, just wouldn’t be complete without swinging through the fresh, local food stands. This may have been my last trip of the season (a busy fall coming up), so I’m thrilled we made a point to go. There’s always new sellers to check out, so it’s a great way to start any Sunday in Boston.