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Knobs Get Me Every Time

1 anthro 2 anthro 3 anthro 4 urban

Recently, we’ve been rehabbing an old dresser we bought off of Craigslist. And by rehabbing I mean Mr. GMET and I sanded and painted the whole thing while making a few other adjustments I’ll share soon. For a sneak peak, take a look back at our inspiration.  The dresser belonged to a young girl and was adorned with pink flower decals and butterfly knobs. Perfect for her, not so great for us. 1 & 2 house of antique hardware 3 house of antique hardware

We’re still searching for some knobspiration, so I thought I’d see if anyone had any go-to affordable sources. We need 8 knobs and, as you can see, I’ve already hit up anthro’s sale section. I also found a resource filled with antique-looking knobs, above. And, of course, I scoured Etsy a little bit, but when you need 8 knobs, vintage Etsy is hard to troll. I even thought about some knobs and pulls from IKEA, below.

1 etsy 2 ikea 3 ikea

Tell me, internets—where to next? Affordable knobs. We’re not too pick about color (as you can see above) as our room is pretty neutral. (I guess you could say we’re not “knob snobs”… sorry, had to go there.) The new furniture has a nice teal/aqua/blueish hue. Have you ever refinished any furniture? Or given a piece a pick-me-up with new hardware? Do share.


An Epiphanie Gets Me Every Time

The Gray Clover

For a while now I have been pining for (and pinning) these Epiphanie camera bags. I first spotted them somewhere on the internet and it seems they keep popping up all over the place. On Twitter, on Pinterest, on blogs—hey, stop following me Epiphanie! I know you’re gorgeous, you don’t have to rub it in!

I could continue gushing, but I’ll let the lady behind Epiphanie, Maile, take it away. From their site:

Epiphanie is glad to be a source and sigh of relief with bags that blend function with versatility. These bags are practical enough to use during a photo session but also versatile enough to bring to a ballet recital, concert, or a girls weekend out.

All the styles are great. Here are a few of my favorite picks.

1 | The Teal Clover  2 | The Mustard Lyric  3 | The NEW Fuchsia Belle  4 | The Caramel Ginger

I’m digging the Clover bag in EVERY color it is available in. But, these other styles are great too. I would totally rock that Lyric or the Ginger. Maybe I owe myself a late birthday gift? Maybe you do? Follow Epiphanie on Pinterest to see all their latest styles & pin away! (There’s tons of styles and colors to check out. Get to it!)

*PS, if you didn’t know, what I’m usually toting in my current way less attractive camera bag is my Olympus PEN E-PM1 plus an extra lens and battery. The PEN is the camera I use to take the majority of the photos you see here. However, I sometimes do hit the road with my larger Canon DSLR in tow. 

Valentines Get Me Every Time

The countdown is on. Valentine’s Day is three weeks from today. Now, before you go asking anyone to Be Yours, get your hearts in a row and all that jazz. Obviously there are tons of resources for great gifts, thoughtful cards and party favors if you’re going all out. One of my personal faves in The Paper Source. It’s right down the street from my place and of course, I can always order online if I can’t make it there during store hours.

| via |

Since they’ve got SO much great stuff, I decided to put together a little roundup of my top picks.

I can’t get enough of these cards. the Octopus is my #1 this year, but I wouldn’t mind if that Cutie Pie card showed up in my mailbox either. The party straws are great for anytime, but especially Valentine’s Day. The DIY treat bags remind me of candy bags from grade school. And those letterpress notes seem like a nice gesture to leave for your special someone any day of the year—you don’t need a special day to share the love!

More Valentines goodness to come. smooches!

Couch Potatoes Get Me Every Time

OK. I know. I know. You’re supposed to put the “before” photo first and the “after”. But, once you see this “before” shot, you’ll understand why I didn’t want it at the top of this post. If you just tuned in, don’t miss more couch fun here. (*Note, the photo below is not for the squeamish.)

UGH! I know. The color, the droopy cover. Everything. Just everything. Let’s move on, shall we?

Cue some closeups!

Hello gorgeous.

Yes. The couch came with the pillows it was shown with on the floor model at Jordan’s. No worries. All that pillow talk wasn’t for nothing. We’re still investigating those pops of color we’ve been pining for. Stay tuned!


Pillow Talk Gets Me Every Time

Three Pillow Pickschalkboard | plush | chevron

Once we have a new couch in place, it’ll be time to add some colored accents. Aside from our old couch futon, everything in our “all-purpose” room is neutral. Black furniture, some white and silver accents and the incoming gray couch.

We think the obvious place to begin is with a few throw pillows. Since we can go with any color, it seems like we have endless options. We’ve narrowed it down to a few inspiration pillows above. I think we could mix and match all of them. (OK, maybe just two of them.) Here’s the breakdown:

  1. The Chalkboard Pillow Cover from West Elm is still pretty neutral, so, do we really want to go there? COST: on sale for $19.99. + price of insert, $7 from IKEA.
  2. Soft and colorful, the Plush Pillow from Pier 1 comes in a variety of colors. Looks like a solid choice. COST: on sale for $15.96.
  3. Patterns will really spice things up around here. This Chevron Pillow Cover comes from an Esty seller, which we love. COST: $40 for 2 + price of inserts ($14)

How to decide?! I think we’ll wait and get the couch in here and then maybe I’ll do some fancy photoshopping to see which will look best in our space. Don’t worry, you’ll be among the first to know.


Couch Surfing Gets Me Every Time

Nope. We’re not traveling to a city near you, looking for a couch to crash on. Quite the opposite actually. We’re looking for a new couch.

We had a few criteria:

  1. Priced right / made well. We want to pay a fair price for good craftsmanship.
  2. Cat-friendly. We figure if the couch is the same color as our cat, and it’s micro-fiber material, we’ll be better off.
  3. Style. We need it to fit BOTH of our styles. Not just one or the other.
  4. Comfort. The biggest deal-breaker of them all. If it’s not comfortable to sit on, what’s the point?

So, we started looking around for some inspiration:

Sofa InspirationCW from top left: 1 . 2 . 3 . 4 |

As you can see we had a bit of a theme going on. In the top row we have two different Ikea sofas, one has been slipcovered, the other has quick an impressive hack. The bottom row, we take it to West Elm and Macy’s for some inspiration.

Since we wanted to try out whatever we were going to live with, we drove to one of the more popular New England furniture retailers, Jordan’s, to try some out. It was a successful trip, and we’re close to making a decision.

We’ll keep you updated.