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The Internet Gets Me Every Time | Jan. 15th Ed.



Made it through the second full week of 2016? Me too. No PowerBall win to report, so how about some links instead? Happy weekend!

More about the artist (and her family’s heart-wrenching story) of the book above.

A podcast featuring so-hot-right-now MaryAnne Moody.

Will blogs survive 2016?

This workout for the road.

Why Garlic bread is the best carrier for a meatball sandwich.

This lovely Ikea collection.

One healthy Mexican slaw.

One cheesy cauli-tot.

And some raw chocolate chip cookies.

A year of journaling prompts.

About making a list of 100 dreams.

The Internet Gets Me Every Time | Dec. 4th Ed.


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The world is a crazy, scary place that we shouldn’t ignore, but when it gets so bad, I try to bury myself in good things.

1 | The 50 (new) healthiest foods
2 | Trending: Gifts in a jar that are super cute and easy to put together
3 | Your adult siblings may be the secret to a long healthy life
4 | Pantone announced it’s colors of the year and they’re soft and dreamy
5 | A gift guide for the DIYer as told by my girl, Prim & Propah

Hold your loved ones close this holiday season, friends.

The Internet Gets Me Every Time | July 17th Ed.

1 | That above video. Warning there are some choice lyrics so if you’re sensitive to that you might not want to watch. And if you work in a real office (read: not ad agency) you might want to grab the ol’ headphones.

2 | Speaking of being at the office… A 32-hour workweek? That sounds idyllic.

3 | I tweeted this link earlier this week, but here’s a few pointers for approaching grieving friends that’s worth mentioning again.

4 | Dear all my favorite readers (that’s you), I entered this giveaway and if I win, I’ll take 3 of you. You should enter too. (and take me, obvs.)

5 | I love Gretchin Rubin’s “Secrets of Adulthood.” This one is no exception and I plan on doing it this weekend. Are you in?

6 | “Fear can be a motivator…” and other insights on backsliding in work and life. (For entrepreneurs, but really for life.)

The Internet Gets Me Every Time | July 10th Ed.

What’s up internet. Yes. I’m back to “Blank Gets Me Every Time.” You know why? It’s easier. It makes it easier for me to write. Makes it even easier to think of post titles. It’s less pressure. It seems more frivolous to me to write with this standard approach and that I’m fine with. Lots of bloggers use their blogging because their passionate about writing and they want more of it in their lives. I’m passionate enough about writing that it’s what I do all day, so the writing here, it’s just enough to let out whatever’s bouncing around in my head without a client name attached to the end.

Today, just a quick look at some links I’m digging that I hope you’ll dig too.

• A look at why you may be aging faster than your same-aged friends. And what to do about it? Sign me up. (Yeah, yeah. It’s partially genetics, but not completely.)

• This ball pit art installation looks pretty cool. It also looks like a huge germ pit. But a really cool-looking germ pit nonetheless.

• My Kindle broke last weekend (it’s a Kindle 3 frozen on the “Recovery Mode” screen), so fingers crossed Prime Day serves up a nice Kindle deal.

• Speaking of writing (above), some people think they have “no time” to write. Here’s five ideas to help you out if you’re one of those some people.

• And one longer read for the weekend that is finally within reach. The secrets of the creative brain and how it relates to genius, high IQ and mental illness.

Read about work this weekend (trust me) [5.2]

ConanQuote.001I recently had someone who was a couple years into his career ask me a question we all ponder at one point or another during our careers. He wanted to know how he could get to the next level. I most likely gave a roundabout answer that listed a ton of ambiguous tiny actions, but I remember opening with and underscoring this internet-famous quote from Conan.

It’s common sense advice, but sometimes it’s the reminder that we all need. I think about the people I enjoy working with/for most. They are all kind. And they all work their asses off for the better of the team.

So, while I know it’s the weekend and we don’t want to think of work, here are a few articles I came across this week that I thought were worth sharing.


The cubicle celebrated 50 (un)glorious years this week. Let’s take a look back, shall we?

Plan the weekend on Wednesday, and other great ways to use your calendar and email reminders to better your life.

Step away from the desk. How walking two minutes an hour can better your health.

AND… even more reasons why you should be literally standing up for yourself at the office.

And if you’ve heard enough about work for one week, here’s a read about how to quit your job and travel.  (It can be done, see how my friend Joslin managed it.)

Creative Reads for Your Weekend [4.11]


I can really relate to Miles on this one. (yes, first name basis, what of it?) Every morning I find myself thinking about my creative endeavors — about a project for work or a dance routine or some passion project I’ve got in the back of my head. It’s just part of who I am. Being that, I’m always looking for little ways to be more creative, or wrangle my all too jumbled creative thoughts. Here’s a few creative reads that caught my eye this week.

“Time moves in one direction only,” she continued, “and that would be forward. To go back is very uncomfortable for me. Memory begins to enter the picture. It screws up my clock.” – Twyla Tharp
Twyla Tharp’s 50 years of forward movement via New York Times

“Creating consumes. It is all day, every day. It knows neither weekends nor vacations. It is not when we feel like it. It is habit, compulsion, obsession, vocation.”
(How and why) Creative people say “no.” via Medium

“if you have to interrupt your flow of work whenever you need to look something up, you can’t follow ideas to new places.”
Train yourself to be more creative via FastCo

“…most of the great work any of us do depends on the sparks of insight and creativity that come when we’re not actively focusing on a particular task or trying to solve a problem.”
Simple ways to make creative thinking a daily habit also via FastCo

Weekend Links [1.18.15]

graphic via

A few links for your Sunday, all about what people say you should be writing, reading, telling and loving. Enjoy your day, friends.

What famous writers say about keeping a journal and maybe reasons for you to get journaling.

What the phasing out of the printed manual says about us just google it, ok?

What the experts say makes great storytelling with tips for how you can tell a great story.

What to read as chosen by TED speakers just add these to your reading list.

And how science says you can fall in love. And the 36 questions to get you there.

Slow Sunday Links [1.11.15]

[tentblogger-youtube KWZGAExj-es]

Maddie is back in another Sia video (above), this time with Shia LaBeouf, and it’s a little odd. (One current child star with one former one… how do we think this story will end?)

Hot words for 2015 to get you through these cold days.

Soon enough the winter salt will make our cars dirty enough for car art.

Instead of making resolutions, many people are into picking one little word. Find out more here, here and here.

These paleo chocolate chip scones have too many ambitious ingredients for my pantry, but if someone decides to whip up a batch, let me know.

Kickstarting 2015 with the Vym Kickstarter

VYM Kickstarter for VYM, The Drag Magazine

When I was in college, I had one of the best jobs on campus as a campus newspaper writer and editor. I learned a lot about writing, the politics of journalism and the printing process. With journalistic aspirations fueling semester after semester of full credit loads, I happily, and all too easily, spent most of my hard-earned paycheck on magazines. I would peruse the periodical racks at the book store every other week for independent magazines about art, life, culture, design and more.

My love of printed periodicals hasn’t subsided and that’s why I’m so excited to share the VYM Magazine Kickstarter Campaign with you. What’s VYM? It’s the drag magazine conceived by Brooklyn-based artists (and couple) John Jacob Lee & Sasha Steinberg, aka Johnny & Sasha Velour.

As more and more printed works go out-of-print, it’s wonderful to see that there is still a place for new publications in the world. VYM features articles, comics, photo essays and more that all explore the questions, “what exactly is drag?”, “what makes good drag?” and “why should we care?”

“The magazine is designed for readers of all backgrounds—from fans of drag to professional performers; from university professors to curious grandparents.”

If you’re new to the whole Kickstarter idea, here’s a quick breakdown.
1. Organizations, artists and others set up a web page to help fund their next big idea.
2. People like you and I donate small amounts to help them reach their goal.
3. We all get rewarded. Artists get the funding they need and supporters receive incentives based on their donations.
4. #3 only happens if they meet or exceed their funding goal.

With the money raised from the VYM Kickstarter, John and Sasha plan to print their first issue. Then the money from the sales of Issue 1 will fund the printing of Issue 2. (And so on.) If you’re ready to see even more, go ahead and follow the boys on facebook, tumblrtwitter, and instagram for regular updates.

But, of course, most importantly, donate a few bucks to VYM to help make this work of art come to printed life. Rewards start at $5 and go up to $1,000+ with incentives ranging from digital copies to drag lip-sync cover videos to the ultimate “VYM FEATURE” were the magazine’s creators will come to your house and give you a drag makeover that will be documented for a future issue.

There are 10 days left in the campaign, so go now and make your fiercest Kickstarter donation to date.