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Starting An Idea List Gets Me Every Time

12353394_1516436431989091_1305896528_nWhat’s the different between an idea and a goal? I ask myself this all too often. Do I *need* to accomplish all the ideas that I have? Do I have goals set that I actually want to achieve? Do I need them?

I’m not sure I have the answers to those bigger questions, but I do have one idea that helps me sort them all out. Actually, it’s because I have many ideas that they even need sorting.

I started an idea list. I know. Nothing ground-breaking here. It’s a notebook in my Evernote app and when I have an idea, I put it in there. So, when a concept for a book pops into my head, into the idea list it goes. Or if I think of a party/activity I want to be a part of, into the idea list it goes. And when I think of the perfect gift idea for that person who’s so hard to buy for, into the idea list it goes for safe keeping.

Recently, the things that have gone into my idea list are book concepts, dreamt-up websites I think would be useful and photos I’d like to take. Now, I know I won’t get around to all of them, but I hope that the ones that are still good ideas in a month or a year or whenever do get some of my attention.

There’s no goals and no pressures around the idea list. Just me and my ideas that I’m not quite ready to bring to fruition or bounce off anyone. The hardest part for me is trying not to bring them all to life.

I want to know, how do you keep your ideas safe and how do you know which ones to chase after?

The Happiness Contagion Gets Me Every Time

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There’s this quote from John Cusack’s character, Lloyd, from the hit 80s film, Say Anything,

Get in a good mood. How hard is it to decide to be in a good mood and be in a good mood?

Happiness. It’s contagious you guys. This isn’t new, groundbreaking information. Think of how you feel when you’re smiling and someone smiles back at you. And how you end up feeling when you’re not smiling until you look at someone who is smiling. That. That feeling of happiness that comes out of nowhere and gets all up in your business.

So, “the happiness contagion” is actually something that I think about often while around others, say, in the office. You can either be the guy who’s usually a little grumpy, or you can be the person who when asked how your day is going, you simply respond, “best damn day of my life.” Because why not? You’re here. You’re alive. You’re employed.

Now, that grumpy person. Imagine they come bouncing into the office today in a good mood. You’d be surprised, right? But think of how that might affect your mood. It would probably make you happy. Or happier, if you were already drinking the sunshine-flavored Kool-Aid this morning.

In a world with so much bad—seriously, just turn on the news—it’s so much better to just choose happy. And if you think you can’t find anything to be happy about, hello, that’s what the internet is for. For instance, Real Life Emojis, seen above. Or baby animals. Or free overnight shipping on almost anything from any website ever… because that’s a thing these days, people.

No one can force you to be happy. Not me, not the baby animals and certainly not the robots that make shipping automation happen. But for today, and well, for any day, really, I’m going to ask you to get in a good mood. This is my way, today, of spreading the happiness through the written word. How else can we spread happiness today?


Slow Sunday Links Get Me Every Time

Let's Talk about Creative Habits

I recently attended a Boston Bloggers event that was all about authenticity and creativity and the holidays and so much more. It left me thinking about how I define and refine my own creativity. Sometimes it’s in the form of a scarf (above). Other times it’s in what I’m writing. No matter what it is, I think it’s important to define or break habits that help build or destroy creativity. Here’s some links to back up what I’m feeling this week.

Habits for creativity, but to summarize, it’s whatever works best for YOU

Have you read The Creative Habit yet? I recommend it

How being creative is a choice, I can totally buy into this

“Bad” habits that might be good for productivity and creativity. If it’s wrong, I don’t want to be right

How to make Creative Magicor how to cast a spell using your creativity (a great read for all those creative entrepreneurs out there.)

Now I want to know how you get more creative… give me your must-reads on creativity and creative habits.

All the Podcasts Get Me Every Time

Morning Walk Daisies | Gets Me Every Time

Remember a few weeks ago when I was trying to figure out how to keep up with all the reading I want to be doing? Well, now you know all the reading includes throwing in a baby book or two, which makes it even more difficult to get to the “just for fun” reading.

Enter Podcasts. 

One of the things I’ve been trying to do the past few months is get in a daily walk. For a while walking and listening to music was fine. But a couple weeks in, I was getting bored with the same songs, same route, same, same, same.

And then I remember someone telling me they listened to the Jess Lively podcast while at the gym. So, I thought I’d give it a chance. And I liked it.

I liked it so much I had caught up on all the episodes and needed something else to listen to.

Well, this spiraled into a iTunes search, a web search and a lot of downloading podcasts to my phone.

Here’s what’s in my current playlist:

The Lively Show
Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me! (NPR)
The Solopreneur Hour
Elise Gets Crafty
After the Jump (Grace Bonney, DesignSponge)
Your Kick-Ass Life
The Accidental Creative

Oh, and the best part… these are all free. And there are hundreds and hundreds more where they came from.

Are you on the podcast bandwagon? What should I be listening to?

Fishs Eddy Gets Me Every Time


A few weeks ago, when I was in New York for work, I had a free evening to spend some time with my main man JJL. We ate cheese, drank wine and walked around the sweltering city, ducking into a few places to get a reprieve from the heat. One of the places we got to check out was Fishs Eddy, near Union Square. JJL had gifted me a few mugs from there a while back, so I was excited to check it out in real life.


As the proud owner of a new kitchen, you could say I was over-the-moon to be looking at so much dining and kitchen goodness. That said, I restrained myself as we are only now opening our wedding dishes. (exciting, right?) Anyhow, if I had been looking to throw a little kitsch into the kitchen, I might have picked up any of the pieces from this “Teddy & Bear” collection.



I mean, look at that close-up. “High Five.” It was almost calling my name. I love it.


And, if you were not into those mermaid bottle openers in the first photo, how about these owl bottle openers? Just too cool for school.  But, mermaids, Teddy, high fives and owls aside, my favorite thing in the entire store was one kitchen towel.



This towel is perfect (purrfect?) for any cat lover. I for one think it’s a perfect representation of my favorite lady, Louise, or any cat for that matter. It sums up how much she obeys us to the Tea Towel. Get it? Full of ’em today.

Check out Fishs Eddy online or in person if you’re ever in the city. They’ve got tons of great stuff that you might not need today, but you’ll probably find a use for tomorrow.

PS… @JJ, that link was intentional. Update your blog so we all know what you’re up to. 

Four Day Weeks Get Me Every Time

*In the cookie of life, friends are the chocolate chips*

Another week come and gone. Four day weeks are always a treat because it’s like Friday comes one day early. As we in the Boston area prep for another six days of rain, we’ll be cheering on the Celtics tonight as they try to rally against the Heat. (Go Celts!)

Some links for the weekend:

I always love this blog (and this family is so cute), and today’s outfit post was so lovely.

As the above quote mentions, friends are important, just ask Beckie.

The cookie in the above actually is as big as the plate. It’s from our wedding. We ate it Tuesday night, as we celebrate our anniversary. It was actually tasty too!

This weekend will be full of crafty goodness for the shop. Check it out. What are your weekend plans?

SoWa Open Market Gets Me Every Time


Hello dear friends, readers and internet wanderers. I hope you had a fabulously fabulous long weekend. The weather here in the Boston area couldn’t have been more beautiful and we took full advantage of it in our own way.

While we’re not huge “beach people” we do love spending time in the city–especially when it empties out on holiday weekends. So, we headed to SoWA Open Markets. Check the illustration above to get the idea–think food trucks, crafts, vintage, locally made treats, etc.

I took home a bottle of Alex’s Ugly Sauce. Delicious. Alex himself let us sample the hot sauce and I just had to take some home. There was original and dragon, both featuring vinegar, beets, honey, and spices. I opted for original. Alex was recounting the story of how he got started making “Ugly Sauce” and his tale went a little something like this: I worked on the sauce for years, then, when I got it right, I quite my job and hired my sister-in-law. Follow Alex on Twitter, I’m sure he’ll let you in on the details.

Alright, enough words. I’ll let the photos tell the rest of the story. Like this husband and wife art duo, whose name I somehow missed, so if you know it, tell me!! UPDATE! From Jen herself, “The husband and wife art duo is Jen and Brian Gubicza.” And you can find her store here and his store here

There’s also a SoWa Vintage market that open inside the building and is full of great finds. Jewelry, clothes, records, furniture and, what do you know, a miniature cat collection.

Also, we happened into the SoWa Artists’ Guild building to use the facilities and some of the artists were there doing what they do best, making art. If you happen to step in and go to the third floor, check down the hall for John Gonnella. Just tell him I send you when you lay your eyes on his lovely paintings.

Dreaming Gets Me Every Time

Hey guys! Just a quick little graphic I worked up. Been thinking a lot about the power of positive thinking lately and I’m turning this into my mantra for the summer.

I hope everyone enjoys their holiday weekend. And THANK YOU to all soldiers, past, present & future. Your sacrifices are incredible and not recognized nearly enough.

Now, go. Get to your weekending!

*Turn can’ts into cans and dreams into plans. -Kobi Yamada*

Spring In The Air Gets Me Every Time

The other day I was on my way out to run some errands and when I turned the corner, this beautiful Dogwood tree caught my eye. I happened to have my camera in my bag, so I did the touristy thing and stopped to snap a few shots.

Spring is in full bloom here in the Boston area, complete with April showers. We were a little light on snow this year, so hopefully we’ll get enough rain to keep everything blooming in the coming weeks.

I’ve lived near this corner for nearly three years and never noticed this Dogwood before. I wonder what else I’m missing?

A First Birthday Gets Me Every Time

Last weekend, during our trip to the DC area, we got the chance to celebrate my niece’s first birthday. So, even though her birthday is today (Happy Birthday Audrey!) I wanted to share the cute party my sis-in-law put together. Note the cute pink poms hanging out above.

There was lots of yummy food including a giant cupcake (Baby Audrey was NOT a fan) and deliciously-styled finger foods for us adults.

The owls were peeking through on the tablecloth and in those cute owl toppers and banner (below) from Etsy. I just couldn’t resist snapping all the details including the pretty pink bows on my niece’s presents and the one in her hair.

Lastly, her birthday banner and a cute shot of our birthday girl. The banner is from the same shop. And Baby Audrey loved the camera all weekend. She especially loved pointing at it.

Happy Birthday, Birthday Girl!