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Three Years Get Me Every Time


Today, I’m raising a toast to three years of love, growth, smiles, tears, laughs, moves, friends, family, travel, hugs, kisses, Boston, marriage and Mr. GMET.

Three years ago we were saying “I do.” Three years ago we were enjoying a HOT spring day. Three years ago we were eating burgers, fries and chocolate chip cookies.  Three years ago we were toasting our marriage with OKC-style lunchboxes. Three years ago we were dancing the night away.

Thank you to each and everyone of you who has made the past three years so very special. Here’s to many, many, many more with the whole gang.
wedding2PS. photos by the wonderful Bob Perachio.

30 Before 30 Get Me Every Time

tulipsSome people make a list of things they want to do before they turn 30. And I’ve never found anything wrong with it. I actually still don’t. But as I rapidly landslide into my next decade, it wasn’t something I thought was worth doing. It’s just not my thing. Besides, I have done A LOT in those 30 years already. So, today, my list of 30 things I did before I turned 30 (in no particular order).


1 Traveled overseas—Rome, Ireland & London

2 Swam in the Pacific Ocean (and the Atlantic too)

3 Had surgery—knee & eyes

4 Lived in 4 states—PA, AL, OK, MA


5 Got married

6 Bought a house

7 Started a craft business

8 Went on a road trip (OK→GA in 1.5 days)

9 Had a perm


10 Adopted/rescued/took in a cat

11 Earned an MS

12 Spent the summer as a camp counselor

13 Got a job teaching at a college

14 Did a kegstand (unrelated to #13)

15 Filmed a few commercials

[tentblogger-youtube KJUzALdI–k]

16 Danced in a movie

17 Cheered at a National Bowl Game

18 Worked at daily newspaper


19 Ran a 5K

20 Seen a few Broadway Shows

21 Marched in a parade

22 Lived by myself

23 Became a godmother

24 Danced in a liturgical dance company


25 Was a mascot (Go Cougars!)

26 Hiked Diamond Head (twice)

27 Swam a “polar bear dip”

28 Touched Vanilla Ice’s hand

29 Skipped prom

30 Planned a surprise party

So what’s next? It’s anybody’s guess really.
I’ve got a few things up my sleeve, but the surprises are what makes this whole thing fun. 

Science Diet Gets Louise Every Time

I signed up for package delivery notifications about a year ago. Basically, when those big brown trucks are moving your boxes across the world, you get updates on where your package is and when i’ll be delivered. Imagine my surprise when I got an unexpected notice that a 13-lb package was coming my way. And it was going to be delivered a day early too. What could it be?

The anticipation was killing me so I ripped into the box as soon as I got home. Paper streamers in red, white and blue came tumbling out and I realized that this package was hardly for me. It was for Louise, from the nice folks at Science Diet.
Louise was going gluten-free, just like her mama. Doesn’t she look excited? Yeah, I know. Well, the good news is there was more to it than that. While the box did include a bag of grain free dry food and some treats too, Louise was most excited about the box, the paper and, of course the included  laser pointer. She didn’t even know what to do with herself.
But, just look at her. That’s not a face that turns down food. The food is a hit with Louise and I feel good about giving her a healthier option. Winning all around.

I was given this free product because I am a Klout Influencer. I am under no obligation to receive the sample or talk about this company. I get no additional benefits for talking about the product or company. All opinions are my own.


Taking Care of Busy-ness Gets Me Every Time


| Loving these succulents. A gift for a friend. The most talented couple in NYC. Anarchy + Cats? A “warm” March day. |

Hello again. Sorry for my absence, you guys. Let’s call it an extended Spring Break, shall we? In all honesty it’s just been non-stop, wall-to-wall, go-go-go around here lately. I find it’s the only way I can get through this chilly March. Since it’s been so busy, I do have lots to catch you up on. Like not one, but two quick trips to New York. Some food things. Some fun things. You know, the usual happenings around these parts.

PS. I missed you guys and I’m so glad to be back.

Around Here Gets Me Every Time

AroundHere33_13AroundHere33_1AroundHere33_14AroundHere33_12not believing it’s already March 3rd.

looking forward to turning the clocks ahead this coming weekend.

wishing we got spring break as adults.

finding reasons to pull out bright spring-colored clothes.

enjoying time with family (Feb family portrait, above.)

packing up shop orders.

trying to find a new book to get lost in. (suggestions welcome.)

itching to get some spring craft projects done.

keeping my feet warm with one sweet kitty.

loving leaving the city behind on the weekend (even though I wouldn’t change being there every week.)

planning a short weekend away.

keeping busy at work.

going screen-free before bed.

devouring homemade hummus.

That’s the first weekend of March around here. Expect a quiet week though, as I have a feeling it’ll be a busy one between work and the shop. But, if you’re missing me, I’ll be over at DKS.

Around Here Gets Me Every Time

224AroundHere1224AroundHere2If I tell you this weekend was nothing special, I’d be lying. Because, let’s face it, the weather was beautiful here in the Boston area. We’re talking warm enough to take a long walk outside without risking frostbite. Talk about a major win.

We celebrated by doing the ordinary weekend things—cooking, cleaning, sleeping in. Plus, buying a new microwave since ours bit the dust when I reheated toasted some leftover quinoa in there on Friday. But get this. We found a Visa gift card we didn’t remember having + used Sears loyalty points and walked away without dropping a dime on that new microwave. I’ve never had a better appliance buying experience.

I’m thinking that’s just the start to an excellent week. Let’s do this thing.

Around Here Gets Me Every Time

aroundhere217_5I hope you had a lovely weekend of love, lovies! The Mr. and I celebrated with dinner in on Friday night, but lunch out on Saturday, complete with (gluten-free) chocolatey dessert. Other than that, not much to report. Getting the taxes d-o-n-e. Scheduling projects. Finishing other projects (above, can’t wait to share later this week!). Cleaning up piles of paper that seem to accumulate throughout the week. You know, the norm around these parts.

I  hear we’re getting more snow this week. And as you can tell, Louise is still not impressed. Seems she hasn’t moved much since Friday, huh? Oh, and one big shout out to Elissa over at StyleWire for such a great giveaway of Kind bars. I can’t wait to dig into these (over the next 3 months, of course.)

Oh, and shameless plus, lots of great new things in the shop, such as a couple cute ring dishes and some place card holders. Check out the thumbnails in the sidebar. –>

Snow Back Home Gets Me Every Time


I’m not the biggest hero when it comes to snow. I’m not the biggest baby either though. I actually ENJOY shoveling it (great workout, for the win!) And I love a snowy photo walk around the neighborhood.


So, this week, the unthinkable happened. It snowed in Alabama—where I spent nine of my most formative years. (Yes, believe it or not, I once had a southern accent. There’s video to prove it.) In the nine years I lived there, we only ever got a dusting of snow. Never enough to cancel school, as they did this week. Never enough to shut down roads, as they did this week. Never enough to make it worth it.

If we’re Facebook friends, you know I proclaimed to all my southern buddies last night that they would make it through this wintry weather. But I just want to affirm to them, my gals and guys and y’alls… You WILL make it. Soon, it will be spring. Maybe even next week. Yes, really.

Until then, be safe. Bundle up. Light your oft-neglected fireplaces. And when you wish it were still “sweater weather” in four weeks. You know where to find me. And yes, we have a couch.

**note, the pictures AREN’T from Sweet Home Alabama. They’re just a taste of what my southern folks are missing out on.**

**UPDATE** YES. I do know it was bad. And I’m not making light of it. I KNOW the South isn’t prepared to handle the snow and ice they received. I KNOW because I lived there. And I know people were stranded and it’s not fun. It’s happened up north too. Here’s hoping officials everywhere will learn lessons from this, regardless of what their normal weather patterns are.

Around Here Gets Me Every Time

AroundHere11314_2AroundHere11314_1AroundHere11314_3AroundHere11314_4Our weekend was pretty low key. I got to enjoy a girls’ day complete with a meal in the North End. Cantina Italiana is perfect for lunch and has gluten-free pasta to boot. We got a light dusting of snow on Friday, which of course inspires some “yoga” by the fireplace. And the need to make that chili. Yes, I took a photo of the recipe so I wouldn’t forget to look it up. What of it? And yes, it was in a Ladies’ Home Journal. So, double what of it?

Oh, and the last pic. Is it really just bath time? Or do you think this may be Louise’s way of subtly giving me the hand/paw?


New Year’s Cards Get Me Every Time





Happy New Year, Internet! I hope you didn’t stay up too late ringing in the new year. ‘Cause it’s here. And it’s time to get moving. But not without a little peek at our New Year’s cards. (We don’t send Christmas Cards because ain’t nobody got time for that. But New Year’s I can totally handle.) I feel like sending a New Year’s card after Christmas is a way to hold on to the holiday spirit a little longer. But that’s just me.

Now, it’s our tradition. Funny, do something once, it’s nothing. Twice, nothing. But three times, it’s a tradition. Right? And this is one of ours.

Enough about our cards. Get out there and get to New-Yearing. 2014 is waiting!