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New Year’s Cards Get Me Every Time





Happy New Year, Internet! I hope you didn’t stay up too late ringing in the new year. ‘Cause it’s here. And it’s time to get moving. But not without a little peek at our New Year’s cards. (We don’t send Christmas Cards because ain’t nobody got time for that. But New Year’s I can totally handle.) I feel like sending a New Year’s card after Christmas is a way to hold on to the holiday spirit a little longer. But that’s just me.

Now, it’s our tradition. Funny, do something once, it’s nothing. Twice, nothing. But three times, it’s a tradition. Right? And this is one of ours.

Enough about our cards. Get out there and get to New-Yearing. 2014 is waiting!

A Craft-Up Fail Gets Me Every Time


Remember at the beginning of the year when I started The Great Craft Up 2013? Well, I didn’t get very far in using up my craft supplies. It might have even demotivated me to craft, if that’s possible. And it was especially hard to go to the craft store for shop supplies and not buy everything anything else. I did pretty well for the first oh, three-quarters of the year. But then. You guys. Coupons. The canvas in the above picture was on sale. And then, I had a 40% off coupon on top of it. So they were around $11/each and I. couldn’t. resist. (I bought 2!) Craft-Up Fail!

P.S. I do have big plans for these canvasses. A winter project for sure. AND, to make up for my huge fail, I made a wreath over the weekend, which I’ll share soon. (It’s nowhere near spectacular, but you gotta know when to walk away, right?)

The Ultimate Crafturday Gets Me Every Time


What exactly is an ultimate crafturday? It’s a Saturday featuring a craft show, as I mentioned Friday, with yours truly. The set-up looked like the above, with some slight merch changes throughout the day. This was my first ever craft show and I think it went pretty well. The layout of the entire show was a little screwy, and I didn’t get quite the amount of traffic I had hoped for. But, it was a great learning experience. Here are some more shots from the show.CraftShow_BizCards CraftShow_WallPlaque CraftShow_Setup CraftShow__PlaceCard CraftShow__Ornaments

All the unsold merchandise and more will be in my Etsy shop soon. Just in time for a little holiday shopping.


A Craft Show Countdown Gets Me Every Time

2013-11-17 16.46.23

You guys, I’ve been counting down to the Dedham Junior Women’s Club Craft Show for a while now. And it’s finally here! As in, tomorrow. Saturday. So, right now, I am busy packing all these little guys up. But, if you’re not busy tomorrow and you’re in the area, or need a trip out to the ‘burbs. Swing by!

I’ll have business card holders, pencil holders, ornaments, place card holders, wine stoppers and more! The holidays are right around the corner after all. It’s from 9-3 at the Dedham Middle School.

‘And We’re Back’ Gets Me Every Time

Toyidermy's New Shop

We packed, we moved, we unpacked are still unpacking. But, one of my first order of business was digging out my “Toyidermy” supplies and getting my Etsy shop relaunched. Now that I have a space—that’s not the kitchen table—to work on, I’m so excited to start sending out orders again. For those of you that saw my previous work space, you know what a huge improvement this is.

I’ve been drafting up some new product ideas and some holiday fun too. (there’s a sneak peek of one in the photo above!) Plus, I was just accepted to my first ever craft fair, here in the Boston area right around Thanksgiving. I’m excited, nervous and anxious all at the same time. Fellow crafters—let me know if you have any pointers!



Stamping Cards Gets Me Every Time


The Great Craft Up 2013 continues! This year I’m trying to use up all the craft supplies I have before I buy any more. It’s the Great #CraftUp2013, and you’re invited!


I have seen stamps popping up more and more in my daily internet travels. From Pinterest to blogs to Twitter, they seem to be everywhere. At first I thought they were only for scrapbooking (not into it) but after having these three stamps in my shopping cart for a while, I decided they weren’t for scrapbooking at all. They’re for making cards.


Needless to say, I finally got the stamps. And they are a perfect way to keep #CraftUp2013 rolling. In the last ten years I have amassed more plain notecards than any one person should ever own. I don’t know why. It’s like I’m drawn to paper stores (and the card aisle at Target) like a moth to a flame. But the stamps… these stamps are going to help rid me of my paper obsession.


I think the “Happy Birthday to ______” is my favorite because it does allow you to go a little crazy in saying “Happy Birthday” to the same person over and over in so many ways. I went a little stamp crazy on that striped one. The “Because You’re ________” stamp also hold lots of promise. “Because You’re Loved.” “Because You’re The Best.” “Because You’re Graduating!” The list goes on and on. In fact, I’ve already used it on some “Thank You” notes.

StampedCards2I’m looking forward to getting some use out of “It’s Going To Be __________” in the next couple weeks. “It’s Going To Be Awesome” is my go to, but I think it could be “epic,” “beautiful” or, (wait for it) “legendary” could also work here.

Are you joining in #CraftUp2013? My friend Elizabeth (@SeagrassStudio) is climbing aboard. Let me know if you are too!


PS. My stamps were totally inspired by the fab Elise. Check out her stamp shop!

Replanting Gets Me Every Time


This year I’m trying to use up all the craft supplies I have before I buy any more. It’s the Great #CraftUp2013, and you’re invited!


Grow, plant, grow! Do you see that? It’s the plant I got when I picked up some succulents over the summer. I managed to kill the succulents right away, true story. But this guy? This guy is thriving! Just take a look at where he started. Maybe the pictures don’t do him justice. Regardless, he needed a new pot.


I picked up a basic clay pot and decided, per my #CraftUp2013, that I would use supplies I had around the house to jazz it up a little bit. I started with a coat of metallic silver paint, but I thought it needed more color. So I thought I’d add some washi tape.


But as soon as I put it on there, I realized two things. First, it didn’t look like it did in my head. And, it would be even cooler if I painted over it, then removed the tape to make some killer stripe pattern. Yeah. That didn’t work either. So much so that I didn’t even take a picture of an in between. The next picture is the final (for now) result.


This was a layer of silver, some gold metallic spray paint, then more silver brushed over top since plan A didn’t work out so well.  And you know, I like the effect. I like that some of the clay pot is still showing through. I like the brush strokes of the gold mixed with the silver. And I especially like how the paint bubbles after I water the plant.


This little plant of mine has taken up permanent residence in our kitchen window this winter, adding a hint of life to otherwise dreary winter days. How have you been keeping winter at bay?


A Statement Piece Gets Me Every Time

| inspiration via |

My friends know me well. Very well. Well enough to forward this DIY link to me. They probably even know me well enough to figure I would have all the supplies I need for this: sunglasses case, mini animal toy, paint, glitter, mod podge, glue, paint brush. Check, check, check, check, check and check. A no-brainer craft project… with one tiny tweak.

Here’s the thing. I’m probably not going to any derbies or polo matches soon. So, when else would I carry a glittery clutch? Nighttime is the right time. And if it’s evening, I can think of no one but this little night owl to accompany me out on the town. (Well, other than Mr. Gets Me Every Time of course. But, I didn’t think he wanted to be painted silver and superglued to anything.)

If you’ve been around the blog a while, you know that (because of the shop) I pretty much had an unlimited choice of animals to top my newest accessory with. And don’t think I didn’t experiment with some other guys. Have a look.

I was digging the preppy look of some of the red puppy, but in the end, the owl just really won me over. I mean, who doesn’t love a great hooter accessory?

I’ve got my eyes on some other inspired crafty DIY projects. Stay tuned.