Giving Tuesday Gets Me Every Time

It's the holidays, celebrate Giving Tuesday!

“Giving is defined as the intentional transfer of ‘something’ to ‘someone’. When we can freely choose where to place our possessions – money, time, energy – the process of giving becomes a more meaningful experience for the giver and the receiver.”

It’s “Giving Tuesday!” Yes. We have a day of Thanks. A day of crazy shopping. A day for online sales. And so, of course, we have a day to give. Big or small, giving can make a world of difference in someone else’s life—and it can also make you feel all the warm fuzzies too.

Mr. GMET and I like to give back every year by adopting a child off our “Giving Tree” at church and buying him or her a few gifts. We also like to give to some charities that are meaningful to us, such as our local SPCA and The Stork Fund.

There are endless ways to celebrate Giving Tuesday—some small, like helping out a neighbor, others big, like spending a day volunteering. How will you give back on this Giving Tuesday and the rest of this holiday season? Get started with these ideas from Wayfair:

Ideas for giving back on Giving Tuesday

PS. For every blog with the #BlogItForward badge (it’s on the right), Wayfair will donate $50 to Habitat to Humanity. So… if you have a blog too, you know what to do! And giving isn’t just for “Giving Tuesday,” keep on giving all year long.


    • Kelly says:

      Of course! We’re also having a food drive for the Greater Boston Food Bank at my office. So many opportunities to give this time of year.

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