2014 Gets Me Every Time

SugarPlanner2014Sometimes I am “over” a day… that’s typically every Monday.

Sometimes I am “over” a week… this crops up on Thursdays or Fridays.

But I don’t think I’ve ever been “over” a year. Until now. 2014 has given me so many experiences. Filled me with so many emotions. Tested me in ways I never imagined. And, I’m over it.

Here are 5 posts that are my, or your, favorites from this past year. If you missed ’em, catch up now and let’s put the year behind us.

1. I like crafts. If you do too, you should see The Craft House.

2. A story about a special little girl.

3. How we decided where to buy a home.

4. Crafts, remember? Like this little llama.

5. On achieving happiness. It’s possible.

Now. Please, stay to your right as we make our way over to 2015.

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