Top 5 Dream Jobs Get Me Every Time

The other night, I shared a photo of an old college notebook. It was an “idea book” for a class that we got graded on… not on the quality of the ideas necessarily, but on the quantity of ideas. But this post isn’t about showing off my ability to get an “A” on filling a notebook with ideas.

One thing I found in the notebook was a list, “Top 5 Dream Jobs.” This must have been a notebook from a when I was going through my John Cusack phase, watching High Fidelity in chunks in between classes and studying and partying. If you’re not familiar with the story, there are myriads of “Top 5” lists covered, the most pivotal one being “Top 5 Dream Jobs.”

Now, it’s probably not a coincidence that I just happened to finish reading the book of the same name last week. I’d been thinking about my current Top 5 Dream Jobs because of reading the book and then I got go into my past and see my former Top 5 Dream Jobs. The former top 5 looked like this:

  1. Creative Director
  2. Dance Studio Owner
  3. Typographer
  4. Screen Writer
  5. Broadway Star

Let’s skip straight to the second half of this list. Typographer? Broadway Star? I think they are definitely off the list now, some 8 years later. And screen writer, not so much. But some type of writer will always be in the Top 5 list.

So I guess that’s it. I seem to be living some version of one the Top 5 Dream Jobs I had in college.

I’ve been thinking about my new Top 5 Dream Jobs List, but I’m happy to know that I’m living out some part of my dreams. In making my new list, I think I might include some fun, never-gonna-happen-type-of-job like archeologist (Indiana Jones style),

Now it’s your turn. Top 5 Dream Jobs. There, in the comments. Do it.


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