Friday Links Get Me Every Time

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I’ve been researching all types of diet fads recently (not for weight loss but overall feeling better) and this documentary (trailer above) on all the added sugar in our food caught my eye.

No matter what aspect of you or your life you’re looking to improve, here is the secret to getting feedback you can actually use.

These toasted ravioli look like an easy and tasty appetizer for an Italian dinner party.

I love birthdays. And countdowns. Bam. This is both.

I’ve recently been participating in a “100 day writing challege,” more on that soon, and this daily writing prompt site and ebook of 365 daily prompts seems like it might be two good sources to go to any time I feel “stuck” with writing.

Here’s hoping your weekend is fabulous. We’ll be celebrating love at a friend’s wedding and doing some stuff around the house. Go out and do something fun, will you?

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  1. Alex says:

    Ooh man Fed Up looks really good. Perhaps Craig and I will make some time to go see it. And toasted ravioli is really the way to my heart.

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