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Burgers & Fries Get Me Every Time

fries5Here is my confession. This was supposed to be a post about Burger #18. And that’s the burger right there. Sitting on my gluten-free lettuce “bun.” But I have since forgotten about the burger. Sure, it was tasty. But what was in it is beyond me anymore. That’s because, on this night, I was all about the fries.


I picked up a bag of these Alexia Straight Cut Fries because I had a coupon but they quickly, we’re talking two fries in, became my new favorite fry fix. I found that they got and stayed crispier than most store-bought oven-baked fries. And the texture was right on for me.
fries4And they look so pretty next to that burger, right? I think it might have been a “fajita burger” with some sautéed red and green peppers thrown in there, but who can remember when the fries look like that?

fries3I promise that I will give you the real burger #18 soon. (We’re almost to 20!) But for now, do yourself a favor and make these fries. Then, do me a favor and invite me over to help you eat them.

PS. I wasn’t paid or perked to mention these fries. I really just love them and think you should try them.
Don’t forget the ketchup!


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