Donating Gets Me Every Time


Back earlier in the year, say, oh, January, I mentioned that I wanted to get organized. Well. With a move, comes the opportunity to throw out, give away or donate all the things you can bear to part with. And we did just that.

Now, in this pile, I must tell you are more than 100 things. And this pile didn’t include any of the kitchen items—random mugs, bowls, an underused toaster oven—that we donated as well. While I planned to do a nice layout of all the things we gave away, I didn’t have time. So, here’s the basic rundown:

• Clothes that didn’t fit, weren’t worn any longer or we were just “over”
• Some random office folder and supplies that we didn’t need.
• A couple duffle bags, two cowboy hats and a small radio
• Four mugs, one bowl, that toaster oven and a no-longer-needed-might-be-possessed microwave

It felt so good to take a huge carload of “stuff” to the Goodwill. Maybe something we’ll do every year.

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