Sloppy Joe Burgers Get Me Every Time


OK. In the interest of full disclosure and honesty and truth in blogging, etc. Right up front. I’m going to tell you that this was a burger fail. Excellent in concept, poor execution. The idea was, a sloppy joe, but way less sloppy, like a burger. Hence, Sloppy Joe Burger.


Things started out looking good. Don’t you think? I did. You’re probably wondering why there is ketchup on them, right? Well. I decided to make my own sloppy joe seasoning, instead of using a packet. (I think know this is where things started to go wrong.) The recipe I found called for adding a cup of ketchup as you browned the ground meat. So, I squirted some on before I flipped the little guys.


They looked delightful. I was so ready to have a delicious dinner. So, I placed a patty on my gluten-free bun, threw some chips on the plate and took a bite. It was… interesting. As were the next few bites.


I couldn’t figure out what was “wrong” while I was eating the bun too. I took a little bite of just the burger and discovered the problem. Too much garlic was it? (is there such a thing?) Or maybe too much smoked paprika? Or too much ketchup? Maybe I should have started with a packet of sloppy joe seasoning.


I even spared Mr. GMET from trying these bad boys out. The leftover burger snuck it’s way into another dish where I could balance the overuse of so many spices. And the recipe? You’re not getting it from me. Or anyone for that matter. Because it didn’t work.

Better luck next time, I suppose.


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