Painting A Tall Order Gets Me Every Time


So, what does 500 toy animals look like? A mess, quite honestly. And painting those 500 animals. Well, it’s an even bigger mess. Have a look.Benefit_During9

All 500 business card holders for this order were painted a shiny metallic pink. Then, they all got eyebrows, and the benefit seal on their “backs,” where the cards sit.


I couldn’t have done all this painting without the help of my dear husband, my good friend, Jill and my blogging friend, Emily. All three were a tremendous help as I pushed through to get these guys on their way to sunny California.


There was lots of paint. Lots of touch-ups. Lots of eyebrows. All in the name of beauty.

Benefit_During2One of my personal favorites was the “brow cow.” I first painted the eyebrows on the cow and thought they looked great, don’t you? Here’s a closer look at some of the other guys.

Benefit_During3 Benefit_During1 Benefit_During5 Benefit_During4Tomorrow, come back to see the full line up including rhinos, zebras, cows, giraffes and more. Plus, I’ll be throwing in a few “final presentation” photos I found on the web.

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