Blue Cheese Burgers Get Me Every Time


We’ve got a burger. We’ve got fries. We’ve got blue cheese and caramelized onions. We’ve got really bad pictures! So, please excuse me as I quickly hurry us through this delicious burger, number 4 of 20.



This is my first attempt at a “stuffed” burger and it went pretty well. The Mr. and I both love blue cheese, so this was bound to happen. If you’re not a blue cheese fan, you could always sub something like a sharp cheddar. The trick in stuffing the burger was making sure all the cheese was sealed up in the ground meat so it didn’t come oozing out. Overall, this was successful and a trick we’ll definitely be using again.


No recipe from me on this one, I scoured the internet, read a few and then riffed on it to make my own. Check out these recipes from Cookstr, Relish and Fine Cooking. We added a bit of low-sodium Dale’s to the ground meat to give the beef a little more flavor. Totally optional, of course.

All the recipes say the same thing, the caramelized onions take a while, but are worth it—I couldn’t agree more. We passed the time by watching a rerun of The Big Bang Theory and smelling the french fries cook up in the oven (they’re the Alexia brand, very tasty.) Go make yourself a batch, squeeze some ketchup on the plate and enjoy.


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