A Tall Order Gets Me Every Time


Remember a few months ago when things went radio silent with no warning or mention? And then this site went down altogether and I didn’t even know it until my mom told me (thanks, Mom)? Well, this is part one of the story of the reason why.


In early October I was contacted by a PR rep from Benefit Cosmetics about making some custom business card holders. Initially, it was 250-300 in quantity. Then that number jumped to 500… Of the same animal.


Let’s be honest, all I was thinking was, “where am I going to find 500 pigs?!” But, eventually, after a few samples sent and lots of emails exchanged, we settled on a mix of 7 animals and I got to work scouring my usual sources for the supplies.


I got my order in the same night we finalized the deal. Fast forward seven days later… No shipping notice. No tracking number. No delivery. Uh-oh… Order could not be fulfilled. What?! Commence freak out. I had just lost seven days of production time.


I could go into more horror stories of how the next order came in and the animals were too small. The next one the animals were too big. And the next was also cancelled by the company. Panic mode overload.


About 8 days before my shipping deadline, I finally got all my supplies (animals) in. And it was time to start some serious production. Production everywhere. There wasn’t a flat surface in our apartment that wasn’t covered with animals.


OK, who am I kidding? I really just split this into three posts so I could show you tons of gratuitous toy photos. Come back later this week to see these guys get a nice coat of paint.


  1. brigzorn says:

    Um. This is craaazy!! I was cracking up at the thought of all those mini animals all over your apartment, but congrats on the big order! p.s. Louise thinks you’ve lost your mind.

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