The C List Gets Me Every Time



Like it’s a coincidence or something, today’s list, the C-List, is best summed up with a C-word: COZY. That’s what I’ve been seeking lately, coziness, as evidenced by a few of my favorite C items.

1.¬†Chocolate Chip Cookies | This is “the best” recipe, according to the NY Times. I’m searching for a new one since going gluten free.
2. Coffee | especially a piping hot cup of Bustelo in my favorite mug on a weekend morning.
3. Cable Knits! | I only have a few that have been in constant rotation this winter. (The J. Crew version pictured is now on sale.)
4. Cat Pillows | Are these not the cutest? Ever? Grab a set on Etsy. (Yes, this cat kinda looks (scary) like Louise… but it’s not her, I promise.)

Does anyone have THE BEST Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe for me? Leave the link in the comments if you do. (Or just deliver some to my office… either way.)

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