Influenster Gets Me Every Time

If you follow me on Instagram (@copykelly ) then you might have seen this photo over the summer. I signed up for Influenster and almost immediately got my first “VoxBox,” which is a cute package full of samples of new products. This was a “beauty box” but there are mom boxes, health boxes and more.

Recently, Influenster relaunched their site with a redesigned, reimagined method of rewarding all that online social time we all seem to racking up. You can earn badges for your expertise in an area, such as beauty, or just for being in a certain life stage, such as college student.

In their own words…

The Influenster Makeover brings all new changes to this trendsetting community. Reviews, Influenster Scores, Public Profiles, LifeStage & Expert Badges, and Invite-Only Membership to name just a few changes.

The new site is clean, minimalist and easy to use. It does take a while to complete all the surveys to earn your badges, but I have a feeling it’s going to pay off big time with a fantastic VoxBox or two. There are also brand challenges to unlock which can give you a higher score which unlocks more perks. But again, it all takes time.  In the end, I think you probably get out how much you put into Influenster.

Are you a member of Influenster? If you like to try products as they’re released, you can sign up today at Influenster.


** I was not paid or perked (yet) to write this particular post about Influenster. All opinions are my own. **

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