Getting Political Gets Me Every Time

20121024-005640.jpgElephant | Donkey

 Toyidermy doesn’t like to take sides, but sometimes, it’s just more fun. So this election season, no matter which way you lean, you can silently display your political feelings on your desks with the election collection.

20121024-005631.jpgElephant | ZebraDonkey

It’s a limited number run of a few patriotic business card holders, now available in the shop. If you’re interested, get yours soon because there really only are a few. (I made them, I know.) And, of course, no matter what your animal attraction here is, please remember to make an informed vote in two weeks!
And if you’d rather not get all political, there’s loads of other new business card holders in the shop, like this T-Rex. Tell your friends!

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