A Cool Weekend Gets Me Every Time


The weekends just seem to be flying by as summer comes to an end. (yes, I said it.) And while I wish it could last forever, there was a coolness in the air that I cannot deny loving. Here’s what I loved and learned this weekend.

1. We went back to Jimmy’s in Brookline and it’s still delicious.
2. Not having to blast the AC all weekend is a great thing.
3. The Pittsburgh Pirates have their best chance in years.
4. Going to the movies really can free your mind.
5. Nachos, like the ones in this recipe, are a must, every. single. weekend.
6. There are so many weird chemicals in the things we use daily. (I’m working on switching to (mostly) natural products for all things makeup, hair and household cleaners. Let me know if you have suggestions.)
7. It’s actually really is ok to wash the laundry and not fold it right away. Really.
8. New wool rugs shed. A LOT.
9. My girl is at it again to keep the green alive.
10. As evidenced by the photo above, I have some work to do.

Alright week, bring it.

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