Bestover Chicken Tacos Get Me Every Time

Between packing for our weekend in San Antonio and a busy week at work, the ol blog is feeling a little neglected, as is the kitchen. But, there’s always time for tacos. At least is my blog book there is.

Because of the lack of QT with the kitchen, I grabbed some chicken I had baked earlier in the week, added some chipotle and cayenne spices and called it good to go. But, you read it right. It’s not “leftover chicken.” It’s “bestover chicken.” You know, food left over from one meal that’s even better the second time around. Yeah, you know.

Shell: Store brand flour tortillas
Filling: Leftover “Bestover” Diced Chicken
Toppings: lettuce, tomato, freshly grated white cheddar cheese, onion & diced avocado
Salsa: Store-bought salsa verde + Alex’s Ugly Sauce I picked up at SoWa
Side Dish: Simple salad with salsa

Modifications: Seeing as this is “bestover” tacos, there was no recipe to follow.

Results: In the pinch of trying to make dinner and pack at the same time, these worked out just fine. I’m ready for more of a challenge though. Any ideas?

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