Getting Over the Hump Gets Me Every Time

The weather here in the Boston area has been quite dreary (and chilly!) the past few days, so I’m glad that we’ve finally hit midday Wednesday when we can begin that gradual slide into the weekend. Here’s what’s been happening.

We (my office/agency/the people I work with) have been doing some awesome stuff for our clients recently.* Check it out what happened Friday night at the Garden. (The adizero picture above is from the event.) And, by the way, Go Celtics!

I’ve been readying lots of new inventory for my Etsy (middle pic) shop. It’ll all be posted for sale soon. In the meantime, you can enter to win a piece of Toyidermy over at my good friend Brigette’s blog, Settling West. (psst… word on the street is this is the first of a couple giveaways)

On Monday, we started the workweek (at my office) with a surprise treat from the fine folks at ZipCar. We went from tweet, to treat:

Finally, I’m headed to my first blogger event tomorrow. Any of my experienced bloggers have any tips?


*All opinions and versions of how this went down are my own and do not reflect those of my agency, coworkers, clients, etc.



  1. elizabeth says:

    oops – I should have read the post before I tweeted! I’m looking forward to meeting you. you’re the only person I’ll “know” there

    – e

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