Vitamin String Quartet Gets Me Every Time

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It’s Tuesday, and that means, here on GMET, it’s Tunesday. Today I have been head-down-working, so I needed something to block out all the noise. So, I tuned into Vitamin String Quartet on Spotify and got busy.

Vitamin String Quartet (VSQ) have been around for a while and have A LOT of music to prove it. (A LOT equals more than 100 albums.) Here’s the lowdown. Think of your favorite pop/rock/top 40 song. OK. Now, imagine a classical version of it. VSQ has covered everyone from the Beatles to Dave Matthews Band to Regina Spektor and Hanson (oh-em-gee!).

As a dance teacher, I can totally see these seeping into my (imaginary) ballet barre that I teach. I think it would be a lot of fun to incorporate these modern pop sounds. Perhaps even get students more interested in ballet itself?

Me? I’m loving those Regina Spektor covers right now. But, some of the compilations really get me too. Like that 90s one featuring Hanson, above. What about you? Is VSQ new to you? Are you going to rock out to some string quartet this evening?


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