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He didn’t see it coming. No. Not the anniversary. Not that I would get him a gift. He never saw it coming that I’d buy something—anything—glorifying Boston sports teams for us. For our home. But I did.

When I laid eyes on these four Boston sports team prints from J Hill Designs, I knew I had to buy them for someone. And when I realized I had a paper anniversary coming up, I knew I had to get them for Mr. Gets Me Every Time. So I did. And right away. Like I had them sitting under my desk at work for a few weeks, right away.

The result? Mr. Gets Me Every Time loves them. And you know what? So do I! I love the colors, the patterns, the overall design sensibility. Who cares if I’m not the biggest fan of all these teams ? It just means I’ll have to get something to balance it out! (I’m good to go with the Red Sox and the Celtics. It’s just that I’m a Steelers & Penguins fan, not a Patriots nor Bruines fan at all. Maybe a Terrible Towel will look nice framed and hanging near these guys?)

If you’re not a Boston sports fan either, J Hill Designs has tons of other great illustrations of “places she’s never been” like these landmark prints. DC, San Francisco, New York… surely there’s a landmark or city for you too. You also can get personalized state prints which would make PERFECT anniversary gifts!

Last one, promise. Let Jennifer (follow her on Twitter too) design your wedding invitation suite. Her prints are gorgeous and come in so many colors. She’s got great things happening like full-service design and design/print options. Just check it out and get inspired.


PS. Jennifer will be at the Coolidge Corner Arts Festival this weekend, so if you’re in the Brookline area stop by and say hello!


  1. Lindsay says:

    These are amazing! Wish I had discovered them before I celebrated my own “paper” anniversary this year. I do love the set of four, but my husband is literally interested in the Bruins and the Bruins only. I am definitely holding onto this one for a future gift!

    Were you at the Boston Bloggers meetup on Thursday? I found your blog through the directory we received and I’m sorry I didn’t get to meet you! Love your blog!


    • Kelly says:

      Thanks Lindsay! He loved them. (And I do too, the colors are great!) Hopefully will catch you at the next blogger meet up.

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