Happy Cat-Days Get Me Every Time

There she is. The birthday gal, Louise. Today is Louise’s fourth birthday! I know, I cannot believe it either. Four years ago my coworker was running late to work and none of us knew why. Turns out he found a wonderful litter of kittens in the alley behind his apartment. Lucky for me, he approved me as an adopter and Louise (the known as “Balloon” for her too-big-for-her-body-head) got to come home with me.

In her younger days Louise used to love jumping as high as the sky, but she’s matured and has settled down a bit. We love her all the same. I must she admit, she is a serious Momma’s girl. (Just like me, I suppose—love you mom!)

Just look at that face. She’s too cute to resist. My coworker gave two other kittens away, and kept two for his ever-expanding animal family (four cats, one dog, no problem.)

Here’s Muppet and Paco! now. I know, they’re smaller than Louise. What can I say, those boys and their metabolism. Also, do you see the striking resemblance between Paco! and Louise? Yep they’re twins! Happy Birthday guys!

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