An Epiphanie Gets Me Every Time

The Gray Clover

For a while now I have been pining for (and pinning) these Epiphanie camera bags. I first spotted them somewhere on the internet and it seems they keep popping up all over the place. On Twitter, on Pinterest, on blogs—hey, stop following me Epiphanie! I know you’re gorgeous, you don’t have to rub it in!

I could continue gushing, but I’ll let the lady behind Epiphanie, Maile, take it away. From their site:

Epiphanie is glad to be a source and sigh of relief with bags that blend function with versatility. These bags are practical enough to use during a photo session but also versatile enough to bring to a ballet recital, concert, or a girls weekend out.

All the styles are great. Here are a few of my favorite picks.

1 | The Teal Clover  2 | The Mustard Lyric  3 | The NEW Fuchsia Belle  4 | The Caramel Ginger

I’m digging the Clover bag in EVERY color it is available in. But, these other styles are great too. I would totally rock that Lyric or the Ginger. Maybe I owe myself a late birthday gift? Maybe you do? Follow Epiphanie on Pinterest to see all their latest styles & pin away! (There’s tons of styles and colors to check out. Get to it!)

*PS, if you didn’t know, what I’m usually toting in my current way less attractive camera bag is my Olympus PEN E-PM1 plus an extra lens and battery. The PEN is the camera I use to take the majority of the photos you see here. However, I sometimes do hit the road with my larger Canon DSLR in tow. 

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