The Thinking Cup Gets Me Every Time

Remember when I mentioned that I found some photos stashed away on my digital camera? (By the way, HATE it when that happens.) Well, one of the two set were from an afternoon out with Mr. Gets Me Every Time. We went to see a movie downtown, but first, we got lunch at Thinking Cup.

It’s a cute coffee bar/sandwich shop/pastry place that was filled to the brim with students, tourists, mommies and us. It was another unseasonably warm day, so tons of people were out and about.

We sat at this tiny table that had old Boston newspapers affixed to them. Lots of interesting stuff going on back in the day.

And look! A casino “Season Ticket.” We noshed on yummy sandwiches and potato chips. (Notice, I was too busy eating to snap a photo.)

And while we admired the pastries, we were saving room for some snacks during the movie. Look at those cakes—just layers and layers of deliciousness.

And these pastries! It’s a good thing this is not on my walk to work. I might have to stop in all the time and that would be no good. And then, it was off to the movies!

We saw The Artist and it was fantastic. The historic thread of the movie was very similar to Singin’ In The Rain—the transition from silent to talkie—and, while many of you know, I’m sure some of you don’t, SITR has super special place in my heart, life, etc.

We don’t see movies out that often so this was a nice treat. The next movie I’d love to see in theaters is PINA, though I’m not sure the Mr. will be into it. Check out the trailer below.

[tentblogger-youtube e4oCNsJHJDA]

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